Tax Wall Street Party: ISIS Czar John Allen Ousted

Gen. John Allen

From the TWSP/UFAA Morning Briefing for Wednesday, September 23, 2015:


After an intensive two-month international campaign for his ouster by the Tax Wall Street Party and its allies, State Department ISIS Czar Gen. John Allen, the person most responsible for the failure of US and coalition military measures against the Islamic State Caliphate, is planning to step down in November, numerous news organizations reported today. His chief of staff, Karin von Hippel of the State Department, is also quitting to join a British think tank. Allen’s sidekick, Ambassador Brett McGurk, will stay on for the moment in a caretaker capacity, but is also expected to be replaced soon.

The fall of Allen is due to many national and international factors. The indispensable role of the Tax Wall Street Party has been to serve as a catalyst permitting these many factors to come together to produce today’s results.

The Tax Wall Street Party and the United Front Against Austerity have been conducting a very energetic agitational campaign to fire ISIS Czar Allen for the past year, and especially over the last two months. We were honored to work together with Thierry Meyssan of the Voltaire Network, who provided vital intelligence and organizing muscle at numerous deceive points along the way.

At the end of July we started an intensive campaign to have Allen fired and replaced, under the slogan of #FireAllen4ISIS!

We regard Allen as responsible for the phony war against ISIS, which could have been wiped out in a few weeks of air campaign and closing the Turkish border the help of Kurds. Allen is closely allied with Gen Petraeus (now of Wall Street) in a camarilla of politically ambitious flag officers who represent a real and present danger to our Constitutional form of government.

Marine Corps four-star general John Allen, the former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, had retired in disgrace from military service after he had been pulled into the maelstrom of the Petraeus-Broadwell scandal, just after the September 2012 Benghazi incident and the November 2012 elections. Allen had been slated to take over as NATO Supreme Commander, but he never got that far. Allen had conducted an intensive email correspondence with Jill Kelly, a Lebanese-American socialite who lived near the Tampa headquarters of the US Central Command (CENTCOM). Petraeus and Allen are by all accounts members of the same tightly knit network or camarilla of disgruntled and politically ambitious generals who actively seek to bend US policy towards bigger and better wars.


Allen was called back into government service by US Secretary Of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry on September 13, 2014 to serve as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition against ISIL, colloquially known as the US ISIS Czar. Kerry and US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power had since the spring of 2014 been actively seeking additional personnel they could use to convince President Obama to undertake armed aggression against the legal government of Syria under President Bashar Assad. This was after the failure of the Ghouta chemical warfare provocation of August-September 2013, which is now known to have been a fraud perpetrated on world public opinion by Erdogan and his Saudi partners in crime It is a matter of public record that the frustrated warmongers Kerry and Power turned to General Petraeus, the former CIA Director, and the guess here is that, Petraeus recommended Allen.

Allen was soon making the rounds of the three score nations making up the US-led anti-Isis coalition. He soon learned the fine art of acting as an additional ambassador and advocate of those countries, most notably the degenerate monarchy of Saudi Arabia (the world’s biggest financier of state-sponsored terrorism), and the treacherous neo-Ottoman clique around President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu of Turkey. Erdogan must be counted as a key part of the ISIS command structure. ISIS could not survive for two weeks without the supply lines of food, fuel, ammunition, and recruits which cross from Turkey into the Syrian lands controlled by the Caliphate. Erdogan’s son and daughter are both part of the ISIS infrastructure – his son heads a company which reportedly markets Iraqi oil stolen by ISIS on the world market, while his daughter superintendents a hospital serving wounded Islamist terrorists only. Erdogan’s main obsession is to wipe out the valiant and highly effective YPG Kurdish fighters who have inflicted numerous humiliating defeats on the ISIS rabble, exposing the lies of the Western controlled media who had portrayed the soldiers of the Caliphate as 10 feet tall and possessing magical powers.


Allen must count as one of the greatest modern exponents of the Phony War strategy, the one used by defeatist French generals in June 1940. Allen’s job as ISIS Czar has been to prevent any effective US bombing campaign against the highly vulnerable ISIS concentrations. The formidable contingents of land-based and carrier-based US warplanes were artificially limited to just a few timid sorties per day, and often returned without having expended their ordnance. There was a flareup of international awareness of how feeble the air campaign actually was in the time around March 2014, but there was never enough energy to impose a decisive policy shift against Allen, armed as he was with Turkish and Saudi proxies.

