Free and Equal: 2015 United We Stand Fest Planned for September 19th in Los Angeles


Dear Free and Equal Supporter,

“If you ever can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required: young people would have to be involved and you would need music.” -Dr. Ron Paul

The United We Stand Festival 2015 is confirmed to take place at the Belasco Theater, Los Angeles, California on Saturday, September 19th, 2015. The event will take place from 5-10 pm PST and will be broadcast worldwide via . The Belasco Theater has asked the United We Stand Festival (UWSF) to return after hosting the UWSF ‘14 . The Belasco Theater is an official co-host for this historic event, which will kick-off a series of 2016 open presidential debates hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation.

In the wake of the fateful events that have occurred in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Venice, Americans are left searching for positive answers to social inequality and hostility. These events have struck a deep nerve within the American people, one that has brought about an unquestionable desire for justice, peace, and tranquility. We, the People must stand united in solidarity against the tide of corruption that has created the environment for this divisiveness.

Free and Equal’s goal is to inspire people, especially youth, to run for office, get engaged in the political process, and get out to vote; broadening electoral choices. Free & Equal’s various initiatives such as the UWSF have ignited a peaceful, powerful, and positive movement that sheds light on key issues facing America. UWSF ‘15 echoes the sentiment within Dr Paul’s powerful and insightful words. The youth of America will carry the torch of American society well into the future and it is music that presents them with a unifying call towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“UWSF is an opportunity to make the world a better place through the universal vibration of art that speaks truth to power and brings about one love. Through electoral reform, we can establish transparent elections that include all ballot-qualified candidates in the process, allowing for better representation and putting power back in the hands of the people.” – Christina Tobin

UWSF ‘15 presents an outlet for voices of every race, color, and creed to be heard loud and clear, for community strengthening and development to become a priority, and for true change to be expressed and demanded. Free and Equal’s mission with the UWSF is to unite accountable leaders, journalists, artists, and more, so as to unite We, the People. This educational event combines activism, education about getting involved in the political system, practical solutions for solving many of our political and non-political problems, and the arts. By bringing positive and conscious artists together with political leaders and thinkers, we can reverse the trend of divisiveness. Confirmed talent and sponsors will be announced next week.

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation would like to thank their supporters for past and present efforts, through struggle and success. This movement is built upon the will and determination of We, the People. Please donate here to push this movement to the next level. Help spread the word, share this far and wide.

With gratitude,

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation

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