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Farley Anderson: Insights Into Our Current Situation from the Declaration of Independence

Farley Anderson
From the Independent American Party website:

Farley Anderson is the Presidential candidate for the Independent American Party

Rebellion against tyranny? YES! Armed Sedition? NO, not now. The recent tragedy in Oregon brought to the surface the volatile situation in America and how trampled upon many Americans feel. Anyone not brainwashed by or dumbed down by the socialist state can see a clear pattern of the collectivist doing what collectivists always (and usually unconstitutionally) do and that is collect power, resources, position, influence and the tyranny of the courts to keep it in place. Independent souls who resist face the full resources of the state and a system stacked against them from top to bottom. There are those who are willing to give their all to right wrongs and we honor their intentions; however, we must ask, “Where from here?” We have the power to fix what is wrong in America. It has been done before and can happen now.

To honor the memory of our patriot forbearers, we must ask the same questions they asked. We must be guided by the same light they sought for, and I believe they found. Our questions are not really different from theirs if we have eyes to see. There is a time for armed rebellion and always time to be able to keep and bear arms, but this right, the last vote, voice, and sacred right of the people is after as our Declaration states they faced, “a long train of abuses and usurpations…to reduce them under absolute Despotism”. The fact that these protesters were able to have their arms, and even be armed in their protest is proof that we are not yet there. It was the British march on Lexington and Concord to disarm and thus remove the future right of full protest that tipped the scale and justified the war that followed. Short of this, or theft of the election process, we continue with the “patient sufferance… and the Petitioned for Redress…”stage.

The rights of free assembly and to keep and bear arms is not the right to mob rule and the tyranny of the few who happen to be armed and persuaded at the time. To be successful in our rebellion against what is wrong in our government we must be justified in “appealing to the supreme judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions” and have a “firm reliance upon the protective hand of divine Providence”. This means that we must obey higher law, treating others the way we want to be treated, always protecting and honoring their “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. The Declaration of Independence principles and following due process is the highest expression of the commandment to love the Lord (“the laws of nature and Nature’s God”) and treat others the way we want to be treated (the golden rule). This means not being the source of removing the peace while there is any other option. I have personally experienced government tyranny against our family business and I have faced the tyranny of the courts where our petition was illegally blocked by judges. It wasn’t right but it was, can, and will be fixed. So long as we can fix the problems peaceably we must wear out our days in seeking to do so.

Peaceful protest crosses the line when it becomes armed takeover. Even George Washington, our Rebel leader, put down an armed rebellion (afterwards he magnanimously pardoned them). So what can we do? We have the tools and the template to take back our nation! We lost our Republic when the Declaration of Independence was abandoned and thus the Constitution is interpreted away. Putting the Declaration back in place restores our Republic. A proposed 28th amendment to the Constitution does this, reversing over 100 years of socialistic creep. The election process is our other powerful tool. This process can be returned to the people if the people can be engaged and virtuous enough to demand it. Party politics, special interests, mob democracy and money power currently rule in the two mainstream parties, but again it does not have to be this way. The choice is ours! The battle is now! The promise is secure. Let’s go for it!

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