October 2015 Open Thread

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I’m not sure how many people actually care what videos we post here though, so instead of taking any time to select something I’ll just post what I am listening to right now and see if anyone notices.

Other videos will be in the comments. There will also presumably be actual text comments, and images. Jump on in….

120 thoughts on “October 2015 Open Thread

  1. J.R.Myers

    The 2016 Presidential Debates must include at least FIVE candidates for POTUS to be legitimate. The nominees of ALL FIVE Federal Election Commission recognized political parties would include the Constitution, Democrat, Green, Libertarian and Republican candidates. The American people deserve a true election year LIVE forum to examine ALL FIVE candidates. Anything less perpetuates the wearisome sham we have been subjected to for far too long.

  2. paulie Post author

    That would exclude independents and new parties since FEC national party recognition can’t be granted that quickly. It would also mean changing the criteria completely, as opposed to getting rid of one non-objective and discriminatory criterion and keeping the other existing criteria in place. I like the approach of the CPD lawsuit that was just filed better – see https://www.fairdebates.com/

    However, if JR Myers is really only just trying to get the CP included, I think they would be. They have been on the ballot in enough states to have a mathematical chance to win in most recent presidential elections and only very narrowly missed the cutoff in 2012 due to the very poorly run campaign of their last candidate, Virgil Goode, ending up with 48% of electoral votes having Goode on the ballot due to very preventable ballot access mistakes on his campaign’s part due in no small part to his disdain and contempt for the people he hired to do the work. So far for 2016 the CP shows signs that they will make the cutoff, already qualifying in several states where they failed to do so in 2012.

  3. Bondurant

    The debates should be open to any candidate on the ballot in enough states to win via electoral college. This result would surely see gains for Libertarians, Greens and possibly an independent candidate. I would be very interested to see what the fallout result would be. End of the electoral college? Democrat and Republican assault on ballot access criteria in all 50 states?

  4. Wang Tang-Fu

    Good point Bondurant and also they will probably get Constitution Party with at least 50% of electoral votes on the ballot again in 2016. They don’t get to be part of the lawsuit due to it is based on 2012 candidates but they do get to benefit from it provided 2012 was a fluke and they get on in enough states again which they probably will.

  5. paulie Post author

    From the Freedom Socialist Party:

    Mumia Abu-Jamal needs life saving treatment for Hepatitis C. And we need your help to get it.

    Although political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is free of his death sentence, he still suffers under life in prison without parole. And the legal system is still trying to kill his eloquent radical voice for justice and prisoners’ rights.

    In 2014, when Mumia gave a recorded commencement speech for Goddard College, his alma mater, Pennsylvania lawmakers rushed through a “gag law” to silence him. In 2015, that “Revictimization Relief Act” was thrown out by a federal judge as “manifestly unconstitutional.”

    Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PDOC), is employing a more lethal means to achieve the same goal — withholding lifesaving medical treatment.

    Since 2012, the PDOC has known that Mumia has active Hepatitis C, but kept this diagnosis from him until August 2015. He learned of his condition after being hospitalized for severe complications of diabetes, and suffering a variety of painful and untreated conditions, from skin lesions to weak and swollen legs. All these mysterious symptoms made sense upon PDOC’s disclosure that he had Hepatitis C.

    But upon revealing his condition, jailers are still refusing to do monitoring tests or to provide life-saving meds.

    On August 24, Mumia’s attorneys filed papers in court to gain him immediate treatment. They are pressing for the prison journalist to have access to his own physician, further medical tests, pain medications, and treatment for Hepatitis C. In response, prison officials threatened to transfer him away from supporters!

    Mumia Abu-Jamal is not the only prisoner whose life is in peril. One in six inmates have Hepatitis C — 10,000 in Pennsylvania prisons alone! It causes more deaths than HIV in the U.S. Yet treatment is effective in 95 percent of cases.

    The 90 days of medication is extremely expensive ($90,000) thanks to Big Pharma’s appetite for profits. Prisons are required to give inmates medical treatment, but balk at the price; this is especially true of private for-profit prisons.

