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Philadelphia Green Party candidate faces petition challenge despite court ruling

Ballot Access News reports that Glenn C. Davis, Green Party candidate for Philadelphia city commissioner, is facing a petition challenge “even though on July 24, 2015, a U.S. District Court struck down Pennsylvania’s challenge procedures as applied to the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties.”

Davis is the chair of the Green Party of Philadelphia.

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  1. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz August 18, 2015

    If course he is. The court ruling is essentially meaningless unless legislators in PA pass the VCA. the way things are, each of these challengers will have to be fought in court, and given the election cycle, it is much better to lose such a case after the elections have already happened and the candidates are null and void.

    If anyone wants to help me network with a large number of people to continue badgering the legislators by demanding the VCA be passed, PLEASE, Contact me, friend me on Facebook and message me there… Some know my phone number, I am not sure if I can post it here, so I won’t for now, but if you message me on Facebook, I will send it along…



    Steve Scheetz

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