Party for Socialism and Liberation: Enough of the Republicans & Democrats… Help put 3 independent candidates on the ballot!



San Francisco, Saturday, Dec 28 to Sunday, Dec 29 at 10 am

We need to collect thousands of signatures to get Cindy Sheehan, Nathalie Hrizi, and Frank Lara on the ballot. And the petitioning drive begins THIS weekend—Dec.28 and Dec 29 from 10 to 4 pm at 2969 Mission St. in San Francisco.

Who are they?

Cindy Sheehan for Governor

End Poverty in California! Money 4 People’s Needs, Not War!

Cindy Sheehan is the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California Governor. Sheehanwhose son Casey was killed in Iraq, has been a tireless campaigner for peace and social justice.

Nathalie Hrizi for State Insurance Commissioner

Health care for All! Abolish the Insurance Companies!

Nathalie Hrizi is a public school teacher, community activist in San Francisco, and organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation. She is the candidate of the PSL and the Peace and Freedom Party.

Frank Lara for Congress, 12th Congressional District

Jobs, Health care, Housing—Not Unending War!

Frank Lara, is an activist, public school teacher, Mission District resident and candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation for the 12th Congressional District of San Francisco. Frank has been very active in the struggle for justice, including the Occupy, anti-war, anti-police brutality and housing rights movements. He is running against establishment leader Nancy Pelosi on a socialist platform that speaks for the rights of all worke

How can you help?

Join us for an orientation at 10am on Saturday, Dec.28 at 2969 Mission St. followed by petitioning from 11am to 3pm in teams. At 3pm, we will meet back at the office for a debrief and pizza! If you can’t make the whole day, join us for an hour or two. There’s plenty to do in addition to petitioning. Then we will do it all over again Sunday, Dec.29. If you can’t make it this weekend, you can still get involved in the campaign. We will be collecting signatures for 6 weeks. Call 415 821 6171 or email for more information

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