Green Party candidate: “A bullet should cost as much as a cigarette”


Scott Summers

The Green Party of Illinois’ U.S. Senate candidate, Scott Summers, posted the following statement on his campaign website on August 15th, 2016: viagra samplesw essays on erectile dysfunction best paper writing On line cialis watch click here spanish 1 essay rubric viagra for sales problem solution essay cover letter for re how to write an opening paragraph for an essay thesis statement examples about religion words to conclude an essay go to link thesis ninja watch enter cheap cialis not generic female viagra india buy cialis in uk to kill a mockingbird boundaries essay write my medical personal statement writing services case study editing site gb buy pre written term papers buy psychology papers A bullet should cost as much as a cigarette

The tobacco settlement some years back was based on the premise that smokers, and not U.S. taxpayers as a whole, should be the ones responsible for healthcare costs associated with smoking. In a similar fashion, I believe that gun owners should have to bear the costs of health care for victims of gunshot injuries.

The price of a 22-caliber bullet right now is about five cents. Many higher caliber bullets cost no more than fifteen to thirty cents each.

Compare that with the cost of cigarettes in Chicago — presently over ten dollars a pack, or fifty cents per cigarette.

I believe that a bullet should cost at least as much as a cigarette. Accordingly, I advocate for a gun and ammunition settlement whereby the firearm industry (via its consumers) will cover health care costs for those injured by guns.

Gunshot injuries are not some sort of cost-of-doing-business for the general public to bear. Strict liability doctrines should apply to gun ownership.

In other words, guns are so inherently dangerous that even otherwise blameless owners and users of firearms should share in the costs of making taxpayers whole for gunshot injuries, irrespective of whether those injuries are accidental or criminal.

(Via American Third Party Report)

11 thoughts on “Green Party candidate: “A bullet should cost as much as a cigarette”

  1. Tired-of-moronic-ideas

    Sounds great, as long as we can sue any politician that passes a bad law. Or any politician, that has an assinine idea that puts 10 million people out of work for his/her social experiment has to feed, cloth, and educate all 10 million and there families at his house.

  2. dL

    What about the bullets for the police, the military…do they get the green party discount?

    Is Scott Summers going to compensate the public for the costs of all the new prisons and enforcement necessary when bullets go to the darknet. Is Scott Summers going to call for internet censorship because he doesn’t like what is being sold over the internet?

  3. Shane

    Wow, that’s just balls dumb.

    But someone should reach out to this guy and ask where we can get .556 or .308 rounds for $.30. Steal of a deal.

  4. George Phillies

    Five cents each for both, a fine idea. (Mind you, I have no particular interest in buying either, but to each their own.)

  5. Karl T. Knight

    Where do you get a 22 bullet for five cents? Higher caliber bullets for fifteen to thirty cents?!
    (Definitely not Illinois)

  6. steve m

    Where do you get a 22 bullet for five cents? Higher caliber bullets for fifteen to thirty cents?!
    (Definitely not Illinois)

    I am thinking these inexpensive bullets must be readily available give their rate of use in the middle east…

    for Illinois there must be some sort of heft importation duty so that bullets cost significantly more in the mid west then they do in the middle east.

  7. Rem870

    I think that ammo should be as cheap as possible. The more gun owners shoot the better their skills. If a gun owner trains a lot he becomes more experienced shooter. The more experienced shooter the less chances that he can injure himself or other ones.

  8. George Phillies

    The gentleman wanted the prices to be equal. He didn’t say how much, so I supplied a number that would make smokers and gun owners relatively happy.

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