When the Yazidis came under attack by ISIS in the summer of 2014, USAID was too little and too late. When the gallant Kurds began to turn the tide against the Caliphate butchers near Kobane, Allen made sure that the US forces stalled for weeks on end, always arguing that to do otherwise would be to offend the indispensable Turkish ally, which was in fact bringing nothing but treachery to the table.

Allen’s real goals were essentially two. First, he wanted to turn the US attack against the legitimate government of President Assad in Syria. Allen is one of the architects of the lunatic US theory that Assad is responsible for the Syrian rebels because his oppressive rule generated these death squads as a backlash. In reality, there never was a peaceful phase in the Syrian rebellion, not in the spring of 2011, nor at any other time. An armed resistance by Islamist fanatics against the Assad family has been going on since the 1980s, when an entire auditorium full of military cadets was ruthlessly massacred by the fanatics. If the government apparatus loyal to Assad were destroyed, ISIS would swiftly take over most of Syria and could begin to project power into the Mediterranean. The choice for Syria is either Assad or chaos, and Alan always came down on the side of chaos.

There are indications that Allen was part of the effort to start bombing Assad’s forces in mid-November 2014, under the cover of a “policy review,” with Republican Congressman Ed Royce tagging along. Allen’s MO was generally to wait until Obama had left town on an overseas trip, and then make a bureaucratic end run around the White House. Some might call this a putsch or a coup d’état. There are other terms for it.


Allen’s other obsession has been the idea of preserving ISIS intact and combat ready, while moving it in the direction of Iran and the Trans-Caucasus territories of the Russian Federation. This is why he make sure that there are pitifully few US sorties, and that most of them go astray.

Naturally, growing public awareness of the contemptible impotence of the US effort against ISIS always threatened to create insuperable public-relations problems for the Allen. Inside government, there is good reason to believe that Allen was one of the kingpins in the effort to cook negative intelligence coming from loyal officers in CENTCOM, and turned it into happy talk about how ISIS is losing the war. This was simply a smokescreen to be able to continue appeasing ISIS under the auspices of the Phony War policy.

At the same time, Allen and his associates in the Petraeus clique and the neocon think tank world in general always tried to channel public frustration with the lack of progress against ISIS, despite the multiple atrocities of the Caliphate, into a clamor for the bombing of Assad.

The beginning of the end for Allen came in late July 2015, when he again took advantage of Obama’s absence from Washington – this time during the trip to Africa – and connived with Erdogan to announce the creation of a safe haven for terrorists in northern Syria , complete with US air cover. US CENCTOM Commander General Lloyd Austin, and other loyal officers wanted nothing to do with this utopian scheme, but Erdogan sweetened the pot by letting the US use Incirlik Air Base against ISIS. Erdogan even promised that the Turkish Air Force would hit the Caliphate. It soon became obvious that this was another piece of Erdogan’s treachery, since the Turkish Air Force concentrated on the YPK and PKK Kurds, while leaving the Isis terrorists to run wild. The Erdogan-Allen coup of late July 2015 also caused a furore at the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, the attacks secret headquarters, which runs the attacks on ISIS, with Turkish officers clashing with those from the other NATO states.[i]

The Obama White House has always been adamant that the US does not support a no-fly zone or a safe haven for terrorist in northern Syria. In response to the Allen-Erdogan intrigue, Obama named Ambassador Ratney of the State Department as his special envoy for Syria, clearly with a view to creating a counterweight to Alan inside the bureaucracy. Allen was able to stay in office up until the final passage of the Iran nuclear accord by blackmailing the president with a devastating insider critique of Obama’s Iran policies, quite possibly torpedoing the entire Iran diplomatic initiative. Once the Iran nuclear accord had been approved, Allen’s days were numbered.

The obvious US policy has always been to ally with Assad against the terrorist rebels, including ISIS. Now that the supposedly moderate rebels trained by the US have been cut from 65 to 4 or 5, the grotesque stupidity of Allen’s policy is unveiled for all to see.


The Bloomberg article that was among the first to report the fall of Allen allows us to sample and refute some of the arguments coming from the Petraeus clique about Allen’s tenure.[ii]

Here we read, for example, “The timing of Allen’s departure could not be worse for the Obama administration.” This is the opposite of the truth, and Obama had been waiting for the approval of the Iran deal to give him a free hand in dealing with the unwanted Allen.

Bloomberg writes that ‘The incoming Marine Corps Commandant, Lieutenant General Robert Neller testified last month that the war is at a “stalemate.”’ This is the stalemate created by Allen’s policy of Phony War and appeasement.

