Constitution Party’s J.R. Myers Talks About Continuing His Presidential Campaign, Possible Russian Invasion

J.R. Myers

J.R. Myers

From Cody Quirk at American Third Party Report:

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John Richard (J.R.) Myers lives in Alaska and works as a behavioral health professional. He’s on the ballot as a candidate for the American Independent Party in the California June 7th primary and as a write-in for the Independent Party of Oregon for President of the United States. He’s exploring write-in ballot access for 10 states. Failing to achieve the Constitution Party’s nomination in Salt Lake City last month, he continues with his candidacy because he has a message that they aren’t necessarily supporting.

JF: Tell me what your message is.

JRM: In general, I do support a return to our Judeo-Christian values and the rule of law based upon our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. In particular, I oppose unauthorized wars which are usurping Congress’s authority by the executive and damaging a lot of our relationships around the world. As part of the ongoing wars, I would also include the war on drugs, which I believe has created a prison industrial complex that is a self-sustaining entity that is destroying lives, and families and communities around the nation. It’s certainly a threat to our Constitution. It’s a war against our liberties, basically. As all the unauthorized wars are, war is against human rights and individual dignity and liberty. I oppose those things vehemently, which would not necessarily be supported by the National Constitution Party, at least the end of the war on drugs. I’m not a prohibitionist. I think that alcohol required a limit to the Constitution for prohibition, then so too any other substances. I believe that substance use is a right reserved unto the people and to the states. That’s a big difference there…

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9 thoughts on “Constitution Party’s J.R. Myers Talks About Continuing His Presidential Campaign, Possible Russian Invasion

  1. Cody Quirk

    And with Copeland still running and on the CP Idaho ballot, along with Hoefling and the National IAP’s candidate, and you got a splintered constitutionalist vote for this November.

  2. Vg

    Whatever the case I think it’s going to be a bumper year for the Constitution Party.A lot of Christians are going to be really turned of by the Libertarian party if Gary becomes the nominee and based off what I see on this site.The Republican party is also a mess and there is no other party big enough to go to.Oh yeah Darrell is 1000 times better that any other candidate that was in contention to the nomination in my opinion.

  3. Cody Quirk

    I can point to multiple errors of grammar in your post, which hurts the seriousness of what you claim.

    Castle will be lucky this year if he can get on as many ballots as Goode did in 2012, however I don’t think that he will get over 100,000 votes nationwide this November.

  4. Vg

    Sorry about any grammar mistakes,it was early in the morning.I bet that the CP will get more votes than last election.There is an surge of support because of Trump.There are thousands of new likes on the CP’s Facebook pages.Many people are saying that they are donating to the CP and abandoning the Republican party.This year is a perfect storm that will will not happen again for many years.If the CP doesn’t thrive in this climate they are dead.

  5. Timothy Yung

    I agree with your comment that if the CP doesn’t thrive in this climate they are dead. Castle should be able to match Chuck Baldwin’s 2008 campaign totals. And if they get lower than Virgil Goode did in 2012 then forget about it. The LP should also be about to break 2% this year.

  6. Mark Seidenberg

    The event took place on August 20, 2014 at a location on Wrangell Island, Alaska. Putin directed a Captain of the third rank (equal to that of a U. S. Navy Commander) to land on Wrangell Island, Alaska and raise the Russian Fleet Flag.

    This is not the first time the Russians did that act. The other time was also on a August 20th, but that time it was 90 years earlier.

    Wrangell Island was annexed by the United States Government on August 12, 1881 and placed in the District of Alaska on May 17, 1884 to give the island a limited form of Civil Government.

  7. J.R.Myers

    I am ending my 2016 POTUS bid today. I will now focus on growing the Alaska Constitution Party and my campaign for the Alaska House. It’s been a fascinating experience. I thank everyone who supported my efforts.

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