Rose City Antifascists: ‘Meet the Oregon Chapter of the American Freedom Party’


Rose City Antifa has a two-part expose of the American Freedom Party (former names: American Third Position, and before that Golden State Party) in Oregon:

Part One

Part Two

A few excerpts:

The American Freedom Party (AFP) is a nationwide white supremacist organization that markets itself as an upstanding, family-friendly, and nonviolent political party by portraying white people as an oppressed group, and themselves as an advocacy organization similar to the NAACP. However, locally, they have embraced a number of white power veterans with histories of race-based violence and murder, such as Kyle Brewster. Scratch the surface and it is apparent that AFP is a fascist party with an extermination agenda.

AFP uses tactics and rhetoric borrowed from the activist left and libertarian right as part of their work to build a white nationalist political party. AFP is part of a fascist tradition known as Third Positionism. Third Positionism presents itself as a new, ‘third” alternative to both right and left-wing politics by advancing hard-right ideas through adopting and deploying radical left signifiers in ways that confound mainstream expectations for what the right looks like; an example of this is utilizing environmentalist framing to promote neo-Eugenicist policies. However, rather than being a new dimension of political thought, Third Positionism actually harkens back to the very origins of fascism–in Mussolini’s Italy, populist trappings were paradoxically used to crush the working class.

The American Freedom Party models itself after large, contemporary European fascist parties such as Golden Dawn in an attempt to build similar broad bases of support. Part of that strategy is creating an activist wing called Free America Rally (FAR). FAR and AFP have built momentum locally by doing low risk, short duration forms of activism that they then document. They are efficient propagandists and have created a wealth of online videos and photos to promote their organization from these frequent, short events. Their recent ventures into Portland show that they are emboldened by their successes in the surrounding suburban and rural areas. AFP’s primary target audience is Ron Paul libertarians and racist paleoconservatives. The local branch of American Freedom Party has, however, attempted to make inroads at liberal left events such as at an anti-war rally in Portland. This tactic has precedent–both the anti-globalization and Occupy movements were used as recruiting grounds by the racist right. Racist groups incorporated these movements’ populist messages into their own propaganda, added a hefty dose of anti-semitism, and produced distorted fairy-stories about a dwindling and oppressed white race.


The groundwork for the American Freedom Party was laid in May of 2009 by a Southern Californian racist street gang called Freedom 14. The number “14” is used widely by white supremacists as it refers to the fourteen words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children,” a phrase originally coined by the late white supremacist and author, David Lane. Freedom 14’s initial attempt at forming a popular political party for white nationalists was called the Golden State Party (GSP). According to their old Facebook page, GSP stated that they were “a political protest-party” whose goal was “to win political representation for European-Americans.” Merely four months after its inception, in September of 2009 the Golden State Party fell apart when it came to light that their chairperson, Tyler Billington Cole, had been using aliases such as “Eugene Cameron” and “Tim Robbins” to conceal his criminal past. Cole had served a 5 year sentence in Arizona for a felony conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2001. He was also convicted in 2008 of possessing an illegal machete in California.

Extreme Makeover: Nazi Edition

Shortly after the collapse of the fleeting Golden State Party, on October 15th of 2009, Freedom 14 held a meeting to elect a new leader and a new party name. The leader they chose was William Daniel Johnson and it was then that they became known as American Third Position (A3P). Officially launched on January 4th, 2012 A3P’s website stated that they were, “both a political party and activist organization dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of ethnic European communities within the United States of America.” This new description was a more focused and sophisticated version of GSP’s original statement of purpose.

In February of 2012, as a part of #OpBlitzkrieg, which targeted various Neo-Nazi organizations around the world, members of the Anonymous Movement hacked A3P’s website as well as forums and email accounts connected to the group. One year later, on February 1st, 2013, A3P announced that they would be changing their name to the American Freedom Party, though their “passionate defense of freedom,” as well as their platform and values would remain the same.

The article goes on to say:

The Free America Rally (FAR) is the activist wing of AFP. It originated as a nationwide anti-immigration protest and morphed into a subdivision of AFP. FAR tends to look more like your stereotypical bonehead crowd with flight jackets, white pride t-shirts, and white-laced boots. FAR seems to have developed as a way to maintain a role for the edgier white supremacist types without marring the wholesome, family-centered aesthetic of AFP. FAR gives a flavor of militancy and subculture to the organization. It is also a good place for the orphaned remnants of white power crews past to find a niche. This strategy of creating nominally separated branches appears to attempt to reconcile the age-old conflict in the hard right between mass movement party-builders and insurrectionary militants.

