Libertarians Shocked at Sudden Death of CA Activist, Steve Collett


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RIP, L.A. liberty movement leader Steve Collett
By Art Pedroza

Friends of Steve Collett , the noted Libertarian activist, are commenting on his Facebook page that he has apparently passed away. If this is true it would be a great loss for the liberty movement. Reportedly he died at his home in Hermosa Beach, of unknown causes, after returning from the Reform Conference in Denver, which he blogged about just a couple days ago, here .

Collett ran for the 33rd District of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012, garnering almost five thousand votes according to Smart Voter .

Collett was a CPA, with a Masters in Business Taxation from USC. He also completed a Masters in Public Policy, at UCLA, this year. He completed a B.A. in Business Administration at Colorado College in 1976 after graduating from Arcadia High School in 1972. He owned his own business, Collett and Company, since 1999. He often allowed his offices to be used by the liberty movement in Los Angeles.

He was 58 years old, according to his bio (It notes him as being 57 but the bio dates back to last year’s Congressional campaign).

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22 thoughts on “Libertarians Shocked at Sudden Death of CA Activist, Steve Collett

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  2. LibertarianGirl

    Steve you were a giant among men when it came to being a liberty activist. I will miss your pleasant friendly demeanor which ist always common among LP folks. we wont be the same without you…sigh, you will be missed my friend….

  3. George Whitfield

    My condolences to Steve Collett’s family and friends. He was a great activist for liberty and peace. It is a sad day.

  4. Bob Whitmore

    I’ve known Steve since we were in the 8th grade at Foothills Junior High in Arcadia. He was always such a great guy and good friend. My heart aches for his twin brother, Steve, and their entire family. God Bless Steve! Untill we meet again in His Kingdom!

  5. Wiseburn

    Steve donated his office in support of the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign. Tens of thousands of phone calls to early state convention delegates gave Paul enough to put his name into nomination if it weren’t for the RNC changing the rules at the last minute.

    Steve’s untimely passing is a huge loss for Liberty in California. RIP

  6. Nalga

    Let’s hope that they don’t wait to do an autopsy five days later, like they did with Tom Clancy. 58 is far too young to suddenly go without something funny going on.

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I will admit to you, Nalga, that I had the same thought: Andrew Breitbart, David Nolan, and Michael Hastings all suddenly dead at a relatively young age. I had heard that Steve had been ill, however, and texted a friend he was leaving Denver because he felt so bad. He’d had a chronic brochitis problem, and had recently picked up pneumonia, from what I hear.

    Way too young to die.

  8. Ed Rankin

    it would make sense they’d now start knocking people off before they become too threatening.

  9. David Colborne

    I doubt it was foul play. Something similar almost happened to my dad (who’s a few years younger than Steve) a few years back. He had a kidney stone and tried to shrug it off; within 24 hours, his kidneys got infected, the infection spread to his bloodstream (he went septic), and then the infection hit his lungs. He was hospitalized for over a month, and was in a medically induced coma for a week while they pumped him full of antibiotics and kept him in a roll cage to move the fluid in his lungs around.

    Unfortunately, and this is pretty common with most guys, it’s really easy to say, “Eh, I’m not feeling well, but it’s not too serious” and try to charge through… until, one day, you suddenly can’t. My dad barely – just barely – made it to the hospital in time. Steve must not have been so lucky.

  10. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I didn’t really think that was the case. I admit that it did occur to me, though. Steve was effectivie in his niche of explaining the reasons for ending drug prohibition. He really will be missed by many of us for that reason, but also because he was just a real sweetheart.

  11. Private

    Hi All,

    I can assure you all that no foul play was involved in Steve’s death.

    His family is present now and it was and still is harmful to all. They are currently making the arrangements and should be announced very soon. His twin brother Jim has arrived as well as his immediate family.

    Steve was not just a man of movement but a brother to me and my family. We will all miss such a great man who stood up for what was right and had a voice of billions of people behind him.

    Much love to you Steve and enjoy playing again with Bear and Sonny in heaven.

  12. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Thanks for your comments, Private. I hope the family has been comforted by all the people who are saddened by Steve’s passing. I’m touched by the image of him playing with those big old dogs in Heaven, but, frankly, I happen to believe in that very strongly.


  13. Jose C

    I am in shock. I heard about this yesterday at the LA County meeting. I still can not belive it.

    To those of us who are men there is a message in this tragedy which is if we do not feel well go see a doctor asap. We often think we are Superman but sadly we are not. I have known men who are in pain and agony but will tough it out and not go see a doctor. We should not do that.

  14. Albert

    Steve was a true friend and warrior for the rights of others. It is all too rare in politics to find a man as selfless and caring as Steve Collett.

    Those who knew him will remember that he was rarely ever without a huge warm smile on his face and a kind word for those around him.

    I will always remember those long days and interesting conversations we had at Steve’s office in Venice, with his two huge fluffy dogs.

    Underneath Steve’s friendly demeanor was a strong will and a fervent drive for the principles of Liberty he believed in so deeply. It’s up to all of us to honor his memory by carrying on with the work he started.

  15. Living on the Strand for 30 years.

    I’m sure he died of a drug overdose. He was a known meth user. I used to see the trannys he was having meth benders with hanging out on his porch at 6 in the morning when I went for a a morning walk. There are some demons in that house. I feel sorry for his family when they clean it out and find out what kind of guy he was.

  16. Noadavison

    It is YOU who is the Demon. Speaking of a dead man this way. You were probably tweaking yourself being out that early. Save your self righteous bullshit, nobody wants to hear from an asshole like you .

  17. Nick Colachis

    Dearest Steve,

    I heard the news and the world has lost a great soul; you will be missed and remembered. I wish you much laughter and peace in Heaven. i will see you again one day my friend!

    With so much love,

    Nick Colachis

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