Anastasia Wilford: What is Congress Getting You for the Holidays?

From a Libertarian Party of Texas email blast:

More surveillance. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? No? Well take a moment to let them know not to bother trying to push through a vote on the Cybersecurity Infomation Sharing Act, better known as CISA.

This bill was already a nightmare, but with some of the changes that have been made, it stands to be even worse than the PATRIOT Act, and the newly elected Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is looking to make a name for himself by pushing this through without proper consideration of the bill.

Want to let the Speaker know what you think of this abuse of power? Tweet to him @SpeakerRyan or call him at 202-225-3031.

You can find contact information for your own Representative here. We’re asking everyone to take just a moment to reach out to their Reps and let them know that we do not approve of this attempt to further violate our privacy.

Need more information? Check out these articles by CNN and The Hill.

Yours in Liberty,
Anastasia Wilford
LPTexas Membership Coordinator

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