For long-time white supremacists, one advantage of FAR is that the organization is not yet subject to the same hazards and risks associated with white power gang lifestyle. Local old timers with prior convictions often have probation and parole restrictions which prohibit them from fraternizing with other white supremacist gang members, so FAR functions as a loophole, a space where they can maintain contact with other dangerous white supremacists. In areas where convicts are prevented from voting, FAR acts as a way for racists with records to participate in electoral politics. However you look at it, FAR’s identity as a political protest movement lends them an air of legitimacy. Finally, members of FAR get to be heroes to a new generation of bigots. The combination of militant aesthetic and direct action rhetoric, minus the gang baggage, is attracting a younger set of recruits as well. Meanwhile, maintaining AFP as a somewhat separate entity reduces the risk of losing appeal for racists who are interested in appearing more mainstream and do not want the stigma of being viewed as extremists or thugs.

Tyler Cole holding his son (left) with man wearing NWF shirt (right) at the Oregon Gun Show, April 20th (Hitler’s birthday) 2013.

Books by Harold A.Covington, White Supremacist Author & Leader of Northwest Front.

Northwest Front

On 4/20/13 (Hitler’s Birthday), The American Freedom Party tabled the Collector’s West Gun Show in Portland with several books by Harold Covington of the Northwest Front, a White Nationalist group that advocates white people settling the Pacific Northwest and creating a whites-only homeland. At another event, AFP members took and posted video of themselves handing out Northwest Front literature. It is unsurprising that the American Freedom Party would choose Covington’s literature, considering his own success as a white supremacist politician. In the 1970’s and 80’s, prior to founding the Northwest Front, Covington served as the National Socialist White People’s Party chief. Covington took fifty-four thousand votes in the 1980 North Carolina Republican primary for state attorney general, accounting for 40 percent of the total votes. Covington moved to the United Kingdom for a time where he helped found Combat 18, a British neo-Nazi network that openly promoted violence. C18 continued to have their mail routed through Convington’s address after he returned to the states.

Combat 18 takes its name from the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, AH, which represents Adolf Hitler.

From left to right: Kelly Conrady, Rebecca Hughes (Barrett), and Laura Cole (Bailey)

Laura Cole is the wife of Tyler Cole, original leader of the Freedom 14/Golden State Party that later spawned American Third Position/AFP. The Coles moved to Oregon in late June of 2012 from Mission Viejo, California as part of the Northwest Front project of longtime neo-nazi Harold Covington to create a separatist whites only nation in the US Pacific Northwest. The flag she is holding in the above photo was created by a South African based Afrikaner fascist party (AWB) and is deliberately styled after the flag of Nazi Germany under Hitler.

Kyle Brewster (right) sneering at Free America Rally on February 23, 2013

Brewster was one of the three members of East Side White Pride and White Aryan Resistance who murdered Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw in Portland on November 13, 1988. Seraw was beaten with a baseball bat and left in a pool of his own blood. He died early the next morning. According to another one of the murderers, Ken “Death” Mieske (now deceased), they murdered Seraw “because of his race”.

Brewster was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. He was released in November, 2002 and was scheduled to complete his parole in 2008. He violated his parole in 2006 by associating with the white power gang, Volksfront. We have written extensively about Volksfront. Volksfront members have numerous acts of racist violence under their belts, including their 2003 murder of a homeless man in Tacoma, Washington.Brewster was re-released from prison on December 18, 2007 but he was re-arrested within hours on an assault charge related to an attack on a guard during his latest prison stay.


Jimmy Marr

Marr is a long time member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM). In 2009 Marr represented the NSM at the Pacifica Forum, an antisemitic discussion group in Eugene, OR. Marr’s event titled “The National Socialist Movement: An Inside View of America’s Far Right” served as a recruiting opportunity for the NSM, complete with Nazi saluting and seig heiling. […]

Marr recently was the keynote speaker at a rally for the white supremacists colonizing Leith, North Dakota. Marr appears to be the main mover and shaker behind the banner drops that AFP has engaged in locally. Marr made both the “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” banner that was dropped in Eugene on September 2nd 2013 and the “Diversity is a code word for white genocide” banner used in Portland on December 12th 2013.

Left to right: Jojo Brittain, Christian Coats, Shawn Saunders
Shawn Michael Saunders
aka Sean Saunders (legal spelling above, the alternate is used as an alias)

Saunders appears in a large number of the photos of AFP and FAR gatherings. He hangs out with violent white supremacists such as Christian Coats of the Stumptown Bootboys […]. Saunders himself has mostly stuck to petty theft and drug related crimes, including a 2009 robbery charge he served time for. His affiliations with both the AFP and the Stumptown Bootboys bonehead crew are concerning.

More details are at Rose City Antifa here and here.

For context, see the viewpoint of the Oregon AFP and discussion thereof here.

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  1. paulie Post author

    If you find something like this on one of the commie or theocratic parties or whatever please post it. Or if you write an original one yourself that contains editorializing, send it to me and I’ll post it.

  2. paulie Post author

    Here is another prominent member of the Amerikkkan Fascist “Freedom” Party of Oregon giving a nazi Hitler salute in front of a KKK style burning cross. In addition to the AFP she is associated with the Christian Identity movement which claims that the British are the real descendents of the biblical Jews, as well as the Nationalist Movement group based in Mississippi (she uses their leader’s last name as a pseudonym) and Harold Covington’s white separatist Northwest Front. There are probably other racist, fascist and neo-nazi groups she is involved with also.

