Constitution Party releases October newsletter

The Constitution Party released its online, monthly newsletter “News at a Glance” yesterday. It is available below:

6 thoughts on “Constitution Party releases October newsletter

  1. Dave Terry

    Quirk is right on this one. The C.P has been “DIVIDING” constitutionalists since 1992.

  2. Andy

    Extra, extra, read all about it, “Constitution Party rips off petition circulators in several states. Over one year and still no pay. Constitution Party does not pay its debts or keep its word. Constitution Party still has known liar and thief, Virgil Goode, on its National Committee.” Extra, extra, read all about it.

  3. Mark Seidenberg

    I note that there are CP registered voters in 37 of the 40 House seats in Alaska. To make it simple, what are the three House seat numbers that have zero CP registration in Alaska?

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