    Inmates in Minnesota, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have filed class action lawsuits to win treatment for Hepatitis C. Prisoners in other states will surely follow.

    Solidarity is needed to help them win this battle. After speaking up for Mumia, inmate Major Tillery was put in solitary confinement. Said Mumia, “Major is in the hole … because of something prison administrators hate and fear above all things: prisoner unity, prisoner solidarity.”

    Help is urgently needed in this latest effort to save Mumia’s life. Call Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf at 717-787-2500. Or visit bit.ly/fight4mumia.

  6. Joseph Buchman

    John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Committee Chairman (and former Bill Clinton Chief of staff, and former President Obama transition team chair, etc), has TWEETED a request for media to . . . Ask Hillary Clinton about “aliens.”

    This is NOT from the ONION.

    September 29, 2015 – John Podesta, referring to the September 29, 2015 interview of Secretary Clinton by actress Lena Dunham, posts the following tweet:

    John Podesta ?@johnpodesta Sep 29
    Great interview, @lenadunham. But Lena, ask her about aliens next time!! #TheTruthIsOutThere http://hrc.io/1jusxfk cc: @HillaryClinton

    In February 2015, upon leaving a position as an advisor to the Obama White House, Mr. Podesta tweeted:

    Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the ?#?disclosure? of the UFO files.?#?thetruthisstilloutthere? cc: @NYTimesDowd

    Is the CHAIR of Hillary’s campaign committee trying to “tin-foil hat” her?

    The following MEDIA ALERT came out today:

    Can You Hear Them Now?

    Press Release from PRG . . . (I’ve added links to the relevant original sources).

    Washington, DC – Since November 5, 2014 Paradigm Research Group has been conducting a Congressional Hearing Initiative seeking hearings for military/agency/political witnesses of rank and station to testify under oath to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

    Simultaneous with the Initiative PRG has been working to see the extraterrestrial presence issue inserted into the 2016 presidential campaign.

    On September 29, 2015 the chairman of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign, John Podesta, posted the attached tweet regarding actress Lena Dunham’s interview with Sec. Clinton. Over the past month Podesta has been copied on thousands of tweets to CNN requesting Sec. Clinton be asked about the Rockefeller Initiative during the debate.

    Since 2002 Mr. Podesta, President Bill Clinton, Governor Bill Richardson and President Obama have addressed the extraterrestrial presence issue nine times:

    October 22, 2002 – In a press conference at the National Press Club for the Coalition for Freedom of Information John Podesta calls for the release of all UFO documents in government files because, “the American people quite frankly CAN handle the truth…and because it’s the law.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZU5JXguFYe8

    October 23, 2003 – In a press conference at the National Press Club for the Coalition for the Freedom of Information John Podesta again makes the same request for the release of UFO related documents in government files.

    2004 – In a foreword to the book The Roswell Dig Diaries by William H. Doleman, Don Schmitt and Thomas Carey, Governor Bill Richardson writes, “The history surrounding this crash [Roswell] has never been adequately explained — not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government [Air Force]……..The American people can handle the truth — no matter how bizarre or mundane. And after more than fifty-five years, every government document on the Roswell incident should be released to the public. With full disclosure and our best scientific investigation, we should be able to find out what happened on that fateful day in July 1947.” https://books.google.com/…/ab…/The_Roswell_Dig_Diaries.html…

    September 14, 2005 – President Bill Clinton speaks to the extraterrestrial issue when interviewed in Hong Kong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3F3CXspsuo

    2010 – In a foreword to the book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record (2010) by Leslie Kean, Mr. Podesta writes, “The American people — and people around the world — want to know and they can handle the truth. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record represents a pivotal step in that direction, laying the groundwork for a new way forward.” https://books.google.com/books/about/UFOs.html…
    April 2, 2014 – President Clinton, in what was almost certainly a planned question, is asked about extraterrestrials by Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRdIp0hYQ5c