  3. paulie Post author

    More AFP Oregon boneheads on parade:

    You can see how much this bonehead knows about freedom (or is it feedom) by his sign…


    Bryan Margetts, pictured here with misspelled “feedom” sign, is a Northwest Front member turned AFP activist. He is involved in the Overpasses for America campaign as well as the White Genocide Project, both AFP/FAR enterprises. Recently he has been seen at a number of American Freedom Party and Free America Rally events including attending the protest of the “racist media” in Milwaukie. This media protest seems to have been a response to the negative press that AFP received following their “White Genocide” flyering event in Milwaukie a few months prior. Margetts was at both AFP events. In addition he tabled at a gun show in Portland last April with Gary Purdy, and Tyler Cole.

    See article above regarding Tyler Cole.


    Brent is another Northwest Front member that has joined forces with the American Freedom Party. He attended the Golden Dawn memorial AFP/FAR activists organized. Brent identifies as a Satanist, posting in the past to and under his handle AdversaryBTP. He is under the same handle on twitter and youtube, though he also has a youtube account under AusDenBergen.

    Along with posting to Satanist and Goth forums, Brent is into Black Metal, so folks involved with that scene should be aware of this fascist attending shows and events.

  4. Bondurant

    LOL!!! Does your typical American Klansman/neo-Nazi type even consider the Mediterranean nations to be “white”?

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  6. paulie Post author

    It is certainly not news that the Ameriklan Fascist “Freedom” Party is racist. However, the full extent of their neo-nazi affiliations, which they try to hide behind a more genteel facade, is certainly fair game for exposing. Of course it isn’t surprising in the least, but the details may be interesting to some people.

  7. Joshua Fauver

    I’m working on preventing crap like that Paulie. I’m going to do what I can to see that this type of stuff doesn’t happen in the future.

  8. paulie Post author

    Joshua, thank you, but it does not bother me. A site with an owner like Chris who proudly belongs to the same AFP profiled in this article, as well as a party of sieg heil salute throwing, brown shirt wearing, armbanded, swastika graffiti spraying Polish fascist “no, rreally, trust us, we are actually not” nazis (ONR) who is happy to sign a troll like CLC up as a writer can be expected to do nothing less, and I look forward to more of the same from A3P-Report in the future.

  9. paulie Post author

    Just remember that if you ever get tired of the Zyklon B and troll stench over there (hopefully before you experience your own private Operation Barbarossa) you are still signed up as an IPR writer and welcome back here whenever you feel like it.

  10. paulie Post author

    Not that anyone should expect a troll to be factually accurate, BTW, but I am not IPR’s leader. IPR is owned by the Redlich brothers. I am not an admin here and haven’t been in about a year. I also haven’t been among the top article writers in the past year plus, although I still have the most articles here under my name in the overall history of IPR. I do not have the power to unilaterally ban anyone or sign anyone up (I did in 2008-2013, but not anymore).

    CLC’s author bio at A3PR has been updated to refer to me as Paul Frankel rather than Cyberpig Paulie, as it originally did, but it still gives me undeserved individual credit for CLC’s removal as a comment troll here. In reality, that was a group decision with Warren Redlich being the final arbiter.

    Looking forward to more hilarious lies, distortions and zingers from CLC and his Fuehrer Chris in the future!

    BTW CLC’s misguided personal attacks on me are in keeping with his Fuehrer Chris Lesiak’s AFP party chair William D. Johnson’s ham handed attempt to serve Rose City Antifa some of their own medicine; more about that shortly.

  11. paulie Post author

    In an attempt to respond to our most recent exposé of the white supremacist American Freedom Party (AFP), on January 18th AFP chairperson William D. Johnson posted several photos he claims were “uploaded from the cell phone used as the Portland Oregon Antifa Hotline.” He also published a street address in Illinois which he claimed to be related to the photos and our organization.


    The pictures were taken from a random Flickr account that comes up after a simple internet search of our phone number. The account has nothing to do with our organization. It came up in a search because one of its images was photo number “9715337832”, the same number as our voicemail.

    Along with a street address in Illinois which William D. Johnson encouraged his Nazi buddies to look into, Johnson also claimed that our organization is “located at the ‘Red and Black Cafe’” in Portland. (We are not quite sure what Johnson’s logic was here, that we head back to Illinois in our private jet after our clandestine meetings at a public cafe in Portland?)[….]

    Clearly our opponents are very lazy researchers […]

    Rose City Antifascists wish to stress how incredibly irresponsible it was for William D. Johnson to publish this information. There are clear ethical problems with publishing information without supporting evidence and confirmation. The white supremacist movement in the United States is willing and able to deploy extreme violence and murder against its perceived enemies. William D. Johnson arbitrarily put people’s lives in danger in his ham-handed attempt at retaliation. William Daniel Johnson is an attorney practicing in Los Angeles, California. His behavior represents a breach of professional ethics, so we encourage people to report his activities to the California Bar Association.

