Libertarians Elected to Local Positions Across the Country

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There were some positive results for Libertarians in the elections yesterday. I expect that this article will be updated a few times, but I’m posting the names of the successful candidates that I’ve been able to learn about so far. Please leave a note in comments here or send me a message via my Facebook account to advise me of anyone I’ve missed, and I’ll gladly add the name.

Special congratulations goes out to the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania . I’ve learned of 5 winners so far!

Connecticut: Sean Foley Burlington Board of Finance

Connecticut: Joshua Katz* Westbrook Planning Commission

Georgia: Brett Bittner Reelected to the Marietta School Board

Georgia: Walter Reynolds Milledgeville City Council

Georgia: Karen Richardson Johns Creek City Council

Iowa:  Roger Fritz  Mayor of Roland

Michigan: Erwin Haas Kentwood City Commissioner

Michigan: Andy LeCureaux Re-elected to the Hazel Park City Council

North Carolina: Matt Hoerner Hope Mills Board of Commissioners (He is unable to kep this position due to a move to Korea. See previous IPR article)

Pennsylvania: Mamie Barker Bucks County Judge of Elections Warminster District 4

Pennsylvania: Andy Edmonds North Codorus Auditor

Pennsylvania: Shawn Felty** Borough Council of Cressona, PA, Schuylkill County

Pennsylvania: Nicholas Hillman Judge of Elections, Buck County

Pennsylvania: Dominic Hughes Judge of Elections Warminster District 4

Pennsylvania: Brandon Magoon Inspector of Elections, Erie County (Write-in Candidate)

Pennsylvania:  Garry Marr  Inspector of elections in Northumberland County!

Pennsylvania: Matt Schutter Penn Forest Township Auditor

Pennsylvania: Betsy Summers Luzerne County Judge of Elections, Johns Creek City Council


* I was sent this write-up of Josua’s campaign by Dr. Marc Guttman:

“I came in first in a 3-way race today for Planning Commission, by several hundred votes. Out of the 3, there were 2 spots. The D had to win for reasons related to CT law, so it was head to head between me and the R. Before the election, the Republicans had a majority on the commission (3/2). Now, the commission is split 2/2/1, giving me the swing vote on any party-line vote and the most powerful voting position in the commission. My R opponent admitted a week ago that she expected to lose due to my greater organization and campaigning. I went door to door, she didn’t. I placed several LTTE, 1 from a prominent Democrat and one from a student, as well as one from me (which correctly identified me as a Libertarian.) I was the only candidate who responded to the local paper’s voter guide, and received a fair amount of mention in newspaper articles on the election. The GOP took control of every other board and commission in the town this year, making this quite a year to wrest control of a board from them and to oust a long-serving popular incumbent. In Westbrook, a libertarian moment has arrived, and a revolution is underway. I worked to show voters that the freedom philosophy has practical meaning – it means more local business, more diversity of business offered, less aid to corporations, and more protection for small business from attempts to regulate them out of existence. Voters responded.In total, I visited 60% of homes in the district, ignoring registration status. We have same-day registration, so I saw no reason to limit campaigning to those who are registered to vote.”

** I was sent this announcement of Shawn Felty’s win by Joe Reppert:

The Libertarian Party of Schuylkill County is proud to announce the election of our elected chairman Shawn Felty to a seat on Borough Council of Cressona PA. Shawn is the first candidate nominated by our committee to an elected office.
We had our first formal meeting on Sunday, February 24, 2013 and 4 members present. We’ve come a long way in that short time. We have since gained 14 members, formed an independent county committee, and gained statewide recognition as well as a seat on the executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.
We started our local group in response to the encroachment on civil liberties we see going on nationwide as well as locally. In addition to what we perceive as a growing assault on private property rights and financial malfeasance of some of our elected officials. We are concerned about the massive national debt and lack of a balanced budget and crippling budget deficits, which currently exceed even our entire national GNP. We feel these trends must be reversed if we are ever to see genuine national prosperity in the US in our lifetimes.
We also wish to thank the voters of Cressona for their support in electing our nominee, without them this would not be possible. We are deeply honored and humbled by their vote of confidence in electing our chairman Shawn Felty to a seat on Cressona Borough Council.
For more information on the LPSC please visit our Facebook page at Libertarian Party of Schuylkill County or email Shawn can also be reached at 570-294-9353. To learn more about the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania please visit


The Libertarian Party has released the complete election results for November 5, 2013. You can find the information here .