    February 13, 2015 – John Podesta posts the following

    tweet: 1. Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the ?#?disclosure? of the UFO files.?#?thetruthisstilloutthere? cc: @NYTimesDowd

    March 13, 2015 – President Obama, in what was almost certainly a planned question, is asked virtually the same question asked of President Bill Clinton by Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYzRY2XpLBk

    September 29, 2015 – John Podesta, referring to the September 29, 2015 interview of Secretary Clinton by actress Lena Dunham, posts the following tweet:

    Great interview, @lenadunham. But Lena, ask her about aliens next time!! ?#?TheTruthIsOutTherehttp?://hrc.io/1jusxfk cc:@HillaryClinton

    How many times must high level political figures say, “Can you hear me now?” before the full retinue of the political press fully and appropriately engage persons seeking the presidency of the United States on easily the most important issue in the world today?

  7. Andy Craig

    There are not only five FEC registered national party committees. At the very least they also list Reform as one of the options on their website, and I think there are others as well.

    If the Constitution Party gets to 270 Electoral Votes in their 2016 ballot access, they would stand to benefit from the FairDebates lawsuit. It isn’t just the Libertarian and Green parties- it’s anybody who meets the ballot access threshold. Whether any particularly party or candidate does so is their own concern.

  8. Andy

    Very interesting video. I found the part where the cab driver says that his wife works for the FBI to be particularly interesting.

  9. Jill Pyeatt

    Found on Facebook:

    “Steve Kubby
    7 hrs · Edited ·
    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and support. It really is helping me get through this.
    Thank you Elon Musk for building a car that can not only take you from 0-60 in 3 seconds, but can allow you to survive a crash more safely than any other car in the world. My Tesla even called your Roadside Assistance team, automatically, to inform them the car had been in an accident. Your team then called me on my cell phone to help and advise me. Then the Tesla switched to accident mode with flashing lights. Thanks Elon for being there for me with a car that saved my bacon and then automatically summoned help.
    The truck that hit me was attempting to dart across Highway 50, from a gas station in the middle of the block and suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I had about 25 feet to respond and hit the brakes. Then there was this awful collision followed by me being smacked into a brick wall. The next thing i knew, the airbags had all deployed and were already deflating. Smoke from the airbags filled the car. Then I thought about my friend who had inhaled the smoke from the airbags and was ill for weeks. I held my breath and got the hell out of the cabin and out onto the street.
    The South Lake Tahoe police arrived and were very helpful. They checked me out and suggested they call an ambulance for me since I was disoriented and my knee was swollen and wouldn’t stop bleeding. I thought about it for a minute and realized that all the hospital could do at this point was bandage my wounds and provide narcotics. So my friend picked me up, took me home, and left me alone with my 21st century meds: CBD water, Cannabis Trauma Oil, and medical grade cannabis.
    As soon as I got home, the first thing I did was to drink a bottle of our new CBD water. This water contains CBD that has been nano sized by a Swiss lab and is supposed to be much more bio available than all other forms of CBD.
    Next I slathered on my cannabis trauma oil, that I developed myself. All the swelling was gone within 2 hours. My neck, which was hurting after the accident, is feeling pretty good right now.
    I’ve had a chance to process what happened to me today. I realized that I am very fortunate to have known so many of the brave folks who have led our fight for our rights and our medicine.
    If I died tomorrow, it would be with a big grin and a grateful heart for all the amazing and wonderful souls who have blessed my life.
    Let freedom grow,

    I’m glad to hear you’re all right, Steve!

  10. Losty

    Wes Wagner for Speaker of the House?

    They can’t find Anybody else…

    Say, Augustus needs work right? He isn’t winning in FL…

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    Periscope just sent me a note on my phone that Gary Johnson is speaking Live at Liberyfest, if anyone is interested.

  12. David

    If the CP can’t get on the ballot in the major states like California and Texas, why consider them a major party? From an organizational standpoint the Libertarians seem to be the best organized of the 3rd parties.