    Our organization was able to locate and contact the individual pictured to let him know that he is being erroneously tied to antifascist organizers and targeted by white supremacists. Rose City Antifa hopes that William D. Johnson and his white supremacist cronies will take down this man’s information and think twice before pulling a similarly haphazard stunt in the future.

    Regarding William D. Johnson, the SPLC writes

    The American Freedom Party (formerly American Third Position, A3P) was officially formed in October 2009, but its foundations were laid five months earlier. In May 2009, a racist skinhead group named Freedom 14 created the Golden State Party (GSP) in order to establish what was meant to be a respectable white nationalist political party. Members of Freedom 14, which organized via the hate Web forum Stormfront, were known for handing out anti-immigration fliers with white supremacist themes in Orange County, Calif.

    The Golden State Party’s mission statement began, “The Golden State Party exists to advance the political interests of European-Americans, to save from destruction our unique culture, to safeguard our identity,” and its policy statements carried strong white nationalist themes. Freedom 14 members handed out fliers promoting the GSP over the summer of 2009. But that effort fell apart in September of that year, when it was revealed that Tyler Cole, the chairman of the GSP, had previously been convicted of two felonies and had been using pseudonyms like “Eugene Cameron” and “Tim Robbins” to hide his criminal past.

    Embarrassed by the incident, Freedom 14 members decided to try for a fresh start. On Oct. 15, 2009, they held a meeting to form a party with a new name and new leadership. They elected racist corporate lawyer William Daniel Johnson as chairman of the newly renamed political party, American Third Position. Johnson had been advocating for the deportation of all non-white immigrants and U.S. citizens, including anyone with any “ascertainable trace of Negro blood,” since 1985, when he wrote a book arguing for a constitutional amendment to do just that. Johnson promoted his book far and wide, including at the 1986 Aryan Nations World Congress.

    Emphasis added.

    SPLC has also been known for some questionable and sloppy research at times, so if any of this is not true please provide evidence to the contrary in the comments here.

  12. Jed Ziggler

    Bill Johnson ran for Congress in 2012 in Michigan (despite that he appears to live in California). He was on the ballot as “Daniel Johnson” and was ironically the nominee of the left-wing Natural Law Party. While the NLP is long-defunct as a national political party, the Michigan affiliate is still active & has ballot access.

  13. Krzysztof Lesiak


    I gave CLC/Robert Milnes/William Saturn or whomever he is contributing privileges. This was likely a mistake and Josh will probably remove him soon.

    Antifa – anarcho-leftist scum. I guess they’re like two peas in a pod with PC-worshipping “libertarians”. Anarchism/antifascsim/anarchocommunism/anarchocapitali/communism/ whatever is a severely deranged form of thinking, which denies thousands of years of human history, and denies human nature itself.

    Also, I implore you to not dump all white nationalists into the neo-Nazi bandwagon. ONR was a pre-war nationalist organization in Poland that made Roman Dmowski – the architect of Polish independence in Versailles- their model statesman. They fought in defense of the homeland against national socialist, neopagan Hitler, forming a network of underground resistance groups. They disbanded in 1944, but a modern organization was brought to life in 1993. One of their most important roles in the modern nationalist movement of Poland is to honor important historical events and heroes who lost their lives for the nation they loved – for White, Catholic Poland – not a queer/leftist/culturalmarxist/NWO hellhole. They lost their lives for Poland borders, language and culture…..something anarchists can’t understand, because they deny the existance of race, ethnicity, heritage, values, history, borders and uniquneness. Anarchism is a culture of death.

    ONR members have been photographed with the Roman Salute at times, which was commonly used by Polish soldiers in the prewar period. Of course, nowadays every associates the raised right arm with Hitler – this is unfortunate. And let me clarify, ONR has raised flags with celtic crosses at its various events – a very popular WN symbol that you see everywhere in Eastern Europe. Never have they marched with swastikas.

    Paulie, you’re a very good zio-propagandist, I must say. Have you hit up Moshe Dees or the honorable – well known for domestic abuse and promiscuity – Mark Protack inquiring about available staff positions at their most prestigious Jewi$h hate groups- ADL and SPLC? You’d fit in right in in either one of these cesspools of leftism, Christian and patriot hate mongering. I’m sure they’ll give you a few bumps for your past feats slinging coke to poor inner city kids. These Jew$ are big promoters of social/cultural degradation, after all. If you do apply, good luck ! 🙂

  14. paulie Post author

    I gave CLC/Robert Milnes/William Saturn or whomever he is contributing privileges. This was likely a mistake and Josh will probably remove him soon.

    I highly doubt he is Milnes. It’s not implausible he is Saturn. I think you should keep him, and add more like him.

