Jared Grifoni highlights recent Libertarian Party of Florida growth and news

Jared Grifoni

From an earlier thread, posted by Jared Grifoni (an at large director for the Libertarian Party of Florida):

LPF membership has increase 1200% in the last year +,

LPF voter registration has increased about 20% at the last quarterly check,

We just had the largest and most successful LPF state convention in history last May,

We have a candidate for Governor who polled at 9% and is receiving actual mainstream media coverage,

We have a multitude of good candidates running for offices all over the state,

I drafted and pushed for 2nd Amendment protection resolutions that passed in the City of Marco Island, the City of Naples, Collier County Commission, and Lee County Commission. The resolution was modeled elsewhere in the state. This generated extensive positive media coverage for the LPF,

Just in the last couple weeks, we organized and attended a big anti-Syrian intervention rally that was covered by the mainstream media and I was interviewed on TV and in the paper,

Alex Snitker and Danielle Alexandre have been traveling the state and hosting Regional Planning conferences for all affiliates in each specific LPF region. They have been a great success and have been instrumental in the EC connecting with our membership,

We have plans in the works for a massive voter registration drive across the state this coming winter,

We have libertarians in office in Soil & Water positions that have SHUT DOWN their agency and returned the money to the taxpayers,

The LPF has taken a leading role in fighting common core in Florida, and has passed an anti-Common Core resolution that I drafted in the past week. That same resolution was passed by the Collier County affiliate, the Seminole County affiliate, the Miami-Dade affiliate, and is currently working its way throughout the state,

We also have two very popular Libertarian radio shows in the state of Florida. Liberty Underground with Alex Snitker and Danielle Alexandre is a popular show based out of Tampa. Resistance Radio, a show I host, is on the FM dial and streamed online. My show is based out of Naples. Think of all the people that are exposed to libertarianism every week because of those two shows alone.

I’ve have recently started making weekly posts asking our membership what they have planned to advance the LPF over the following week. Our members post many many wonderful things that they are doing or have plans to do. Each task is unique to their specific county or region and you can see that these people are in fact making a difference.

Are not these items (and many many more that have not been listed) of LPF activism and forward advancement worthy of being reported on by IPR?

Is it not worthy news to interview Adrian Wyllie?

Is it not worthy news to discuss the significant advancements that the LPF has made over the last three years?

Is the fact that the LPF is turning into a legitimate political entity not important? That the people on the ground actually see the party as something worth supporting and voting for?

These changes did not occur because someone snapped their fingers or wished it to be. This is occurring right now because of the many hard workers in the LPF who are showing the citizens of Florida that our party is fit to govern, to shrink the state, and to put principled people into office that will abide by their promises, by the constitution, and are capable of leading people.

These hard workers are members of the LPF Executive Committee, they are county affiliate leaders, they are members, and they are everywhere.

18 thoughts on “Jared Grifoni highlights recent Libertarian Party of Florida growth and news

  1. George Whitfield

    Thanks Krzy and Jared for reporting on Libertarian Party of Florida success and growth. I contribute to the party every month and am pleased with the positive trend. Keep up the good work.

  2. LPF Member

    Cliffnotes :

    2 people on the state committee have radio shows on the weekend that no one listens to.

    There were less than 70 delegates at the convention last year – another exacerbation.

    Some affiliates passed a meaningless resolution

    Candidates range from Very Good to Very Bad. and there aren’t many.

  3. Rob Tolp

    As a member of the Collier County Libertarian Party and the State party, I have been privileged to witness these advances in liberty locally, where our party was also instrumental, working along side other liberty minded-groups, to get rid of red light cameras.

    I am currently working on the drafting of recall legislation to submit to our State legislature in 2015, in order to give Florida residents the ability to recall their elected officials when they betray their oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution”, just like what took place in Colorado last week.

    I am privileged to be a part of this movement and associated with so many people who are dedicated to advancing liberty in a way which makes real changes that can be seen and felt by everyone. It is good to know there are people who not only believe in limited government as a philosophy, but whose actions show that they believe it in reality!

  4. Jared Grifoni

    LPF Member,

    How many listeners does your radio show have? I know both Resistance Radio and Liberty Underground reach a large amount of listeners and are successfully run and produced shows.

    I suggest you take a look at a dictionary to find the proper word you were looking for rather than “exacerbation.” You are also wrong factually, as there were approximately 71 or 73 delegates at the convention and that was a record for the LPF. We also had record overall attendance including non-delegates.

    A resolution isn’t meaningless when it generates media coverage, excitement and support from the grassroots, and when it results in positive mention of the LPF in from one of the top anti-common core leaders in the state.

    There is a multitude of good candidates running all of the state for various offices ranging from local to federal. There are some poor candidates as well.

    Unfortunately you did leave out a lot of other successes in your “cliff notes” version. Hopefully you took the time to read through the entire original post.

  5. Jared Grifoni

    As you can plainly see, there is a minute (and shrinking daily) contingent that is unable to bring anything to the table outside of misplaced and unfounded negativity.

