An Open Letter to John McAfee from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster


May 15, 2016

The article cited, “JOHN MCAFEE: Here’s what really happened in Belize,” invites the reader to ask questions. Having read it my curiosity on a few points was piqued. There are 7 questions below.

Questions for John McAfee drawn from, “JOHN McAFEE: Here’s what really happened in Belize.”
Mr. McAfee said:

“In no area of life do we we give up that right to privacy more than in the field of politics, and to me this seems just and right. The people need to know, at the deepest level, the people that they choose to represent them.”
Comment: It is absolutely true that when you solicit support from people for a project, enterprise, campaign, or relationship, you need to be nakedly honest with them about who you are, your track record for carry-through, and, most especially, in regards to the goal you are attempting to reach.
You have admitted your strategy in Belize was faulty and cite your own ‘sin of arrogance’ as the cause. In addition, as you have said, you are a person who has lived, ‘a life that has been lived entirely out of the box.’ This would naturally, I think, give potential supporters pause because this indicates you do not follow the standards for behavior assumed as normal by most of us. This makes it extremely important anyone who supports you understand in detail what they can expect.
Those presently in control in our country you said were very much like the ones you were forced to flee in Belize. I agreed with this assessment when you said, “…a similar, but more sophisticated form of corruption: Our government and the political process which creates and supports it.”
As you answer please reference this quote from Sun Tzu, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Question One: What will your goal be if you are the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party?

Question Two: What steps will you take to successfully reach that goal? Be specific.

Question Three: Were there threats directed at your friends and employees in Belize after you left?

Question Four: Had you taken steps to ensure the well being of your friends and employees?

Question Five: If so, what steps did you take?

Question Six: Were there repercussions for the people you were friendly with in Belize after you left?

Mr. McAfee said:
“But my life, influenced by minds such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson while I was in college, has been a non-stop experimentation into the meaning of freedom, responsibility and our true relationship to the human structures and the living world within which we live.”

Comment: I am very familiar with the work of Thoreau and Emerson, as are many Libertarians. I understood that you spent the first 36 years of your life stoned out of your mind and still experience flash-backs, at least that is what your narrative appears to convey. One could, theoretically, live a life of complete debauchery and then describe this as an inquiry into the nature of celibacy. If you believe these experiences enabled you to extract some insights into, “the meaning of freedom, responsibility and our true relationship to the human structures and the living world within which we live,” please provide more details. By using the term, “human structures,” you could be referring to any of many institutions, practices, relationships or philosophic constructs. “(T)the living world within which we live,” is also subject to multiple interpretations. Please enlarge on the benefits you derived and nail down the terms you are using.

From Mr. McAfee:
“It is not easy for the average person to gain a reference point for the evaluation of my life.”
Comment: But among those who count themselves as Libertarians there are many extraordinary individuals who will be able to understand and evaluate your life with precision and so understand you. Your life appears to have been lived very much on the model of the Backcountry warrior outlined by author David Hackett Fischer, examined in, “Albion’s Seed, Four British Folkways in America.” The section on your ancestors is identified as ‘Borderlands to the Backcountry.’

The group was comprised of Scot-Irish from the border between England and Scotland, many of whom came through Ireland. For hundreds of years the nearly continuous raiding and war meant their survival depended on maintaining a warrior class. The Backcountry lines were always arrogant, so you acquired this trait as part of the process of cultural assimilation to those around you.

Question Seven: Please enlarge on your statement above so those following this thread can be sure they understand the values you are citing.

Question Eight: Citing this passage in your article: “ I am seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President. Who will stand with me?” Are you offering assurances you will stand with those who stood with you until the goal is reached? Do such assurances, if being made, come with a performance bond? If so, please specify.

Comment: I could hear the cry of the bagpipes like they were pressed to my ear as I read Mr. McAfee’s words. It is reassuring to know Mr. McAfee understands his confrontation with organized crime in Belize was ill advised and that the organized crime ring we confront in America is far nastier.
A MacAfie Chieftain (This is the spelling of the name adopted by the Clan), Macfie of Colonsay, stood with Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and so participated in the defeat of the English under Edward II.
Many of America’s presidents, including, of course, Andrew Jackson, shared Mr. McAfee’s Scot-Irish origin.

It is interesting to note that President Jackson answered his own door while he was president, at least on the occasion my great-great uncle, Dr. Harlin Pillsbury, came by at the request of the President to discuss the recent Yellow Fever epidemic in Philadelphia. Letters place this event around 1836. I should have made a copy when I was reading them. Harlin’s younger brother, Benjamin L. Pillsbury, with his wife, Mary Plummer Sargent Pillsbury, maintained a stop on the Under Ground Rail Road on the original Pillsbury Homestead in Sandown, New Hampshire. They named their oldest son for Benjamin’s older brother, Dr. Harlin Pillsbury. Dr. Harlin Henry Pillsbury, is my great-grandfather. Both Harlin’s attended Dartmouth for their medical training.

A president answering his own door is my idea of a better size for a Federal government, though even smaller would be entirely acceptable.

The motto for Clan Macfie (MacAfee) which encircles the crest is: pro rege, which translated from Latin means “for the king”.

It seems John and I share some history. On my mother’s side of the family I am descended from Robert, the Bruce, so our ancestors warred together.

The Bruce’s motto was, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.” Good advice, and to be followed.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Founder & President
Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation

ACP Vision & Action
Get the facts and act.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster was active in the Libertarian Party from 1971 to 2007. She has been a radio-show host, columnist , blogger and writer.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to John McAfee from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

  1. Shivany Lane

    posting to Subscribe.

    Also, is there a way for you to Bold or somehow highlight your actual questions? This “Letter” falls under the TLDR; category for me, however my curiosity was piqued. You would be more likely to get answers if you made the questions clearer. While the comments are interesting and I appreciate them, I don’t understand how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

  2. Shivany Lane

    Thank you Jill. I can’t Promise that John will answer your questions. I will let him know they are here. He and the team has been very busy on the campaign trail and also working on the “Vote Different” initiative.

    If you are a Libertarian down ticket candidate, I invite you to check it out.

    We have gotten many positive responses about the site and how we are committed to helping grow the party, get more Libertarians elected, assist with ballot access and also help candidates with their campaigns.

  3. Carol Moore

    Interesting list and answers would be great. My big question – will John support keeping the Abortion Plank in the party’s platform. I assume he will, but nice to have a clear statement.

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