  15. paulie Post author


    In 99% plus of the uses of “politically correct” today…That’s just lazy reich wing slang for anyone that calls them out on their bullshit or does not kowtow to the same prejudices they do.

  16. paulie Post author

    denies thousands of years of human history, and denies human nature itself.

    What exactly does that entail? For thousands of years of human history the norm almost always included absolute monarchy, slavery, public torture and execution, forced religious conversions, religious and tribal wars, arranged slave-marriages with teenage slave brides (often to their relatives), patriarchal terrorism, feudalism, crusades, inquisitions…. This is what we want to continue and to return to? No thanks.

  17. Jeremy C. Young

    Didn’t CLC identify himself as Nathan Norman? Norman is a real person (with a Facebook page and everything).

  18. paulie Post author

    Having a facebook page does not mean it is a real name. I have two facebooks under pseudonyms and I know people that have a lot more than that. And if Nathan Norman does happen to be his name it does not mean he is not Saturn, which may or may not also be a pseudonym.

  19. paulie Post author

    Also, I implore you to not dump all white nationalists into the neo-Nazi bandwagon.

    So it’s just a coincidence that ONR members wear brownshirts with armbands, use the “Roman” salute and that ONR members have sprayed swastika graffiti in Poland. It must also be a pure coincidence that AFP members (including the party founder’s wife) pictured above are holding a South African fascist flag that purely coincidentally looks a lot like a nazi flag, are doing a “Roman” salute in front of what just coincidentally looks like a KKK burning cross, completely coincidentally affiliate with Harold Covington’s Northwest Front (that’s Harold Covington of National Socialist White People’s Party and Combat 18 fame) and pass out Northwest Front literature. It’s a total coincidence that the founder of what later became the AFP moved to Oregon to be part of the Northwest Front, passes out Covington’s books and sits at an information table with a guy in a Northwest Front tshirt representing his organizations and the CofCC. It’s a complete coincidence that one of the most infamous racially based murderer nazi skinhead ex-cons is a prominent activist with the AFP. It’s a complete coincidence that you and them spread Bob Whitaker’s moron “mantra” and that Whitaker boasts about his Hitler posters. It’s a complete coincidence that the guy who makes the banners that AFP have been using to promote Whittaker’s moron racist mantra is also an open activist with the swastika uniform wearing NSM (national socialist movement). That’s a bit too many coincidences. Here’s some more:

    Here’s a bit about your ONR:

    All complete coincidences of course. You must be so proud.

    Some more coincidences via wikipedia:

    The NOP is stated to be an anti-Semitic organisation by a number of government bodies, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions and individual experts worldwide, such as the United States Department of State,[19][20] and the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).[21] According to The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism, the NOP is promoting violent forms of neo-fascism and antisemitism, including Holocaust denial.[22] According to the British historian, Dr John Pollard, neo-Nazi elements in the NOP and their racism and homophobia continue to give rise to concern in other member countries of the European Union.[23] NOP actions were also condemned by the Anti-Defamation League, which claims that the NOP is an openly anti-Semitic extremist organization.[24] According to the magazine The Warsaw voice, the manifesto of the National Revival of Poland, which contains a sentence stating that “Jews will be removed from Poland, and their possessions will be confiscated”, is taken directly from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.[25] The magazine also claims that the official greeting gesture used in the party is the Nazi-like gesture of the raised arm.[25]

    A number of NOP-related incidents received some media coverage in Poland and abroad. According to the European Roma Rights Centre, on July 3, 1998, NOP supporters vandalised the Roma community centre in ?ód?. Along with racist graffiti, swastikas were sprayed onto the office walls. The perpetrators also left behind their signature as NOP – Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski. During the same night, the same group reportedly vandalised the premises of the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious group.[26]

    In March 2000, in ?ód?, swastikas and the slogan “Jews out!” along with NOP symbols were spray-painted on the home of Marek Edelman, who was the deputy commander in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the last of the leaders of the uprising still alive. The incident was condemned by the president and prime minister of Poland, who sent Edelman letters of support and apology.[27]

    NOP front organization National-Radical Institute (Instytut Narodowo-Radykalny, INR) was involved in publishing Western and Polish Holocaust denial literature. In 1997, INR published a volume of translated works of Western Holocaust deniers under the title The Myth of the Holocaust.[8] The same year, INR announced that there were no exterminations in gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.[8][28]

    In 2006, the NOP was involved in campaigning to free convicted British Holocaust denier David Irving from prison in Austria, and produced a poster containing the slogan “David Irving – Uwolni? prawd?” (“David Irving – Free the truth”.[29])

    The party also expressed support for the bombing of Israel at the time of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, with a poster image stating, “Bomby na Izrael – Ju? czas !!!” (“Bombs against Israel – it’s about time!!!”).[30] On August 13, 2006, NOP leader Adam Gmurczyk published a declaration on behalf of the NOP Executive Council titled Izrael musi zosta? zniszczony! (Israel must be destroyed!), calling for the international military takeover of Israel, and offering to put administrative control of Jerusalem in the hands of Pope Benedict XVI and his successors.[31]

    On April 14, 2007, in Krakow, anti-Semitic slogans were shouted and fascist-like gestures made by the participants of an NOP demonstration. Investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office were discontinued on November 26, 2007, as no perpetrators were identified and the case was not classified as an offense.[32]

  20. paulie Post author

    Never have they marched with swastikas.

