IPR Writer Jill Pyeatt to Star in Upcoming Reality Show

scavenger hunt

IPR writer Jill Pyeatt is taking some time off because of signing a contract to do a reality show. Filming for a program planned for fall of 2015, the show is called “The Great Scavenger Hunt”, and will feature some average people who have found themselves spending lots on time on the Internet. The series will follow our bloggers as they tackle challenges presented to them, and there will be a prize to the blogger who completes a virtual scavenger hunt in the overall shortest amount of time.

Ms. Pyeatt says she’ll check in to IPR from time-to-time, and will keep us informed of her exploits.

Good luck to Jill!

12 thoughts on “IPR Writer Jill Pyeatt to Star in Upcoming Reality Show

  1. Stewart Flood

    Will they be looking for my lost pen? I really need it. This internet thing does not work well in pencil.

  2. paulie Post author

    I’m not really sure. I just posted it by request from Jill because she said she felt a little weird posting it herself. I didn’t look into it though.

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