    Luckily, the overwhelming majority of the membership in the party here in Florida and the many people that I come in contact with during my activism are positive, supportive, and excited about the direction of the LPF.

  6. Ron

    Some truly great strides by the LPF and local affiliates to advance the cause of liberty. some are out there on the vanguard and i applaud them! great job, keep up the good work, and really do enjoy the radio shows – nice to have the voice of liberty on the airwaves!

  7. Pierre

    I’m not a member of the EC of the LPF. I’m not siding with Mike Kane or Alex Snitker. But I’ll tell you who I am.

    I am a committee chair at the LP of Miami-Dade. As such, I manage the campaigns of local libertarians running for office. What have I done so far?

    Marcos Miralles, our first candidate, is running for a city council seat in the fourth largest city in Florida (Hialeah). We got the Herald’s endorsement, former State Senator Rudy Garcia’s endorsement, the PBA’s, the Firefighters’ Union, the Street Vendors Trade Union endorsements. We got thousands of dollars in donations.

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO GROW THIS PARTY? I have a tremendous amount of respect for Adrian Wyllie because he is campaigning and he is good at it.

    John Wayne Smith has NOTHING against Wyllie. He claims Wyllie is not a libertarian, but for all I know he is even more radical that Smith, and nobody knows where Smith stands on the issues anyways.

    If you’re spending your time to argue over Facebook and public forums instead of getting the party’s, the movement’s and the candidates’ names out there, then you shouldn’t be considered a big part of this party.

    I want there to be a primary, yes. Take it to the bank that the Elections Committee of Miami-Dade LP demands a primary. But only one of vetted candidates.

    Why vetted? BECA– USE WE ARE A GODDAMN PRINCIPLED PARTY AND WE WANT TO STAY THIS WAY. Stop comparing us to the GOP or the Democratic Party. For all it matters, they are just big whore mouths full of private interest semen and are not considered principled parties.


    But Don’t You Dare call yourself a member of the LPF and argue so ridiculously over FACEBOOK.

    Thank you

  8. Thomas L. Knapp


    The “what the fuck are you doing to grow this party” crap gets real old, real fast.

    I’ve run for office as a Libertarian a number of times.

    The first time (1997), I got 20.x%, and carried 1/3 of the precincts, in a three way race for city council in a city of 100,000. The winner of that race spent three times as much as I did. The second-place guy, 15 times as much.

    The last time, I had the highest third party vote total — including combined third party vote totals — in that congressional district since before 1996 (that’s how far back Internet election results were recorded by the Secretary of State).

    As a campaign manager, I got my wife elected city marshal of our town, after defeating a city-council sponsored initiative to replace that elected office with an appointed ticket-writing toady.

    And from 2004-2010, I was one of a handful of appointed Libertarian federal office-holders.

    So there, that’s (part of) what I did to build the LP.

    And no, I don’t agree that it’s a good thing for a clique to position itself atop a state LP and decide who does and doesn’t get to compete for the endorsement/nomination of the LP’s members and voters.

  9. Pierre

    There that means you’re doing work. My point is that those that are complaining about the leadership and that are suing the party and party officials are not working.

    John Wayne Smith is a perennial tongue in cheek candidate that doesn’t want a primary because he knows he would loose. Again, I’m not against people like you that are actively involved.

    Those that are ridiculously arguing over nonsense should not be getting so much coverage. How is a party clique even controlling the leadership? By vetting? Vetting is necessary for the LP.

  10. Thomas L. Knapp


    Actually no, I am no longer actively involved.

    One reason (far from the only, or even major, reason, but one that I fought for years and finally got tired of fighting) that I’m no longer actively involved is that the LP in my old state (Missouri) started pulling this “vetting” bullshit.

    If the LP doesn’t trust its members/voters to choose its candidates, then its members/voters shouldn’t trust it on any other subject.

  11. Steve M


    Yes! When the leadership doesn’t trust the registered Libertarian voters then registered Libertarian voters shouldn’t trust the leadership. And people like me who often donate cash to worth while campaigns won’t.

    In effect they are cutting Adrian off from donations he other wise would have received.

  12. Pierre

    Look it’s all fun and games and it does sound rational the way you speak, Thomas. But recall that the LP had Bob Barr, an opponent of immigration, and Gary Johnson, in favor of invading Uganda as nominees.

    With this trend, many LPera will start nominating people like Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck because of name recognition.

    The vetting process is the last thing that keeps the LP truly principled and keeps the party in line with the radical libertarian movement.

    The only vetting requirement is that one agrees with 80% of the platform. I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t call yourself a libertarian and trash the name of the movement if you’re for socialism.

    It’s funny that the “LP Radicals” are the ones opposing vetting the most while vetting is the only thing that makes sure the party remains radical enough.

