Libertarian Publishes A “Lyrical Riddle”

Eric Sundwall, a long-time leader of the Libertarian Party, is publishing something new and different. Titled “The Anarchist’s Dictator: A Lyrical Riddle,” it will be available on Amazon starting Tuesday, September 6th.

I was fortunate to receive a pre-release copy and it’s a fun read. The five chapters are written in varying voices, and all are filled with cute references to philosophers and philosophical traditions. I can’t claim to understand everything nor that I get all the references, but I can say it’s truly poetic.

The cover indicates it is Volume 1 of the “Existential Cryptogram Series” so we might expect more to come from Sundwall. The book is connected to Sundwall’s fledgling blog The Anarchist’s Dictator.

The back cover (of the print edition) challenges readers with a riddle: What is the Anarchist’s Dictator? It invites readers to submit their guess and promises a reward of a thousand dollars after the answer is revealed on July 23, 2017.



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