Ballot Access News on January Special Elections in Texas and Virginia

William Henry “Mouse” Jones

From Ballot Access News:

Virginia holds special elections to fill three legislative vacancies this month. Independent candidates are running in two of the three races.

On January 6, there are special elections for Delegate in the 34th and 63rd districts. In the 63rd district, independent candidate William Henry “Mouse” Jones is the only opponent of the Democratic nominee, Joseph Preston. The district is centered on Petersburg.

In the 34th Delegate district, the only nominees are Republican Craig Parisot and Democrat Kathleen Murphy. The district is in parts of Fairfax and Loudon Counties.

On January 13, the three candidates for the 74th Delegate district race are: independent Joseph D. Morrissey, Democrat Kevin J. Sullivan, and Republican Matt Walton. This district is near Richmond.

Also from BAN:

Texas holds special elections on January 6 to fill four vacant legislative seats. Texas special elections do not have party nominees. All candidates who pay the filing fee appear on the ballot, with the party label of their own choice. If no one gets 50%, there is a run-off.

Five candidates are on the ballot for the 17th House district race: two Democrats, two Republicans, and an independent candidate, Linda Curtis, who founded the group IndyTexans. See this story.

Six candidates are on the ballot for the 123rd House district race, including Libertarian Roger Gary and Green Party member Paul Ingmundson. That race also includes three Democrats and a Republican.

To see a list of all candidates in all four races, see this page from the Texas Secretary of State’s web page.

4 thoughts on “Ballot Access News on January Special Elections in Texas and Virginia

  1. Green Party Voter

    Independent Green Party videos of Joe Morrissey and Mouse Jones. Both Independent Green Party Members.
    Here on Green Party Green TV Delegate Morrissey tells about his support of Term Limits. The Green Party was founded on Term Limits. Delegate Morrissey (IG) has a Term Limits bill before the state legislature for both the House of Delegates, and the State Senate. In Virginia the House of Delegates serve 2 year terms. Morrissey’s Independent Green Party proposal is that delegates would serve no more than 6 consecutive terms. State Senators serve 4 year terms. The Independent Green Party’s Morrissey proposes a term limit of 3 consecutive terms.

  2. Green Party Voter

    Mouse Jones, Independent Green Party for More Trains, Less Traffic.
    Mouse Jones and Indy Green Party are for More Trains, Less Traffic becase:
    Rail saves lives. Rail grows the economy. Rail increases the value of our homes, businesses, communities. Rail grows revenue for schools, police, and fire departments. Rail pays for itself through economic growth. Every dollar invested in rail creates $20 in economic growth.

    The Independent Green Party’s Mouse Jones is an entertainment and concert promoter. Mouse Jones has long been active in Petersburg politics.

    Contact: 703-351-1235
    Independent Green Party

    Mouse Jones, Independent Green Party endorsee for House of Delegates 63rd district.

  3. paulie

    Rail grows revenue for schools, police,

    Yeah, like we really need more revenue for the police to abuse people even more. More money for schools doesn’t seem to make their performance any better, either.

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