  13. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m a radical Libertarian, but I think some kind of vetting is appropriate, as long as it’s built into each state’s bylaws. Otherwise, anyone can call themself a Libertarian, pay the fee to be on a ballot, and then misrepresent us as much as they want. I don’t know the people in Florida, so I dont’ really have a dog in this race. It does seem that Floridian LPers are excessively nasty to each other, but no more so than we saw in Oregon, Nevada, or Pennsylvania.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp

    Pierre @ 13,

    “The vetting process is the last thing that keeps the LP truly principled and keeps the party in line with the radical libertarian movement.”

    Except that it does neither.

    All the “vetting” in the world won’t do that.

    Either LP members and voters are radical or they aren’t. Trying to vest the keeping of that flame in a clique isn’t something that will ever work.

  15. Steve M

    vetting is about a small group taking the away from the larger group the power to decide who represents them.

    There is nothing libertarian about a small group taking rights away from larger groups.

  16. Jared Grifoni

    Steve, I challenge you to show where rights have been taken away from anyone.

    This has been stated numerous times by others but political parties in Florida (including the LPF) cannot prevent ANYONE from running for office under ANY party (including Libertarian).

    The vetting process in FL does not take away ANY rights from any candidate and it has no effect on whether or not there is a Libertarian primary. So, unless you believe that all candidates are inherently entitled to be listed on the LPF website then I’m not sure you have much of an argument.

  17. Michael Gilson-De Lemos (MG)

    I thank Mr. Grafoni for his cheerful article.

    As founder of the original LPF I will not go into the mess created in 2009 by fringe GOP types in Florida except to say David Nolan was preparing to come to Florida and join me in re-founding the party before his untimely death.

    I would point out that LPF adopted a rule that by 2014 no one could ( except the Treasurer) be an LPF state or local officer unless they were or had been in elective or appointive public office, and this was also as a model for the other state parties. The aim was people had to score 100% on the original Quiz plus gone through various free training courses in Libertarian application, theory, and public service/getting in office. No elective candidate could be approved by the party unless it met these requirements and had been in a) Appointive local office while in LPF or a recognized Libertarian group or b) Run electives by petition handing over all names and contact info to the party to build the party. Focus would be on State House candidates and local.

    The permanent LPF candidate platform was to work courteously and without attack on all groups or opposing candidates, and conducting low-budget meet-the-people campaigns without large or unseemly contributions; work listening to all constituents for areas where rights might be harmed or were being ignored; and work to propose private or more voluntary options to do a better job. Candidates were to then offer three relevant proposals based on feedback from their districts acquired during petitioning using e-group type sites, and then continue using them inter-election as local resource persons building support.

    (These were adopted in an all-membership vote and are not amendable by the EC or any Convention. The national party in 2004 adopted the permanent LPF program as the Executive Summary Platform. The outline was supposed to be used as a guide for legislative work and state-local triumphs would flesh it out on a website. LPF would do well to recover leadership in this area.)

    LPF Libertarians had gotten 1/6th of the State House vote on this candidate platform and placed some 60 people in local public office running 100% Quiz and 140 hour+ trained candidates: The 2009 mess was to prevent this from continuing, including by putting in stunt-centric fringe or extremist GOP-mole candidates via primary who (as in one case) might not be able to even spell Libertarian, and a massive purge of LPF members –including ‘losing’ records–to get around the member vote.

    I understand several people realized they were being used. I strongly suggest people here make peace and get into public office; also consider putting the above back on the table in adjusted form for a future date. IMHO it would help get rid of the crazies and help refocus the party on long-term action joined with shorter-term doable results that have some public support in each district.

    Ad interim I respectfully suggest that the LPF and current supporters urge and offer to train all—including interested non-Libertarians–to a) Get into local appointive office and also local elective areas where there has been success such as the Soil Boards; b) Refocus on a constitutional amendment to get the state out of minor party affairs; c) Build State House candidates over several election cycles starting with people who will commit to get out there and get 1000+ names of support, and also so help politely contact all journalists in Florida who’ve written about Libertarianism and keep in touch. At the same time, if we’re to have a primary system, please remember that I proposed and it was adopted in Convention that the LPF get out there and outreach with free training so in time we run 2 opposing candidates spreading different parts of the message. Why not husband and wife teams? That would get attention.

    The fact remains that with all these problems 1/6th of the voters thought we were at least slightly less stupid than the other parties and pressed the Libertarian button. That’s all we need as far as civics is concerned. In a proportional and MMP system that would mean the Libertarian debate would be over, which is one reason we need to also push these reforms. It is certainly every reason to keep getting candidates out there, and the persistent ones will get elected or at worst build up a powerful local group which will generate more pressure and people in appointive office. No matter what the state party hi-jinks, the demand for Libertarians is obviously there: The nay-sayers are trying to keep us from providing the supply by re-debating platforms to death and invading Libertarian groups. They will, in the long run, fail. Supply will meet Demand.

    I’m not actively involved with LPF at this time but wish sincere candidates best of luck. If not elected, please consider getting into local appointive or non-partisan elective or even neighborhood board public office and so continue the momentum. It takes several tries to get elected, remember, and in Florida most public office is appointive or non-partisan.





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