Modern Whig Party Selects New National Chairman, Now Has Affiliates in 46 States

modern-whigVia email, from new MWP National Chair Michael Burger:

Greetings, Fellow Whigs!

I am writing to you today to bring you up to date on the many changes in our
party over the last several months. As many of you may know, Andrew Evans
stepped down from the chair late last year in order to fully concentrate on
his graduate studies, which are nearing completion. Andrew of course remains
a Modern Whig in good standing, and we look forward to his future
contributions not only to the Modern Whig Party, but to our society as a

I was honored to be named national chair at that time and immediately began
the process of searching for citizens willing to step up and serve as state
chairs. I’m happy to report the response was even better than I expected,
and we now have affiliated state parties in 46 of the 50 states. That’s a
fantastic foundation for us to build upon going forward, and I fully expect
us to be successful in growing our party into an influential political
movement — a movement dedicated to authentic public service in the name of
the common good.

Kevin J. Rogers, our national media chair, will be publishing a monthly
newsletter in this space starting in February to keep you all informed of
party affairs, as well as to supply you with credible, important information
from outside sources. Kevin is a professional business writer and journalist
by trade, so he’s also going to interview prominent people for Whig Radio
and Whig TV (the latter will be distributed through our YouTube channel) in
order to both better inform our membership and to publicly promote the party.
He and others will also be blogging on the national website.

B.J. Ellis, our social media director, will be sharing the links to the
content our membership produces in places like Facebook, so I urge you to
check both the national website and our social media sites (both state and
national) frequently to pick up on links you can in turn share with your
friends. The more of us who do this, the more we’ll be able to get the word
out to like-minded potential party members, which in turn will help us to
grow more quickly.

Martin Schmieg, our national finance director, is developing a fundraising
program to help us finance our activities. Like all true political parties we
rely primarily on our membership for funding, but Martin is working on some
creative ways for us to supplement the contributions of our members through
outside sources — fully in accordance with our Code of Ethics, of course.
Martin has also been in contact with a company the Executive Committee
believes can help us tremendously in our national branding, our online
presence and some technical issues (like our email system). I’m sure
you’ll be hearing more about that very soon.

Most of these initiatives are free, and of course all of our active
leadership are unpaid volunteers. Nevertheless, regrettably some of the
things we’d like to do require us to enlist outside help, and that’s
going to take a little money. Unlike the other two parties, we’re not
designed and built to solicit contributions and distribute funds among a
professional political class — our dismay at that particular aspect of our
politics is what made most of us Modern Whigs in the first place. But we do
need to be able to pay certain technical professionals whose services are
vital to our taking the next step in our development.

For that reason, I’m asking each of you to make a small contribution to
help us really get the ball rolling. A donation of $5, $10 or $20 —
somewhere between the price of a Big Mac and a large pizza with two toppings
— would go a long way toward moving us forward. A repeating monthly donation
would be even better, since it would give us greater stability in our
finances and a better idea of how much we have to work with at any given
time. Our national treasurer, Gene Chaas, has worked with PayPal to
straighten out the bugs some of you may have encountered last year, so things
should be working smoothly now. You can click here or go to
the national website at and click on the Donate
button to contribute.

Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time
to read this letter, and for your willingness to be part of the Modern Whig
movement. Your commitment to common sense, courage and country is the driving
force behind all we do, and we firmly believe that force, once given the
proper platform, will be unstoppable in restoring honor, ethics and
authenticity to our governance. I am certain we can get there — together.

Again, thank you.

/Michael Burger/

/National Chair/

/Modern Whig Party/

/Email: chairmanmodernwhig [dot] org/

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