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MSNBC Poll: “Would You Ever Vote for the Green Party?

There is currently a poll on the MSNBC website asking “Would you ever vote for the Green Party?”

Currently the poll results as as follows: It Depends on the Issues in the race. 41%, No never, 12%, Only if there’s no viable Democrat, 9%, Only if the Democrats would definitely still win 4%, I always vote for the Green Party, 34%.

(The poll can be found here.)


  1. paulie June 26, 2014

    Yes, most people d agree with basic fairness in elections. In fact one of the biggest reasons people give me for not signing ballot access petitions is that they just can’t believe that there is a law that makes us do that.

  2. Michele June 26, 2014

    I just finished getting signatures to get our state green party ballot qualified again and the reception from the general public out on the street was overwhelmingly positive. Even people who were dyed in the wool other party agreed that we need choice on the ballot. those who were completely disgruntled with the Democrats were practically overjoyed to sign. I think it’s not simply Greens who are responding but new folks attracted to our cause.

  3. Joshua Fauver Post author | June 24, 2014

    HAHA! Well, the GP must be doing a good job at directing their activists to the poll. Results now stand as follows: It depends on the issues in the race, 33% (206 votes), No never, 9% (53 votes), Only if there’s no viable Democrat, 7% (41 votes), Only if the Democrat will definitely win, 3% (17 votes), I always vote for the Green Party, 49% (301 votes)

  4. paulie June 24, 2014

    Sounds like a scientific poll 🙂

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