The Petraeus clique line is further summarized by Bloomberg thus:

‘“U.S. officials familiar with Allen’s decision say he has been frustrated with White House micromanagement of the war and its failure to provide adequate resources to the fight. He unsuccessfully tried to convince the administration to allow U.S. tactical air control teams to deploy on the ground to help pick targets for air strikes in Iraq. Allen also tried several times to convince the White House to agree to Turkish demands for a civilian protection zone in Syria, to no avail. Nonetheless, administration officials stress that Allen’s decision to leave his post was motivated mainly by the health of his wife, who suffers from an auto-immune disorder.”’

We have refuted all of these points.

Bloomberg offers further apologetics: ‘”John Allen has put his heart and soul into trying to make the president’s strategy work,” said Derek Harvey, a former senior U.S. military intelligence official who worked with Allen at U.S. Central Command. “I have sympathy for the hard task he was given because I do not believe the president’s team was fully on board and he was never empowered to bring the leadership necessary to achieve the mission.”’

Bloomberg: “While Allen was working inside the administration, the White House could rely on him to push back against many others in the U.S. national security establishment who argued that Obama was not fully committed to his strategy to degrade and defeat the Islamic State. Earlier this month, he told ABC News that there had been many successes in the war, and he focused on setbacks for the terror group in Tikrit, Iraq, and Kobane, Syria.” As we have seen, this technique was used by Allen as a smokescreen of happy talk to protect his fundamental underlying policy of Phony War and appeasement.

Bloomberg also quotes Allen’s senior partner in intrigue, General Petraeus: ‘”Some elements of the right strategy are in place, but several are under-resourced while others are missing,” David Petraeus, the former general and Central Intelligence Agency director, testified Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee. “We are not where we should be at this point.”’ Petraeus should not be pontificating; he should be facing charges.

The Tax Wall Street Party has played a decisive role in focusing public and elite attention on the crimes and sabotage by ISIS Czar Gen John Allen. The TWSP deserves major credit for the ouster of Allen. The TWSP conducted a multi-month sustained implacable campaign of exposure with the demand #FireAllen4ISIS! Only the Tax Wall Street Party did this. The Tax Wall Street Party thanks all persons of good will worldwide who contributed in any way to this magnificent and victorious effort. Special honors and recognition go to the members of the Tax Wall Street Party and United Front Against Austerity (UFAA) who waged this battle for civilization and humanity in the face of indifference and scorn from mush-heads, libertarians, humanitarian bombers and neocons.

6 thoughts on “Tax Wall Street Party: ISIS Czar John Allen Ousted

  1. jim

    There certainly has been a “phony war against ISIS”. But I put the blame on the top, Obama. Like the Clintons, Obama on leaving office in 2017 will do a world-tour, and collect at least tens of millions of dollars from “speaking fees” (after-the-fact bribes). The difference is that Obama’s bribes will likely come primarily from Muslim nations, especially those rich oil-producing nations. Maybe Obama will even announce his “conversion” to Islam, which will probably be worth $100 million. All this to make the Muslims happy. But that means that he, Obama, has to be very careful not to anger Muslims. This is difficult, since Muslims are of (at least) two flavors, “Sunni” and “Shiite”.
    There is a solution to this. Congress could, and should, pass a law applying at least a 95% tax rate to all ex-presidents (and spouses) on any income above $400,000 per year. (Which is their current salary as President, I believe.) And, for good measure, to prohibit them from setting up some sort of “Clinton Foundation” to accept bribes…er…charitable donations… from anyone.

    As a lifetime libertarian, it may sound odd that I am advocating a ‘tax’. But in this case, it is very important to ensure that we, the public, are not victimized by (corrupt) presidents cashing in their chips at the end of their terms. If you want, call it a pledge by all new (and old) presidents, to never accept any income above $400,000 per year, and never from any foreign sources.

  2. Deran

    I did not know the United Front Against Austerity was a TWSP front. Boy these people do sound LaRouche-derived. Or Fulani-Newmanite. You don’t hear much from Fulani anymore.

  3. Jed Ziggler Post author

    Definitely LaRouche inspired. Webster Tarpley is a former LaRouche activist, and while he’s not with the group anymore, his ideology and tactics are very similar.

  4. paulie

    I think the only thing that changed was that he wanted to be the top dog already and got tired of waiting for LaRouche to die.

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