Alan Keyes: In Last Stage of Corruption, Is Resistance Possible?

Alan Keyes

From 2008 America’s Party presidential candidate Alan Keyes at WorldNetDaily:

Everywhere I go, I find conservatives complaining. They complain about what John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have done, or rather failed to do, with the GOP majority in Congress. They complain about the GOP’s utter failure to confront Obama’s treasonous foreign and national security policies. They complain about its failure to call Obama to account for his dictatorial edicts on immigration. They complain about the GOP’s betrayal of the party’s purported commitment to budgetary and fiscal discipline. They complain about its failure to hold anyone accountable for the continual assaults judges, justices and Executive branch officials are launching against the U.S. Constitution every day. They complain about the GOP’s surrender of the responsibilities and prerogatives of the U.S. Congress.

They especially complain about the fact that – though they keep voting for Republicans to represent them in elective office, giving them majorities in both Houses of Congress, and a solid majority of state governorships and legislative bodies – they keep getting results that don’t represent them.

“Why do they keep betraying us?” is the common theme.

“Why do you keep voting for them?” is my consistent answer.

“Because we don’t have any choice,” comes the refrain. “If we vote for anyone else, the Democrats will win.”

So let’s see: Right now the Democrats get what they want with little real GOP opposition, and a fair amount of GOP complicity. Meanwhile, conservatives waste themselves and their resources on what consistently proves to be a combination of false promises and false hope.

If conservatives turn away from the GOP, the Democrats will get what they supposedly want. The GOP will falter. But conservatives will be freed to devote themselves and their resources to organizing strong, effective grassroots opposition. In fact, they were successfully doing so in the independent tea-party movement, before the GOP quislings successfully inveigled them into “working from within” the elitist faction’s sham party system.

As things stand, the victory of either of the elitist faction’s sham parties leaves America’s liberty on the path to self-destruction, with no real or effective opposition. If conservatives withdraw from the sham, America’s liberty will, for a time, still be on the path to self-destruction. But each step along the way will feed the growth and effectiveness of the grassroots movement that rejects that path, because the GOP will no longer be allowed to dissipate its energy uselessly.

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