Jeffrey Carson: Want to Fix Politics? Run for America

From Jeffrey Carson via email. Carson was the Libertarian Party nominee for U.S. House in Virginia’s 8th district in 2014:

I’m writing to pass along a new op-ed in USA Today that I co-authored alongside five other congressional candidates from 2014. In it, we call upon the next wave of pragmatic, next generation leaders to run for Congress in 2016 and pick up where we left off in challenging the partisan gridlock and special interest corruption in Washington.

Please read and share our op-ed with your friends.

The six of us –– two Republicans, two Democrats, a Libertarian, and an Independent –– have joined forces to support a new initiative launching today called Run for America, which seeks to elect a diverse slate of a dozen solutions-oriented candidates to the U.S. House in the next election. These candidates would run on a common, future-focused platform and, upon their election, form a coalition within Congress to advance their agenda with the help of a national grassroots network of supporters.

If you would like to join me and pitch in, you can sign up as a supporter at and even nominate an outstanding leader you may know to run for Congress.

Our campaign may have ended four months ago, but our cause of a stronger republic endures. I look forward to sharing other developments with you soon. As always, please feel free to be in touch if I can ever be helpful or if you’d like to get more involved.

Jeffrey Carson

Thanks to Bruce Majors for this news.

6 thoughts on “Jeffrey Carson: Want to Fix Politics? Run for America

  1. Chuck Moulton

    Most political activists — especially those in 3rd parties — care about ideology, philosophy, and issues. (Voters perhaps not as much — they may be drawn to trustworthiness or charisma in candidates.)

    This seems to be another effort to draw people together behind candidates by throwing out all discussion of divisive things like ideology, philosophy, and issues. (The website mentions no issues whatsoever.) I find it ridiculous and insulting. It’s a stab in the back to those of us who supported some of these candidates (like Jeffrey Carson) due to his libertarian rhetoric. These politicians seem to think their volunteers and donors will follow them like sheep as a cult of personality while they are led to an organization and cadre of different candidates who have fundamentally different political beliefs.

    No thanks. I donated to Jeffrey Carson’s congressional campaign because I’m a libertarian: I work to increase liberty and roll back the state. I have zero interest in any political effort that is not libertarian. I am certain that most of the dedicated supporters of all the candidates involved in the op-ed will be similarly disinterested in and disgusted by their candidate’s goal of forming a coalition to get elected by compromising and abandoning ideology, philosophy, and issues.

  2. NewFederalist

    “Winning isn’t everything… it’s the ONLY thing!” – Vince Lombardi

    Good advice for football maybe but NOT politics.

  3. Matt Cholko

    Thane, its another one of these pie in the sky plans to elect average Joes to office, with no credible plan to do so……and all of the things Chuck mentioned. I feel like I hear about a few of these every election cycle.

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