  13. Wang Tang-Fu

    If they are on the ballot for a majority of electoral votes they should count. If they aren’t then they shouldn’t.

  14. Steven R Linnabary

    From Stewart Alexander’s FB page:

    Campaign 2016 with Stewart Alexander: Wednesday October 14, 2015, New York State Senate Candidate Carl Lundgren will be our guest to discuss his campaign representing the New York State Senate District 34; the district represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester County.
    Carl Lundgren is registered with the Green Party; however, Lundgren considers himself an ecosocialist, he will discuss his plans to create an independent Ecosocialist Party ballot line to run on in 2016 along with the Green line. Carl Lundgren will also join us on Campaign 2016 with Stewart Alexander, Wednesday October 21, 2015 to discuss how he plans to make a difference in New York State politics.
    Tune in to Blog Talk Radio, Campaign 2016 with Stewart Alexander, 7:00 PM Eastern and 4:00 PM Pacific. Call in to chat during the show: 516-418-5951.

  15. Jed Ziggler

    Well there are already a ton of them. Only a select few with ballot access, but there are a ton of political parties that have gotten candidates on the ballot in New York that exist only in New York. It’s something of a political oddity.

  16. Wang Tang-Fu

    It’s because many of them are actually more like pressure groups or caucuses within the major parties, or just creations of the major parties solely for the purpose of an additional ballot line, or sell-to-the-highest-bidder ballot lines all as a result of the fusion system. Genuinely grassroots parties such as Libertarians and Greens manage to get on the New York ballot, but not easily. Smaller parties from there on down generally fail.

  17. paulie Post author

    Or as previously posted in the Cara Schulz article:

    We spoke with author and Occultist James Wasserman about Invictus’ run for Senate and his alleged expulsion from OTO. Wasserman has been a member of OTO since 1976 and knows Invictus.” It is difficult to comment on this individual without understanding that he suffers from mental illness. We are repeatedly warned in the mystic teachings of the dangers of madness: ‘The mystic swims in the same waters in which the psychotic drowns.’ ”

    Wasserman goes on to explain, “The unrestrained plunge into the Abyss comes through attachment to the Ego. In the Star Wars story, Luke hears Obi-Wan calling upon him to trust “The Force.” Such ancient myths, translated into modern cinema, can retain their truth when skillfully told. Augustus Sol Invictus pursues his fantasy life on YouTube with phony accents, unbalanced rants, and even despicable acts of violence. Anyone contemplating taking him seriously should first ask him to remove the password protection from his YouTube video of a goat sacrifice. If you find him acceptable after that, go in peace. While some of his written political philosophy may contain some coherence, we would expect no less from one who was once sane enough to earn a law degree. To pretend that the teachings of the Law of Thelema justify his behavior or his opinions besmirches Truth with the tarnish of delusion, egomania, and narcissism. I am sorry to witness his fall. At one point, I believed he might have had some potential.”

  18. paulie Post author

    The youtube video is apparently still up, just password protected. If anyone has a public copy please let us know.

  19. paulie Post author

    As mentioned in other threads (and maybe this one, I haven’t checked) I have no problem with animal sacrifice per se. The allegation I have seen is that he took fifteen minutes to torture-murder the goat, and I do have a problem with that. If he did not do that why not unlock the video?

  20. Thane Eichenauer

    To whom it may concern, a minute or so ago I clicked on the link on the top right of the IPR website labelled “Facebook IPR group”. The page on Facebook gave me the error:
    “This content is currently unavailable
    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

  21. Dave Terry

    Exclusive: Secret Service to Protect Trump, Carson – Threats Grow
    The Secret Service will give agent protection to Ben Carson and Donald Trump while heavily upgrading Hillary Clinton’s existing detail, a Washington source close to the agency’s plans confirmed to Newsmax. The agency’s decision was primarily triggered by a significant number of threats to Carson, including death threats and terrorist chatter.

    Add these yahoos to Pres. Obama, these are the last people who should get protection.

    We have to pay for THEIR protection, meanwhile the want to take away OUR right to protect ourselves!

