Kent McManigal: Excuses for Borderism

Kent-McManigal-colorFrom Kent McManigal, 2008 Libertarian Party and Boston Tea Party candidate:

Maybe America and “our culture” can’t survive the lack of a government enforced border.
Maybe gun owners will see their liberty stripped away due to new “laws” supported by new migrants.
Maybe welfare will be overwhelmed and run out of funds. LOL.

That still doesn’t make borderism OK.

If your culture can’t compete, it’s probably not worth propping up. America’s culture (whatever that is, since it has never included me) is always in flux. It always has been and always will be. It’s going to change, I might as well try to influence it to change the way I’d like. I intend to do all in my power to push it toward Rightful Liberty. I can’t do that by violating my principles and advocating anti-liberty positions, no matter how “necessary” I may consider them. So I won’t.

Gun owners have almost no liberty left, anyway. No matter who you blame for the situation. Your freedom to exercise your fundamental human right to own and to carry any kind of weapon you wish, everywhere you go, openly or concealed, without asking anyone’s permission is basically gone. You still have the right to do so, however, and no rules, policies, or “laws” can ever change that. You are just going to need to decide whether you are going to obey counterfeit “laws” or not. No matter who lives in America, the choice will always be yours to make.

I don’t believe “welfare” can ever run out of money, since the money is counterfeited by government. They’ll always print more to keep it going. This contributes to the ultimate failure of the US Police State, so I say bring it on! Yes, some people will get hurt. It’s not like they haven’t had plenty of warning. If they refused to listen, that’s not your responsibility. Whatever causes people to become disillusioned (which I suppose means “stripped of the illusion”) with The State is a good thing. I want all States to fail- as soon as possible.

The excuses still don’t hold up. Supporting borders is supporting States. Do what you want, but I’ll continue to believe in private property rights, not collective property which trumps private property rights.

Read McManigal’s original piece and visit his blog here.

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