Max Abramson Running for New Hampshire Governor ‘to Combat Wrongful Convictions’

From “Convicted Seabrook resident running for governor” by Corinne Holroyd:

A Seabrook resident convicted of reckless conduct in 2012 is now running for governor of New Hampshire “to combat wrongful convictions.”

“The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire decided to nominate me in order to talk about wrongful convictions and prosecutorial misconduct,” said Albert “Max” Abramson.

Abramson has maintained his claim of innocence after he was convicted of one count of reckless conduct for firing a gun at a December 2010 party at his home, and has continued to work with groups which help exonerate wrongfully convicted inmates.

“Improper forensics, police misconduct, eyewitness misidentification and false testimony from inmates — who may be given 2-3 years off their sentence in exchange for lying in court — contribute to many of these cases,” he said.

If elected governor, one of his goal’s is to work to help those convicted who claim innocence. He said he hopes to accomplish pardoning Rochester resident Chad Evans, who is currently imprisoned for the murder of 21-month-old Kassidy Bortner, Evans’ girlfriend’s daughter, in 2000.

“He was not even in the house at the time that (Kassidy) suffered the physical injuries that led to her death,” Abramson said. “There was never any evidence linking Chad to this girl’s death.”

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