  22. Nate

    Yesterday I talked with the infamous campus preacher Jed Smock, A.K.A. Brother Jed, at the University of Missouri. We talked politics and he was interested in the notion of running for president under the Constitution Party. He also noted in our conversation that he personally knew Howard Phillips, which I found intriguing.

  23. paulie Post author

    Larken Rose
    1 hr · Edited

    A number of people have asked me what I think of Augustus Invictus. Well, based on a few of his videos, my impression of him is this:

    He’s a vindictive, delusional, narcissistic, power-happy, violence-loving, state-worshiping nationalist fascist. He’s manipulative and dishonest, trying to rile people up and incite violence, without actually saying anything of substance, and without describing any clear goal. In fact, anyone familiar with the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler can’t help but notice a lot of parallels. He bashes the establishment and the status quo, while saying that only outright forcible insurrection can fix things. He wants to hold political power himself, which he claims he would use for the sake of society and the country.

    Really, for those of you who think he’s worth paying attention to, or supporting, can you point to anything actually resembling a philosophical principle that he says? If you would pay the hell attention to what he says, you would see him promoting eugenics, saying that only certain people should be allowed to vote, even openly using the symbol of fascism in his own symbol. He is also anti-democracy but pro-authoritarian. Learn some history, people. If you translate Mein Kampf into English, it would be an Augustus Invictus speech. The fact that he wants to wear the label “libertarian” is ridiculous. He’s a goddamn Nazi.

    There, was that direct enough?

  24. paulie Post author

    Dunno. Maybe they are not reporting all of them consistently depending on form of donation or some other criteria or just randomness. Maybe they are only reporting contributions of less than $200 if the same person already made other contributions that accrue to over $200 for the year. Maybe cash contributions are not reported below a certain amount, only checks and credit cards. Maybe Ron donated to the superpac rather than the campaign itself. Maybe it took him til October to write the actual check. Maybe there are other explanations I have not thought of.

  25. George Phillies

    @12:03PM. That means Congressman Paul’s donations to Senator Paul’s campaign, including cash, check, credit card, electronic fund transfers, etc. must total under $200. Once you give donations over $200 your future donations are visible regardless of size. Cash donations are as reportable as any other kind.

    What it means is that as of 9/30/2015 Congressman Paul has donated less than $200 to Senator Paul’s campaign committee.

  26. David Terry

    The ONLY person who would know for sure……
    is Rand’s mother and Ron’s wife
    (that is presuming she is the same person) :>)

  27. George Phillies

    Liberty for America has been frowarded published reports that Mark Rutherford will be challenging Nick Sarwark for the LNC. More information when we procure it.

  28. steve m

    looking at the fec data base neither Rand nor Ron are donors to any political cause of more then once for a couple of hundred. yet they are always asking others to do so. for that matter Gary E Johnson,

  29. Andy

    “steve m

    October 20, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    looking at the fec data base neither Rand nor Ron are donors to any political cause of more then once for a couple of hundred. yet they are always asking others to do so. for that matter Gary E Johnson,”

    I know that Ron Paul has donated money to causes under the names of organizations. He donated $200 to the legal defense fund of a couple of Libertarians who were arrested at a polling place in New Mexico for wearing a Libertarian Party t-shirt and a Libertarian Party pin while standing in line to vote. The two Libertarians, a husband and wife duo, were told by election poll workers that they had to remove the t-shirt and pin (both of which said Libertarian Party and did not even name any candidates) because they were supposedly electioneering. The couple objected, in part because they had never heard of such a thing before and were caught by surprise, but also because they pointed out that there were cars parked in front of the polling place that had bumper stickers on them that had the names of Democratic Party and Republican Party candidates on them, yet the election poll workers did not tell any of these people that they had to move their cars or remove the bumper stickers from them. The election poll workers called the police on them, without the couple’s knowledge, and the police grabbed them from behind, without warning, and pulled them out of the voting line, and then put them in handcuffs, and took them to jail, thus preventing them from voting. The Libertarian couple set up a legal defense fund to help pay their attorney fees, and I know that they contacted Ron Paul for a donation, and that he sent them $200, but he sent the donation under the name of one of his organizations. This arrest incident happened in 1998.

