Free & Equal to Host Colorado Gubernatorial Debate, Will Announce Moderator 9/30

Official release from Free & Equal Elections Foundation:

Greetings Free and Equal Supporters!

A press conference will be held on September 30th, 2014 at 10AM MT in Infinity Park Plaza in Glendale, CO, by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a non-partisan electoral reform organization, to announce the moderator for their Gubernatorial Debate on October 8th.

Press conference speakers include Colorado Gubernatorial candidates Mike Dunafon (independent), Marcus Giavanni (independent write-in), Harry Hempy (Green), Matthew Hess (Libertarian), attorney Rob Corry of Club 64, Free and Equal Elections Foundation chair Christina Tobin, John Baker of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Bruce Baumann of We Are Change Colorado, Miguel Lopez of the 420 Rally & Denver Global Marijuana March, and more. The candidates and speakers will be coming together in unity to discuss the need for inclusive and open political debates, with all ballot qualified candidates for all elections.

Free and Equal Elections is hosting an Open Gubernatorial Debate at Infinity Park International Ballroom on October 8th at 7PM MT and has invited all ballot-qualified candidates, leading by example so that all debates nationwide will include all voices and choices to restore power back to the individual voter.

The debate is co-hosted by the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce and is sponsored by Rock the Vote, Mint Press News, HeadCount, Marley Coffee, Free Speech TV, Corry & Associates, Ballot Access News, We Are Change Colorado, Club 64, The Founding Family, March Against Monsanto, Hearthstone Winery, Juice Rap News, Progressive Women of Colorado, Next News Network, Green Shadow Cabinet, The Tony Stiles Show, FairVote, The Collective 360, Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, The Anti-Media, and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Free samples of Nature’s Path Foods Inc. organic granola bars will be distributed at the debate.

Please donate today to support our efforts in opening up the debates nationwide.

Confirmed candidates include: Mike Dunafon (independent), Marcus Giavanni (independent write-in), Harry Hempy (Green), and Matthew Hess (Libertarian).

Free and Equal has invited the rest of all the ballot-qualified candidates to participate in this historic event: Bob Beauprez (Republican), Paul Noel Fiorino (independent), and incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper (Democrat).

Free and Equal will stream the debate live online at for free and will allow any news network to simulcast the raw feed at their TV or radio outlet. The Infinity Park International Ballroom is limited to the press and over 500 general admission attendees.

Open and inclusive public debates are crucial for the political health of our nation.

Click here to support Free and Equal’s efforts in Colorado. No amount is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Open debates help educate the general public about the issues that status quo candidates are unwilling to address including electoral reform, money in politics, PATRIOT Act, drug policy reform, the militarization of police, NDAA, labeling of GMOs, the illegitimacy of the Federal Reserve, prison system, NSA surveillance, and the military industrial complex.

Free and Equal hosted the 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate moderated by broadcast legend Larry King, which aired live on C-SPAN, Al Jazeera, The Free and Equal Network, Link TV, and RT America, whose channels were available to broadcast in 1.1 billion households in total worldwide. The event was top ten trending on Twitter.

In solidarity,
The Free and Equal Team

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