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Sunshine State News: Adrian Wyllie Willing to Risk Arrest for Forum Inclusion

Adrian Wyllie

(The following was originally published in the Sunshine State News.)

Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is steamed that he has been excluded from a gubernatorial forum being held later this week in Coral Gables. Wyllie sent a letter to the Florida Press Association (FPA) and the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors (FSNE) over the weekend demanding to be included in the forum, adding he would attend the event on Thursday. 

“You may either allow me to participate in the forum, or you may have me arrested,” Wyllie wrote. 

The letter is as follows:

As the only third-party candidate for Florida’s governor, I am extremely disappointed in your failure to include me in your upcoming gubernatorial candidate forum at the 2014 FPA/FSNE Convention. Your exclusion of a viable third-party candidate is unacceptable, and exposes an entrenched bias in the FPA/FSNE approach to political coverage.

You will likely respond by saying that you have created “criteria” for inclusion in the forum, and you will then claim that I have failed to meet said criteria.

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  1. paulie paulie August 20, 2014


    Thanks, although I think most of our readership is non-Floridian.

  2. OrlandoChris OrlandoChris August 19, 2014

    I am very pleased that Adrian Wyllie will be a part of the debate. Floridians deserve to hear from all the candidates to be well informed. Adrian Wyllie deserves my vote and yours too. He is a honest average Floridian just as you and I , that is willing to stand up and do something for the interest of all of us here in Florida. The other candidates both Republican and Democrat are owned and controlled by special interest, like puppets and will lie to your face to gain your vote, then continue the same old agenda that we complain about year after year. Time to get off this merry-go-round, election after election, thinking it will be any different. Take a stand, vote for the candidate that loves this state and is willing to take time out of his life, effort and money to SERVE the people of Florida and stop voting for these ‘paid for’ career politicians that are only out for money and fame and have zero interest in us Floridians. Even if it’s just for honesty alone, vote for Adrian Wyllie instead of the other two (Scott/Crist) which are proven liars. The choice is yours and yours alone, if you want the same old corruption and slap in the face, go ahead and vote for one of the two puppets (Scott/Crist) OR do what is right for our (yours and your children’s) future and vote for Adrian Wyllie. Support him by donating to his campaign, spreading the word and contribute to the super brochure program which I think is very powerful. Visit his website today.

  3. paulie paulie July 10, 2014

    LP seems to be making a lot of Republicans very nervous in many places lately. Which is good.

  4. Rick Adams Rick Adams July 9, 2014

    This is what Adrian’s campaign posted on FB last night…

    “Apparently, we’re making somebody very nervous. We just received word from a reliable source that the GOP is spreading rumors that I ran around Tallahassee naked protesting something or other.Obviously, they are lying. But, for full disclosure, there was one time where I was photographed fully naked in public. It was in an inflatable kiddie pool when I was three years old.I can’t wait to hear what scare tactics the Democrats come up with.”

  5. paulie paulie July 9, 2014

    Sure, why not? The more the merrier.

  6. Bondurant Bondurant July 9, 2014

    I like what he has to say. Wish him success in Florida. He might want to think about going national with the LP as well. I’d like to see him in the mix for our presidential nomination.

  7. paulie paulie July 9, 2014

    Chicken and duck suited Wyllie supporters should follow the other two candidates wherever they go. And cetainly to the debate.

  8. ATBAFT ATBAFT July 9, 2014

    If there’s an audience, salt it with Adrian’s supporters. As soon as the two candidates are announced, all the supporters quietly rise to their feet, holding “Where’s Adrian?” signs.
    Most likely they’d be asked to leave rather than be immediately arrested. Should be good for publicity and demonstrating to the public what charades these debates are.

  9. George Whitfield George Whitfield July 9, 2014

    Adrian Wyllie is articulate, focused, audacious and brave. I will be glad to vote for him in November.

  10. Andy Andy July 8, 2014

    I recently watched some of Adrian Wyllie’s videos on YouTube, and I must say that I really liked what I saw. Adrian Wyllie should consider running for President in 2016.

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