Rocky Anderson’s New Website

rocky anderson


Former Salt Lake City, Utah mayor and 2012 Justice Party presidential candidate has a brand new website. (see here.) 

Rocky Anderson served as the 33rd mayor of Salt Lake City, UT from 2000-2008 and received close to 40,000 votes in his Justice Party presidential bid in 2012.

12 thoughts on “Rocky Anderson’s New Website

  1. Jed Ziggler

    Interesting. Gotta wonder what this is leading up to? I know he said he wasn’t running for prez in 2016, but…

  2. Bondurant

    There’s no point in maintaining a web presence unless he has future electoral ambitions (or he’s really bored).

  3. SocialistRocky

    The State of Utah does not have a mayor. Rocky Anderson was the mayor of Salt Lake City.

  4. Green Party Voter

    Doctor Jill Stein, and many other Green Party leaders continue to urge and encourage Rocky to lead the Green Party in Utah. Be a Green Party candidate for local, state or federal office.
    That makes sense for Rocky and the Green Party.

  5. Deran

    Maybe he is trying to create clarity between him and the remains of the Justice party, who have been making efforts at building the JP. Although there has never been the national convention of the JP that was proposed right after the Nov 2012 election..

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