Farid Khavari Qualifies For Florida Ballot


(The following was originally posted on Farid Khavari’s Facebook page.)

It’s official! Papers filed and fees paid, I am on the 2014 ballot as an independent (no party affiliation) candidate for Florida governor. I am running for you and your family and 99% of Floridians. 

Rick Scott was elected by less than 22% of Florida voters, Charlie Crist was elected by less than 25%, each with about 2.5 million votes. There are over 3 million “no party affiliation” voters registered in Florida, and plenty of disgusted voters who long ago registered as Republicans and Democrats. This year we don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils, we can choose what is good for 99% of Floridians instead of the big money special interests.

Please spread the word, Khavari for Governor, the man with the plan. Thank you for your support.

Read more at: www.khavariforgovernor.com

Khavari for Governor, Florida 2014


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