Northern Nevada Constitution Party Forms

otilia-krapffFrom the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

A group of 20 Washoe County residents have filed the required paperwork to create the Constitution Party …

Despite some quick research I haven’t found out more about the group. The article does mention an Otilia Krapff as a leader, and I did find an article mentioning her on KOLO TV. It appears she may be a dissatisfied Republican.

From that article:

Last Thursday Ann Romney also held a rally in Reno — the GOP said at least seven-hundred turned out at Bartley Ranch Park for the event.

“Women know their husbands better than anybody else,” Republican Otilia Krapff said.

And from the recent article about the new party formation:

“I helped to elect [Governor] Brian Sandoval and I am very sorry I did,” she added.

Krapff also differentiated the Constitution Party from another Nevada third party:

Although the Independent American Party expresses similar thoughts about government spending, Krapff said that party dwells too much on ending abortion, while the real effort now should be toward cutting spending.

16 thoughts on “Northern Nevada Constitution Party Forms

  1. paulie

    Cody is with the IAP as far as I know. I don’t see why they don’t stick with the IAP, unless it’s a personality conflict?

  2. Cody Quirk

    That’s right! I am loyal to the Nevada IAP and I’ll NEVER join another damn state party!

    Otilia and her gang joined our state party some time ago and then did this because we won’t run things the way they wanted it to- and they’re actually trying to become affiliated with the National Constitution Party, lol.

    These people are either political simpletons, or GOP agents, but regardless, they don’t have a website and neither will they even be able to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot, since they are nothing.

  3. paulie

    Otilia and her gang joined our state party some time ago and then did this because we won’t run things the way they wanted it to- and they’re actually trying to become affiliated with the National Constitution Party, lol.

    I thought NvIAP is already affiliated with national Constitution Party? Are they trying to replace the party’s most successful state affiliate, and why would they think the national CP would do that?

  4. Cody Quirk

    Yes they’re trying to replace us in the CP, and they’re either doing it because they are Republican agents, or just plain stupid.

  5. paulie

    I would have to say just plain stupid. What possible incentive would the national CP have to throw overboard an existing state affiliate which has 75% of their national registered voters total, and runs more candidates and gets more cumulative votes for those candidates than all their other state parties combined? All so they can spend 5 figures and/or thousands of volunteer man hours, neither of which they have, to qualify for the ballot and compete for the same ideological slice of voters? That would be too monumentally stupid even for the national CP, as challenged as they may be. Nor is there any significant chance this bunch could get on the ballot without national help (or perhaps even with it). And even if they did, the IAP would still be there. Why would voters choose them instead? None of it even begins to make sense.

  6. paulie

    Anything is possible, but as things stand it appears that it is just a tiny disaffected faction of the state party that wants national to recognize them, rather than the recognized and established affiliate that has ballot access. As usual in such cases, they have offer no rational incentive for the national CP to take them up on it.

  7. Jed Ziggler (@JedZiggler)

    I just find it incredibly confusing that in 2012 the Independent American Party nominated Will Christensen for president, and the Oregon Constitution Party put him on the ballot, and the Constitution Party nominated Virgil Goode for president, and the Nevada Independent American Party put him on the ballot.

  8. paulie

    The Nevada IAP is not affiliated with the national IAP. The Nevada IAP is affiliated with the national Constitution Party, which has different names in some states e.g. Nebraska Party, US Taxpayers Party (its original name nationally), American Independent Party was affiliated with them for a number of years, etc.

    The Oregon Constitution Party split from the national party, and more recently affiliated with the national IAP.

    Yes, it is confusing.

  9. Antirevolutionary

    So let me get this straight. Don Grundman and some other people in the Constitution Party accuse Cody and the IAP of not being Christian and pro-life enough, and this group led by Atilia accuses the IAP of focusing too much on pro-life issues. From the discussions here recently, it seems like the more theocratic faction is in control of the CP right now, so why would the CP want to ally with an even less theocratic group in Nevada as compared to the IAP?

  10. Mark Seidenberg

    I am interested if any of this came up at the meeting of the IAP last week. Cody, what happened
    at the meeting?

  11. paulie

    Sounds like a small handful of people got their underwear twisted in a knot, walked out and took their deflated ball home with them.

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