    No, they only spraypaint swastikas along with ONR symbols in the dead of night like the chickenshit nazi boneheads they are.

    anarchists can’t understand, because they deny the existance of race, ethnicity, heritage, values, history, borders and uniquneness.

    Anarchists don’t necessarily deny all these things, other than monopoly regime borders. There are even racist anarchists. Personally I do deny the scientific validity of the “race” concept. I have my values, love to study history and love the uniqueness of each individual, something collectivist authoritarians (whether nazi, fascist, racist, nationalist, commie or some combination thereof) deny, hate, and crush every chance they get.

    Anarchism is a culture of death.


    Just like your distorted ONR history, all bullshit and laughable lies.

    Video above has the real facts about the ONR. Much like AFP they take many of their planks straight from Mein Kampf. The “14 words” that is the basis of ONR, AFP and WN crud everywhere is also derived from a passage in Mein Kampf:

    The Fourteen Words is a phrase used predominantly by white nationalists. It most commonly refers to a 14-word slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”[1] It can also refer to another 14-word slogan: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”[2]

    Both slogans were coined by David Lane, convicted terrorist and member of the white separatist organization The Order. The first slogan was inspired by a statement, 88 words in length, from Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

    What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.

    Neo-Nazis often combine the number 14 with 88, as in “14/88” or “1488”. The 8s stand for the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), with “HH” standing for “Heil Hitler”.[3]

  21. Jill Pyeatt

    Wow, I’ve been called lots of names, but “race traitor” is a new one! Hilarious!

  22. paulie Post author

    Paulie, you’re a very good zio-propagandist

    I’m neither a zionist nor a propagandist. Zionists are national chauvinists of Israel; as an anarchist I don’t believe the monopoly regime of Israel should exist any more than any other monopoly regime. There are also apparently a handful of anarcho-zionists, who believe in celebrating the Jewish culture and ethnicity in what is now Israel without the regime or nation-state. However, I’m not one of those either; I don’t see Israel as uniquely good or uniquely horrible, and see no reason to single it out for condemnation or praise. I have no great affinity for organizing people along ethnic or religious lines, and that is no more or less true of Israel than, say, Japan or India. The only sense in which I can even remotely be called a zionist is that I don’t call for the forcible eradication or deportation of Jews who live in and wish to remain in what is now Israel.

    Logically you must want a holocaust though, since you hate both Israel and Jews in majority-gentile nations. What option remains other than eradication? You probably don’t believe the holocaust happened, but why deny it since you clearly must want it to happen? And before you start in with any bullshit about a “genocide” against “whites” or Palestinians, consider that the “white” population worldwide is increasing in absolute terms (it is only shrinking in relative terms) and that the Palestinian population in Israel (and outside of it) is growing, and in fact is growing faster than the Israeli Jewish population. Some holocaust!

    I’m also not a propagandist. I share only what I genuinely believe to be true. The same can’t be said for you though; you admit that you lied for a year or two and pretended to be a libertarian to gain friends or social acceptance or something. You have now said that you were always a white nationalist, but at other times you say you rediscovered it while on drugs – in one instance you claimed LSD, in another marijuana. Speaking of drugs, the ONR has as one its planks the death penalty for drug dealers. You are proud of your illegal drug use and apparently also drug dealing – you said you did not go to the LP convention (after wasting a bunch of my and LP staff’s time about it alike) because you thought it would be a bad place to sell marijuana, LSD and MDMA. You must not have known about ComFest or all the Libertarian potheads who went through the TSA and were desperately looking for weed. But anyway, if you are a drug dealer and belong to a party that wants to execute drug dealers shouldn’t you just kill yourself?

    I guess I should take it as a compliment that you find my expressions of my beliefs to be potentially effective and persuasive, even though they have obviously failed with you.

  23. paulie Post author

    Have you hit up Moshe Dees

    As far as I know his name is Morris, and the guy is a hypocrite and a scumbag. I know people who know him personally and share his alleged beliefs and they don’t have anything nice to say about this guy.

    I am not a fan of the ADL or SPLC, although at least some of their material exposes the lies of neo-nazis who want to hide what they are really all about. I am not a hater and I certainly don’t hate Christianity or Christians. Actually, I think my faith has a lot more in common with the actual teachings of Jesus than yours does. And to once again correct a lie you have repeated several times about me, no, I am not now and never have been an atheist.

