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Seattle Weekly News In Light of Rising Rents, Jess Spear Explains Her Vision of Rent Control In WA


(The following was originally published in the Seattle Weekly News)

Earlier this morning reports came out that Seattle’s rent has risen $94 in only half a year. That means an average apartment in town now costs $1284 a month ($1628 if you live in Ballard).

Jess Spear, the Socialist Alternative climate scientist running for the 43rd District seat of the State House, has made lifting the statewide ban on rent control one of the top issues in her campaign, on top of her push to make comprehensive green energy infrastructure in Washington a reality.

In light of today’s news on this quarter’s 4.1 percent rent increase in Seattle, we reached out to Jess Spear and asked her to explain her vision of rent control in the state of Washington:

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