Three Presidential Candidates Confirm for Debate @ CU Boulder, October 25th

Free and Equal:

Denver, CO – Three candidates for President of the United States have confirmed their participation in the Free and Equal People’s Presidential Debate at Macky Auditorium on the campus of CU Boulder October 25th. Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party, Rocky De La Fuente, of the Independent, Reform and American Delta Party, and Gloria LaRiva of Party for Socialism and Liberation are slated to face-off.

Invitations have been sent to all the candidates on the ballot in enough states with at least 15% of the electoral vote. This is especially relevant this election cycle, when there seems to be a growing opposition to establishment politics.

The news follows the announcement that Kweku Mandela, grandson of the late Nelson Mandela, will provide the keynote address just prior to the debate.

“The American people deserve a better debate than what we saw last night,” said Free and Equal’s Christina Tobin. “Voters deserve a debate that addresses important issues, engages discussion and works towards solutions.”

The debate is the highlight of the United We Stand Festival that will feature a host of speakers and performances by musicians including Kweku Mandela, Flobots, Kymani Marley, Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Ed Asner (Emmy Award Winning Actor) will be attending remotely, Spragga Benz, Samuel J, PE 2.0 “The Next Generation of Public Enemy” and many more.

The United We Stand Festival began in Los Angeles and will continue as a tour, bringing together popular, socially conscious musicians, speakers, authors, and other cultural leaders to discuss and celebrate the political process. This momentum will help inspire people to run for office, targeting the Congressional races in 2018. Free and Equal Elections will launch an open source “Election Assistant” Database. This “Election Assistant” Database will be accessible to all and provide information on every candidate.

Free and Equal is the umbrella organization that brings together candidates from across the political spectrum in an effort to unite and push for reforms of a rigged political process.

16 thoughts on “Three Presidential Candidates Confirm for Debate @ CU Boulder, October 25th

  1. mARS

    I’d be surprised if Johnson, Stein, or even McMullin were to attend at this point; appearing with the likes of De La Fuente and La Riva would make each look far less presidential, not to mention the fact that this won’t provide the most media coverage they can possibly get (as was pretty much the case for Johnson and Stein four years ago).

  2. Andy

    Rocky de la Fuente is on the ballot in a lot more states than Evan McMullin. He is also very wealthy.

  3. Matt

    Than Rocky De La Fuente? Yes, he does. I have across McMullin being interviewed several times while randomly channel surfing. Rocky? Not even once.

  4. Andy

    Evan McMillan is connected to the political establishment. Rocky is wealthy, but he is not connected to the political establishment.

  5. Mr. Brown

    One does not have to be politically connected to get more media coverage than Rocky gets. In 2008, the Socialist Party candidate, on the ballot in fewer states than Rocky is now, got several major media interviews just by asking. Rocky has money to buy ads, which usually lead to media appearances, but to my knowledge he hasn’t bought ads anywhere. He also has the money to hire a publicist and get himself booked on shows. Has he done so? He has the ability to submit op-eds to newspapers. He could do internet radio interviews and smaller broadcast talk radio shows which are starving for anyone to talk to. He could make web videos. How much of any of these things has he done? Is he in any way proactive about seeking publicity or do reporters have to come to him on their own initiative and then perhaps be persistent about it before he grants an interview?

  6. Tony From Long Island

    Could it be because he is polling above 20% in Utah? Didn’t hear much from him in the media except for the first few days and the last week.

  7. Andy

    Yes, Rocky could be doing a lot more than he is to get more news coverage for himself, but it also helps to be connected to the political establishment to get more news coverage.

  8. Matt

    Evan Mullins is polling 22% in Utah. Clinton and Trump are at 26% each. He could conceivably get electoral votes and even deny Clinton and Trump either getting 270, although that is a long shot. Is Rocky even included in any polls?

  9. Darcy G. Richardson

    Rocky, one of the most modest and decent individuals to seek the presidency in my lifetime, addressed the issue of his lack of coverage in a press release issued earlier today.

    “I suppose you need to make obscene comments or blatantly flaunt the law to qualify for coverage in this year’s election,” he lamented. “It’s a sad commentary on the state of our political system.”

    Of course, the media’s decision to focus on the clueless and gaffe-prone Gary Johnson among this year’s third-party contenders is probably the saddest commentary of all.

  10. Matt

    Let’s be honest though, at least so far, Jill Stein, Evan McMullin and even Darrell Castle… all also getting more media than Rocky.

  11. Darcy G Richardson

    That’s true, Matt. I’m certainly not denying that fact, but Jill, Darrell, Evan and Rocky combined haven’t come anywhere close to receiving the kind of mainstream media coverage generously provided to the establishment’s alternative ticket of goofy Gary and the Hillary-admiring wily Weld.

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