  24. Jeremy C. Young

    @Paulie, yeah, but it looks like a real page. He’s got a wife and everything. They teach in the county schools. I understand he’s a first-class troll, but I’m not seeing evidence that that page is fake.

  25. paulie Post author

    @Paulie, yeah, but it looks like a real page. He’s got a wife and everything. They teach in the county schools. I understand he’s a first-class troll, but I’m not seeing evidence that that page is fake.

    I haven’t looked at the page but I don’t know that it is in fact him (he could be just linking someone else’s page for all I know). It could also actually be his page, but with photos of other people and made up “facts” about who they are, their jobs and relationships and whetever else. It could contain a mix of real and fake info. It could also be all completely true but the name could be fake – for example, my main FB page is all real pictures of me, my real job/career and associations, my real beliefs, etc., but the last name is a nickname rather than my my birth name.

    Lastly, it could be completely true, and his name could actually be Nathan Norman in real life, but that still would not necessarily mean he is not Saturn, since Saturn has explicitly refused to say whether that is his real name or not. To be clear, I am also not saying that CLC actually is Saturn, only that I would not find it implausible that he might be.

  26. paulie Post author

    Wow, I’ve been called lots of names, but “race traitor” is a new one! Hilarious!

    You must not have spent much time reading the crap racist boneheads spew then, or interacting with them.

    In their pea brains, any “white” person who is not a racist (or whatever their euphemism for it is such as “race realist” or “racialist”) is a “race traitor.” Also, any “white” person who marries or is in a relationshp with a “non-white” person is likewise a “race traitor.” Additionally, since they frequently have schisms, fallings out, personality conflicts and so on, racist boneheads also frequently accuse each other of also being “race traitors.” What it boils down to is if you are what they consider “white,” unless you are a “pure white” person who is married to or heterosexually dating another “pure white” person (LGBT “whites” are automatically “race traitors”), and you both have the same racist beliefs that you are brainwashing your kids with, AND unless you belong to the same sect of racists as they do rather than some competing sect, you must be a “race traitor.” It’s all very obscure and nitpicky, but then what else would you expect from pea-brained racist boneheads?

  27. paulie Post author

    What is the FB link BTW? Does CLC/NN actually link it somewhere or did you just happen to find someone named Nathan Norman on FB?

  28. paulie Post author

    Never have they marched with swastikas.

    Most likely because marching with swastikas is outlawed in Poland. I haven’t checked whether it is, but it is outlawed in many European nations including Germany and now Russia. I do know that Poland has a law that outlaws some types of racist expression. I haven’t checked whether it specifically outlaws marching with swastikas but I suspect it probably does.

  29. paulie Post author

    Bill Johnson ran for Congress in 2012 in Michigan (despite that he appears to live in California). He was on the ballot as “Daniel Johnson” and was ironically the nominee of the left-wing Natural Law Party. While the NLP is long-defunct as a national political party, the Michigan affiliate is still active & has ballot access.

    I saw somewhere where he admitted he deceived them into putting him on the ballot. Can’t remember where anymore.

  30. Jill Pyeatt

    Oh, I’m definitely a race traitor because I married a Cherokee, and my son is half Jewish. I should say that I’m PROUD to be a race traitor!

  31. paulie Post author

    I almost wish I could be what they consider “white” just so I could be a “race traitor” 🙂

  32. paulie Post author

    CLC’s article linked above has, unfortunately, been taken down. I will have to remember to save gems like that in the future in case A3PR or any future host think better of it again.

  33. paulie Post author

    It appears that, sadly, CLC did not last long as an A3PR writer. Please A3PR, give CLC another chance! LOL.

    From comments on a different CLC article still posted at A3PR:

    Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    My articles like this one get all the views and all the comments. I am the number one contributor here. What is going on here?

    Joshua Fauver

    Come again? You’re the number one contributor here? Sir, I’ve posted 96 of the 108 articles that have been posted on this site. You’ve posted this and I believe two other articles, those other two articles being blatant attacks against Paulie and IPR. That type of rhetoric is completely unacceptable. You can call me, as the editor in chief of this site, a tyrant and a censor and all of your usual stuff if you’d like, but we will not have the reputation of this site, which is still in its very early stages, tarnished by the material you post. You’re welcome to comment as you like, we will not ban you. (Unless we feel our hand is forced.) Have a good day.

    Concerned Libertarian Citizen

    By number of views I was number one contributor. My posts get many of the views and comments. I posted this article, I posted Riley Hood article, Don Gruntmann interview, LPWV article, and then the article reporting on a comment by paulie. Calling paulie a cyberpig was supposed to be a joke. I realize now it was a mistake. However he constantly attacks and mocks this site at ipr.

    If you reinstate me, I promise to not post articles about Paulie and only good news articles that will get views and comments. Please give me a second chance. I understand my mistake.

  34. Jeremy C. Young

    I found someone named Nathan Norman on FB linking to Libertarian Party posts. I’m guessing there aren’t many of those…and yes, I do know it could be fake. I just don’t see why it would be, in this case.