    This is what led to the incident where the same Libertarian couple met the still sitting Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, at the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts State Convention in 2002 (Johnson had been invited as a guest speaker because he had just started speaking out against the War on Drugs), and they told Gary Johnson about their arrest at a polling place in New Mexico in 1998 for the “crime” of wearing a Libertarian Party t-shirt and a Libertarian Party pin at a polling place. Gary Johnson acted like he was appalled by this by saying, “You mean they arrested you for that?!?!?!?” The couple asked Gary Johnson if he would pardon them, and the promised that he would do that when he returned to New Mexico. The Libertarian couple gave Gary Johnson their contact information, and Gary Johnson gave them contact information for one of his office staffers. The couple called the office staffer several times after this, and after finally getting a hold of them, they were told that they needed to fill out a Pardon Request Form. They filled out this form, along with a letter that had a reminder that Gary Johnson had promised to pardon them when they met him in person at the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts State Convention. The Libertarian couple never heard back from Gary Johnson or anyone on his office staff, and they never received the pardon. So much for promises from Gary Johnson.

  30. Andy Craig

    “Liberty for America has been frowarded published reports that Mark Rutherford will be challenging Nick Sarwark for the LNC. More information when we procure it.”


    And last I heard, we don’t know yet that Nick will run for re-election. I think he probably will, and I hope he does, but unless I missed it he hasn’t announced either way yet.

  31. David Terry

    Andy, Oct 12:

    “Why Wasn’t Cliven Bundy Shot or Burned Alive? ”

    Two words, “Oath Keepers”

  32. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m glad Nicholas will run for re-election, and really don’t see Mark Rutherford as much of a threat–not yet, anyway. I’m sure the Oregon usurpers would like to see him in power, but I doubt he has many supporters outside of his state.

  33. paulie Post author

    I think you are underestimating him. The party membership and fundraising long term trend issues will be big, I’m sure. A lot of LNC members and state leaders still line up with that side, and could influence new attendees. Etc.

  34. Andy Craig

    I would hope the delegates know better than to blame such long term trends trends on a Chair who’s been in charge for all of two years, but we’ll see I suppose. Particularly when some of them, like the broader cultural decline in traditional membership organizations, arguably have very little to do with anything the LNC has done. If there is to be any turnover, it should be on the staff side of things, but that’s just my personal opinion.

  35. paulie Post author

    The buck stops at the top, like it or not, and justified or not. Should we have a new article about this? I haven’t seen Nick say definitively that he was running again until that comment, and the Rutherford rumor, while still a rumor, can also be news, especially if we put them in the same article.

  36. David Terry

    Jill Pyeatt, Oct. 23

    “(I) really don’t see Mark Rutherford as much of a threat–not yet, anyway. I’m sure the Oregon usurpers would like to see him in power, but I doubt he has many supporters outside of his state.”

    You have it backwards, Jill. The actual “usurpers” in Oregon are supporting Czar Wark!

  37. Andy Craig

    That’s true, and fair enough. It’s just my observation from what I’ve seen (and I’m not nearly as keyed-in to LNC goings-on as some), that Nick isn’t the problem, and that with some of the common complaints, it isn’t even that the LNC in general has done anything wrong either. But since I’m not in the loop at LPHQ, I’ll leave it at that before I blindly step on somebody’s toes.

    If and when we have an official announcement from both Mark and Nick, I’d say that’s article-worthy. But it doesn’t sound like Mark has yet, and we don’t really have any statement from Nick other than his brief confirmation. My inclination is hold off for now, because we’ll probably have something more substantive to report soon.

  38. Jill Pyeatt

    Paulie, you certainly get out more than me, and I’m sure you have a better feel of what’s going on across the country. However, I haven’t forgotten how Rutherford behaved when he was previously running for chair (as far as wasting the delegates’ time), and his supporters have only gotten worse. I doubt that I’m alone on that.

