Green Party and Libertarian Party make Illinois ballot for president; challenge filed against Constitution Party petitions


Green Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson

From Jill Stein’s campaign website, July 5th, 2016:

As of 5:00 pm CDT today it’s official. You WILL be able to vote for the Greater Good in Illinois.

On the ballot in Illinois for the November 8 election:

Jill Stein, Green Party U.S. presidential candidate
William P. Kreml, Illinois Green Party U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate
Scott Summers, Illinois Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate
Tim Curtin, Illinois Green Party candidate for Illinois Comptroller

On June 27 we submitted more than 50,000 signatures of registered Illinois voters who want Green Democracy in Illinois. There were five business days, until 5:00 pm today, for challenges and there were none.

Help us take this success and roll with it right into campaign 2016 in Illinois for Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, and our Illinois candidates!

We can’t let the momentum slow down. Please donate to help us get the word out: there is another choice in Illinois!

Thank you for all you do!

Nancy Wade
Illinois Ballot Access Coordinator Jill2016

Meanwhile, about an hour ago, the Libertarian Party of Illinois posted the following on its Facebook page:

It’s 7:15pm and our state wide-petition remains unchallenged. 90 days of hard work have officially come to an end. We are calling it folks; GREAT JOB! Thank you to everyone involved in helping us get Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, Kenton McMillen for Senate, and Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller on the ballot! We are running straight into campaign mode, so please reach out to us if you’d like to help. I’ll let someone else post more about that. I mostly want to say – WE DID IT!!!!!! Take a moment to celebrate. – Krys Walker, Ballot Access Director

However, the Constitution Party of Illinois’s petitions have been challenged, for both the Constitution Party’s presidential ticket and its candidate for U.S. Senate, Chad Koppie (additionally, the petitions for the presidential campaigns of the Human Rights Party and the Socialist Party USA were challenged). The image below is a screenshot from the Illinois Secretary of State’s website (objection pending indicates a challenge):


The image below shows the challenge made to Koppie:


It is not likely that the Constitution Party will survive the challenge to its petitions. Illinois is a state that does not automatically review ballot access petitions; a candidate who submits petitions will be placed on the ballot unless there is a formal challenge submitted by an outside party. In that case, the state will review the petitions to make sure they meet the 25,000 signature amount. In 2008, the Constitution Party of Illinois struck luck when, despite only submitting not much more than 300 signatures, the party’s petitions were not challenged. Chuck Baldwin, the party’s 2008 presidential candidate, received 8,256 votes, or 0.15%, in Illinois. Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party’s 2012 presidential nominee, did not make the ballot; he received 415 votes, or 0.01%, as a write-in candidate.

(Originally published at American Third Party Report)

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  1. Tony From Long Island

    Why wouldn’t they just use Johnson / Weld? Were the petitions started before the convention?

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