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New York Times Urges Voters to Choose Working Families Party Nominee for Assembly, Special Election, Instead of the Democratic Nominee

Yuh-Line Niou
Yuh-Line Niou
From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

New York hold a special election on April 19 for Assembly, 65th district, in Manhattan. Four parties have nominees: Democratic, Republican, Working Families, and Green. On April 8 the New York Times endorsed the Working Families Party nominee, Yuh-Line Niou.

From the article cited:

The race to replace Mr. Silver, in Lower Manhattan, has had unsavory twists. Although Mr. Silver’s days as a power broker are supposed to be over, his wife, his friends and a former aide managed to overpower the candidate-selection process earlier this year and maneuver a Silver apologist onto the Democratic ballot. Their choice, Alice Cancel, is a district leader who shows little enthusiasm for cleaning up the culture in which Mr. Silver thrived.

The Working Families Party picked a far better candidate: Yuh-Line Niou. Ms. Niou, who worked for nonprofit groups and as a legislative aide in Washington State, fighting predatory lending, has been chief of staff to a Queens assemblyman. Her fluent Mandarin would serve her well in Chinatown, an underserved part of the district, as would her experience as an advocate for the elderly and poor.

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  1. Jim Jim April 12, 2016

    The title of this party, “Working Families Party”, is misleading. Evidently, they are actually referring to _blue-_collar_ familes, not every family with working members.
    Why the distinction? And is there really a value distinction between these two terms?
    Also, is this a dig at “Welfare-collecting Families”? Presumably not; I suspect that these people are vastly more sympathetic to such people than to “white collar working families”. Maybe it SHOULD be such a ‘dig’.
    This party is a sham.

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