    What has Rutherford been doing? Is he still involved in LNCC?

    And speaking of the LNCC, I haven’t heard anything from them for quite a while. Are they still an active organization?

  39. Jill Pyeatt

    Even though we’re talking about this here, I agree with Andy Craig that we don’t have anything solid enough for its own article yet. I’ll start looking for something to put together about it.

  40. David Terry

    Andy writes:
    “Tell All Your Small Govt Libertarian Friends – Ron Paul Is An Anarchist!”

    Wrong! Ron Paul is simply being tolerant of those who profess Anarchism
    (more than I would be), but he is a “Christian” and the Bible says “render
    unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s; now HOW can one render unto Caesar
    if there IS NO Caesar (state)???

  41. David Terry

    Three dead, 22 injured after vehicle crashes into Oklahoma State homecoming parade
    The Stillwater Fire Department said fire and emergency personnel were treating multiple people on the scene in the city.

    We REALLY need to initiate background checks on those people applying for Driver’s Licenses! :>)

  42. Andy

    The bible also says though shall not steal, and there are many who believe that the “render unto Cesar” quote has been misinterpreted by a lot of people.

  43. Andy Craig

    “Render unto Caesar….” was making a point about the spiritual vs. the material. His point was that God cares about people and their souls that are made in his image (the same way the coin bears the image of Caesar), and that’s what God wants from you (thus render yourself, made in God’s image, to God)— not the disposition of material trinkets like coins. God doesn’t want your stupid possessions in other words, he wants you. It’s along the same lines as “My kingdom is not of this world…”

    I don’t really care if Ron Paul is an anarchist or not, or how his religion informs his politics, but the point of the “Render…” story is not “pay your taxes.”

  44. David Terry

    “misinterpreted’? Only by anarchists!

    Clearly, the wisdom is in recognizing that, whereas the state “qua state” (i.e. properly defined) has a ‘raison d’etre’ (i.e. legitimate reason to be) and thus, it has a correct and moral right to expect support and compensation by those folks who are provided the protection of that state. (quid pro quo)

  45. David Terry

    Correction: Only by anarchists AND ‘AUTHORITARIANS’
    for totally dissimilar reasons!

  46. David Terry

    > “and that’s what God wants from you (thus render yourself, made in God’s image, to God)— not the disposition of material trinkets like coins. God doesn’t want your stupid possessions in other words, he wants you. It’s along the same lines as “My kingdom is
    not of this world…” <

    Apparently, neither are you!

    I bear little resemblance to Caesar and even MUCH less to your Deity (nor was my mother a virgin when I was born)

    Just HOW, exactly, am I supposed to "render" myself to this elusive deity.

    ALSO, are you suggesting that we are required to render all of our "physical being" to the state? Compared to you Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were liberals!!!

  47. paulie Post author

    Via LPAR

    For Immediate Release-October 24,2015

    Location-Little Rock, AR

    The Libertarian Party of Arkansas held a Special Nominating Convention today in order to meet the new state requirements to select candidates by November 2, 2015 for the 2016 General Election. A total of twenty-three candidates were nominated.

    Former Gubernatorial candidate Frank Gilbert was nominated to run for U.S. Senate.

    Mark West of Sulphur Rock is the nominee for U.S. House First District.

    Previous nominee Chris Hayes will make his second run for U.S. House Second District. Hayes ran for Arkansas Treasurer in 2014.

    Former Senatorial Candidate Nathan LaFrance will represent the LPAR on the ballot for U.S. House District Three.

    U.S. House Fourth District nominee Kerry Hicks of Mena is a first time candidate for the LPAR.

