Marc Allan Feldman: A Jewish Message for Christmas


Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, a candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination, at Times of Israel blog, posted December 24:

I don’t celebrate Christmas. I consider myself a serious Jew. On Christmas day, it is my tradition to take call in the hospital, so that my Christian colleagues can have that special time with their families. I also participate in the Daf Yomi, a seven year program studying one page each day of the Talmud, the ancient text of Jewish law and thought. I recently studied Tractate Sotah, page 47, which includes a lesson and a story that may refer to Jesus of Nazareth as a young student.

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4 thoughts on “Marc Allan Feldman: A Jewish Message for Christmas

  1. Wang Tang-Fu

    I find this message to be harmonious with the teachings of Confucius, the Buddha, and Lao Tzu.

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