Final Judgement Comes Down Re: Libertarian Party of Oregon

One Does NotThe final judgement has been received from the judge re: the long dispute over the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

You may remember that the Reeves group filed an order last month asking the judge to clarify that he had not found the Wagner group to be the prevailing party. The Wagner group filed an order that they had indeed been found the prevailing party and were, therefore, the legitimate leaders of the Libertarian Party of Oregon. The correspondence from both groups along with some links to backgroud of the dispute can be found in this article .

The judge signed the order from the Wagner group, thereby confirming they are the prevailing party. The Reeves group will now need to reimburse them for court costs.

Perhaps this long saga is finally over.

Mr. Wagner has posted a few memes to the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Facebook page. One of them is pictured above.

18 thoughts on “Final Judgement Comes Down Re: Libertarian Party of Oregon

  1. Nick Hensley

    These kinds of things are bad for a party regardless of the outcome. This kind of thing destroyed the Reform Party. The Libertarians can’t go down the same road. We can’t afford to have minor parties implode.

  2. Wes Wagner

    This dispute was unique in that it was led by a group of people all of whom who have or had strong ties to the Republican Party, and with the assistance of the general counsel of the Oregon republican Party (ORP).

    This is not your typical internal party dispute. The LPO for a long period of time was under controlled opposition by elements sympathetic to the ORP and the building political pressure of rank and file libertarians to take back control of this organization for the benefit of the regular rank and file registered libertarian voter created more conflict until ultimately the ORP had to apply and provide direct resources and expose their involvement.

    The Libertarian Party of Oregon is now firmly free of republican influence.

  3. M. H. Wilson

    Mr. Hensley problems related to this go back as far as the early 1900s. It is about time the hammer came down.

  4. Starchild

    This is good news, and hopefully will put this unfortunate longstanding dispute to rest. I hope the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (grouping of state chairs) will take immediate action to recognize Wes Wagner as the legitimate Libertarian Party of Oregon chair, and that members of the LPO leadership will be gracious in victory and extend a welcome hand moving forward to all supporters of the other faction who are willing to come together and keep the Libertarian Party strongly libertarian and free from establishment Republican influence.

  5. Wes Wagner


    The other side will not come back to the table. They were setup to be played as republican proxies for a coup and got in so deep and are so few and so embarrassed, they can’t possibly re-integrate with the herd — their own pride and embarrassment won’t let them.

    We are honestly talking about 6 people here out of 15,000 registered libertarians.

  6. Wes Wagner

    It is also useful and a teachable moment to point out … that when you use the republican party’s general counsel to sue to take over a state affiliate and disenfranchise 15,000+ people and try to impose punative bylaws (have you read their competing bylaws? holy crap!) … you basically have declared war on almost every libertarian in the state.

    There is no coming back. I could ill afford to spend one tiny cent of political capital to try to build any sort of bridge to these people. It would be serious pitchforks and torches over here to even suggest such a thing.

    And quite frankly, why do we want to mend bridges with traitors who forged an alliance with the republican party to try to take control of an affiliate? What the hell is that?

    With allies like that our enemies are sure to win.

  7. Bob Tiernan

    Wes: “We are honestly talking about 6 people here out of 15,000 registered libertarians.”

    Bob T: Yes, that’s what they always were all these years, ‘cept that now all 15,000 have a say in the party. But let’s not forget that Burke has never gone away all these years, which people like Michael Wilson and myself can attest to. Some might believe that Burke has been a tenacious opponent, as if that’s some sort of talent, but in fact all he’s been to the rest of us is sticky dog shit that one cannot quite completely scrape off the soles of our boots. Maybe this time he has no options. Clearly this is the closest he’s ever come to being eliminated as a problem.

    B. Tiernan

  8. Richard P. Burke

    I’m not going to comment about where this goes from here, but I will say this: Charges that the legitimate leadership of the LPO, and it’s governing documents, represent some Republican conspiracy to take over the Libertarian Party, or that we are Republican agents of some kind, are ridiculous.

    It is true that I occasionally work with members of the GOP when I believe doing so will advance a libertarian principle in some way. I am a political consultant by trade, but have never worked on a campaign opposing a legitimately nominated Libertarian candidate. It is true that I have worked for Americans for Prosperity, founded by 1980 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee David Koch, but have always supported positions backed by the LP. I have worked with Republican contacts when working on projects and issues where the Libertarian Party has had limited or no resources. All of this is a far cry from being some sort of Republican plant, though Wagner has tried to mus-characterize all of this.

    Regarding the judgement itself, I will point out that it said nothing about the merits of our case. The scope of the judgement was limited to the Judge’s belief that the court did not have jurisdiction over this conflict. That was the ONLY point at issue in the ruling, and the only point over which Mr. Wagner’s side “prevailed”, according to the judge. This is not to be construed as a ruling that the actions of Mr. Wagner’s group were valid.

    One thing is for sure. This will not be settled on IPR.

    Richard P. Burke

  9. Bob Tiernan


    I have worked with Republican contacts when working on projects and issues where the Libertarian Party has had limited or no resources.

    Bob T:

    “Limited or no resources”? Even when you were involved in spending thousands of hard-to-come-by dollars on renting office space that did absolutely nothing for the party except to give you a place to watch [fill in the blank] on a computer?


    “Regarding the judgement itself, I will point out that it said nothing about the merits of our case.”

    Bob T:

    Well, two things here. 1) That’s like saying that losing an appeal regarding a murder conviction says nothing about the merits of that case when the merits had been decided earlier. 2) Wes Wagner will take this judgement just the same. What are you going to do about it?


    “One thing is for sure. This will not be settled on IPR.”

    Bob T:

    Oh, there it is again!!!! Burke once again being that stinky feces on the soles of the boots of good people, trying to keep from being scraped off.

    B. Tiernan

    P.S. Your post has more lies and fibs in it that I have time to count them. BT

  10. Bruce Alexander Knight

    The LPO’s defence against the Reeves/Burke/Terry lawsuit cost upwards of $60,000. This is a fine example of how Burke and his patsies have “helped” the party over the years.

    — Bruce A. Knight

  11. Bruce Alexander Knight

    Mr Burke is right about one thing, though: “This will not be settled on IPR.”

    It will be settled when the plaintiffs cough up our attorneys’ fees. I’m not holding my breath.

    — Bruce

  12. Rondo

    Richard Burke, you are a liar and a fraud.

    Fortunately for us in Oregon,
    you are transparent and inept as well.

    Please leave Oregon now.

    ~Ron L. Boozell

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