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Lincoln County News: Time to “Reboot”, Cutler Tells Southport Gathering


(The following was originally published in the Lincoln County News.)

Maine voters need to give Democrats and Republicans a “time out,” independent candidate for governor Eliot Cutler said at Southport Town Hall, Tuesday, June 17.

“I am highly confident we are going to show Mr. LePage the door,” Cutler said. “That’s not the hard question.”

“The hard question, the really important question, is ‘Who do we choose to take his place?” Cutler said. “Are we going to replace what’s not working today with what didn’t work before, or are we going to set out in a new direction?”

Economic activity in Maine has declined drastically since independent Angus King left office 11 years ago, throughout the administrations of Democrat John Baldacci and Republican Gov. Paul LePage, Cutler said. 

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