Gloria La Riva’s Comment in NY Times on Housing Crisis

Gloria La Riva

From Gloria La Riva at Liberation News (dated 8/28/18):

In an article published today about the abysmal conditions for homeless and low-income people in New York City, PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva submitted an opinion in the Comments section, which was published today. Here is the comment.

Gloria La Riva San Francisco:

The city should take over all the rat-holes where slumlords have profit-gouged for years. An outrage that the City has not enforced building codes. Instead it doles out 1,000s $ per unit in the interest of defending private property & allows the poor live in the most decrepit situation. The rent the owner is paid is part of the problem, again to “respect market rates”. Here in San Francisco, like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, the working class and poor, who were always neglected in our neighborhoods with poor services & housing, now find ourselves targeted by developers and hi-tech moguls, grabbing land and housing for a steal, jacking up prices sky-high, laughing all the way to the bank. An explosive situation is arising in this country. The super-wealth of the 1% is obscenely obvious to all and increasingly intolerable. Two nights ago I walked down Harrison St. in San Francisco, watching several homeless people who set up their sleeping gear, hoping for a night’s sleep, get routed by the police, saying “the clubs are complaining.”!! Now mayor Lee says no homeless will be allowed in SF during the next Super Bowl. Instead of beating up on the poor, cowardly politicians should be demanding the federal gov’t end the deadly weapon systems that we pay for, create massive jobs programs, confiscate 100,000s housing units in the name of human rights, provide healthcare for all, (mental health too). Think how many jobs could be created just fixing up the housing!

One thought on “Gloria La Riva’s Comment in NY Times on Housing Crisis

  1. jim

    The reason housing for the ‘poor’ in Manhattan is so scarce and bad is that there has been “rent control” for 70 years. Rent control causes scarcity, because it discourages people from building housing from which they know they won’t be able to earn adequate fees.
    Here’s a question: Why should poor people live in Manhattan, anyway? Manhattan is a very limited amount of area, and is in high-demand. High-demand means that people (including rich people) are willing to pay increasingly high amounts for housing. This leads to gentrification (Good!) and drives out the poor. It’s a natural cycle, which those pushing rent control have been trying to keep from operating for many decades. Give it up, guys! Turn this into a free market, and the problems will be alleviated.

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