    Other Nominees include:

    Elvis D. Presley of Star City for State Senate District 26

    Jacob Mosier of Little Rock for State Senate District 32

    Wayne Willems for AR House District 15

    Glen Schwarz of Little Rock for AR House District 29

    Christopher Olson for AR House District 61

    Stephen Edwards for AR House District 77

    Kyle Adams for AR House District 83

    Grant Brand for AR House District 95

    Michael Kalagias for AR House District 96

    Stephen Isaacson for AR House District 97

    Ronnie Smith for Benton County Judge

    Patrick Mulligan for Pulaski County Sheriff

    Doug Harris for Saline County Justice of the Peace District 1

    Carl Wikstron for Saline County Justice of the Peace District 8

    Natalie Frye for Faulkner County Justice of the Peace District 7

    Dallas Sosebee for Benton County Justice of the Peace District 14

    William Whitfield Hyman for Sebastian County Justice of the Peace District 7

    Jacob Faught, Arkansas only current elected Libertarian was nominated to run for reelection as Constable in Benton County District 5.

    Pending the results of the party’s lawsuit against the state over establishing an earlier date for the primaries, the LPAR may nominate additional candidates at a later date.

  48. David Terry

    paulie commented on October 2015 Open Thread.

    in response to David Terry:

    http://praxeology.net/anarchist-jesus.pdf My computer refuses to download the above website. Would you, please, post the relevant portions, verbatim?

    Via LPAR

    For Immediate Release-October 24,2015

    Location-Little Rock, AR

    The Libertarian Party of Arkansas held a Special Nominating Convention today in order to meet the new state requirements to select candidates by November 2, 2015 for the 2016 General Election. A total of twenty-three candidates were nominated.

    1. Does this article have ANYTHING to do with “anarchist-jesus

    2. “Elvis D. Presley”? Is this a joke????

  49. George Phillies

    One might propose that if the Republicans manage to do in their candidate Dr. Carson that he is excellently positioned to be the Constitution Party candidate.

  50. NewFederalist

    We seem to have an entire missing thread. What happened? Did management get tired of the pontificating candidate?

  51. Wang Tang-Fu

    Posted at Reason.com Hit and Run:

    Having a debate party? Great! Be sure to include these great candidate-themed cocktails.

    The Donald Trump:

    Start by taking someone else’s glass, even if they’re using it. You’re going to use it better.

    Then add anything domestic. Imported spirits are not the best…they bring hangovers, blackouts, crime..some I assume are good drinks, but we want American.

    Then build a wall around it, top it off with a dead squirrel, and insult the next woman you see.

    The Ben Carson:

    This is an absinthe drink–it messes with your head and is surprisingly strong given the lack of substance. Before long you’ll be that guy at the party saying weird things about the holocaust and evolution and whatever else comes to mind. It starts with…

    Oh look, the Trump cocktail has a hat now. That’s kind of funny I guess. What was I saying?

    The Jeb Bush:

    Start with a glass of whatever alcohol made you really sick the last time you drank it. Water it down, and a common apple core, and…

    Oh, the Trump cocktail again…it has little flag umbrellas.

    The Rand Paul:

    This is a new twist on an older, more popular cocktail. Pay close attention, as the ingredients have recently changed.

    Okay, can we stop looking at the Trump cocktail? I know it’s flashy and it’s different, but really there are a lot of other drinks here and seriously, you’re just encouraging bad behavior at this point.

    Okay, forget it. This is why no one likes your parties America.

  52. Jill Pyeatt

    That Reason piece is hilarious!

    I will boldly predict that Carson won’t do well tonight. His lack of really knowing what’s going on will show.

    I also predict Chris Christy will drop out after tonight, the love affair with Fiorino will end when we realize she’s just another warmonger, Rand Paul will do well, and Trump will out-obnoxious his own self to try to regain footing as the frontrunner.

    Any predictions by anyone else?

  53. paulie Post author

    I’ll be really bold here and predict there will be lots and lots of anti-liberty nonsense from every single person on stage with absolutely no exceptions.

  54. Andy

    “Darryl W. Perry

    October 29, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    Interesting article from BAN, should probably be posted here”

    This decision should be a good thing for petition signature gatherers as well as for free speech in general.

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