18 thoughts on “Libertarians Elected to Local Positions Across the Country

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’ve been unable to confirm Gary Marr in PA, or what seat he won. Can someone help with that?

  2. Nick Hensley

    Third parties seem to do well in local Pennsylvania races. The Modern Whigs picked up a judicial election, and the Reform Party came extremely close to picking up a town supervisor office.

  3. J.D.

    Not to try and dampen the mood any but it seems to me that the Green Party out did the LP in elected officials this year. One source on says 18 elected but when I counted the winners on Green Party Watch I got 22. If the LP has won 10 races with 8 new people taking office that would bring the national total to 152. It seems the Greens have at least 10 new office holders and maybe 12. The info isnt very clear on who was newly elected. The Green total will rise to around 145 office holders though. While I’m glad we have a couple dozen new third party office holders this year, I must concede that it looks like the Greens made better strides than the LP. Nonetheless good job all around.

  4. paulie

    Third parties seem to do well in local Pennsylvania races.

    They vote on some offices that are generally appointed in other states.

  5. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I had hoped to be able to add a whole bunch of names to this article this morning, and I’m terribly disappointed not to be able to. I have written to Steve Scheetz, though, for a complete list of Pennsylvania wins. If anyone sees a list from the National LP, please let me know. I imagine they’ve complied a list of winners.

  6. paulie

    There were two. From Sam Goldstein on LNC list:

    Please add two more LP elected officials to the list:


    Two Libertarians were elected in Michigan. Erwin Haas was elected Commissioner for the city of Kentwood Ward 2. Andy LeCureaux was re-elected to the Hazel Park City Council. It’s interesting to note that Erwin Haas ousted the favored corporate money backed incumbent by 68 votes. He did it with very little money and media attention. This speaks volumes. Voters were tired of the status quo. Sometimes it’s just enough not to be the incumbent.

    If you could pass this on to whoever in the LP that posts this information or send me their contact information I would appreciate it.

    Sorry this is late, 10 days ago I was called to fill in for an algebra 2 teacher who just up and left the classroom never to return. I got left with piles of uncorrected homework, quizzes and no real lesson plans. I had no time for myself let alone read emails. I’m glad someone finally called me as I also lost track of the elections. Oops!

    Mary Buzuma
    Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan

    Live Free,

    Sam Goldstein
    LNC Region 3 Representative
    8074 Claridge Road
    Indianapolis IN 46260
    317-850-0726 Mobile Email

  7. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’ve added a name: Roger Fritz was re-elected mayor of Roland, Iowa. He writes this on Facebook:
    “FYI gang, we had a win on Tuesday. I was re-elected as Mayor of Roland. I’ve served two terms, was done, told everybody I was done, didn’t file to get on the ballot, and was still elected via write in. Doh! Non-partisan of course, but I’m still a LPIA member”.

    Way to go, Roger!

  8. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I have updated this article to reflect the information published by the National Libertarian Party today.

  9. paulie

    I usually try to mirror all LP blog posts when I am in article posting mode, since there’s no public comment at LP blog itself. Even when it posts something that we have already alluded to in a separate IPR article, I consider the fact that LP blog posted it to be news of a sort. Of course, that’s just me, and I’m not on an article posting run right now (although I may get into one soon…maybe) so I’m glad you updated the article.

  10. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I needed to keep my article current, but that shouldn’t prevent someone from making it its own article.Yes, it probably should be one. I’ll try to get to it over the weekend.

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