    My personal instinct is that he is not Saturn. Saturn seems to have a sense of justice that completely eludes CLC/NN, although Saturn can be trollish too.

  35. paulie Post author

    found someone named Nathan Norman on FB linking to Libertarian Party posts. I’m guessing there aren’t many of those…

    Seems like pretty thin evidence, and it also could be a page CLC stumbled across, or one he put up under a fake name (the rest of it may be all true, all fake or some combination), or he may indeed be a real person actually named Nathan Norman who may or may not be William Saturn. If it is him, I would not expect him to have all the same traits as Saturn, since they would be different personas for a reason. It’s all pretty murky.

    I am much more confident that he is not the same person as Milnes, whom I do know to be a real person (seen videos, talked to on the phone, seen public government records, exchanged email, know people who have met him etc). Milnes doesn’t seem to have much guile or range, nor much technical kowledge (he thinks my rather limited technical know how would be enough for me to have a career in IT, which is laughable). Milnes doesn’t seem to have the ability and know how to use things like IP anonymizers and other ways of getting around comment bans. His style is as far as I can tell always exactly the same. I do not believe Milnes is trolling IPR or anywhere else under any other personalities, although lately he has been posting at his own blog and Saturn’s blog under an alternate name (Robert LeMagne). He’s also recently figured out how to put up a facebook page and a while before that a blog, both of which eluded him for years.

  36. Jill Pyeatt

    I don’t think William Saturn and CLC are the same person. Their timing is much different, not to speak of their styles. CLC can also be funny, and sometimes he even does it on pupose. Humor isn’t Saturn’s style. Just my opinion, of course.

    I alos think the Nazi troll is someone else entirely, and I do believe it’s someone I know and interact with on FB. Kzrysztof may have done a little of it, but the Nazi troll has specific knowledge of years-past LP actvity, including California’s.

    What a silly way to get your jollies, in my opinion, but whatever “floats your boat” or whatever drum you want to beat, I guess.

  37. Jill Pyeatt

    Milnes is in seriously terrible shape, and seems to be slipping more and more into a world most of us think isn’t real. I really wish he had someone who could provide some help.

  38. Joshua Fauver

    Jill and Paulie, I do want to personally apologize for what was said about you on A3PR. The problem, as you noted Paulie, has been dealt with. I will do my personal best to ensure that it does not happen again.

  39. Jill Pyeatt

    You’re a good man, Joshua. It’s been good to see you stand up to difficult people like Grundmann and CLC. I was actually a bit amused at my new description of “race traitor”, although CLC was much worse to Paulie. I don’t get too upset by on-line stuff anymore.

  40. paulie Post author

    You’re a good man, Joshua.

    I agree. Much too good to associate with the tripe that Lesiak is spewing lately, and has apparently harbored all along. Operation Mini-Barbarossa can’t be too far off in the future.

  41. paulie Post author

    Jill and Paulie, I do want to personally apologize for what was said about you on A3PR. The problem, as you noted Paulie, has been dealt with. I will do my personal best to ensure that it does not happen again.

    Thank you, but you have nothing to apologize for. You didn’t post it, you didn’t sign him up as a writer, and you did remove the article and him. I actually didn’t mind him talking crap about me, I find it slightly funny, and also I wish the article had stayed up and that he stayed on as a writer at A3PR, but that’s because I kind of like the site being a bad joke due to its founder being Chris Lesiak (proud member of this same AFP and prodigious spewer of vile trash like his comment above).

    You’re turning A3PR into more of a serious site. Stop that! 🙂

    It’s not that I mind the competition, I welcome it, and if it was purely your site I would even ask to sign up as a writer there myself, but Lesiak has clearly crossed the line and I would no longer want to be associated with him. I wonder why you would still want to be closely associated with him yourself, enough so that you prefer to run a site together with him to continuing to write here?

  42. paulie Post author

    You’re welcome to comment as you like, we will not ban you. (Unless we feel our hand is forced.)

    I see you are starting to understand the dilemma that I and others running this site have had to grapple with. Of course, with 100x plus the articles and probably a thousand or more times as many comments we have had to deal with it a lot more than you have so far.

    BTW, to answer a comment by CLC that no longer exists due to his article being removed at A3PR, it is an easily verifiable fact that I no longer have the unilateral ability to sign anyone up or ban anyone at IPR, that the Redlichs are the only ones who do and that all I have the power to do is make suggestions, and that it has been this way for roughly a year. Also, it is a verifiable fact that decisions about banning anyone do not get made without several of us weighing in and discussing it and that I have never been the only one to advocate banning anyone. Lastly, it is a verifiable fact – in fact I think he has said it publicly – that I have more often than not influenced Warren away from being a lot more heavy handed with trolls and away from being much more ruthless with the banhammer and comment removal, and that I actually have been the biggest influence on him to be more lenient.

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