National aggregate US House, Gubernatorial vote totals by party, 2016

Gubernatorial Totals by Party, 2016:

Here are national totals for gubernatorial races, by party, for the November 2016 election:

Republican 9,688,152
Democratic 9,288,358
Libertarian 392,890
Green 69,107
Independent Party of Oregon 47,481
Constitution 23,441
Independent American 15,912
Liberty Union 8,912

Independent candidates got 30,019. UPDATE: totals have been corrected to fix a Delaware error. Thanks to Greg Koza for that.

U.S. House National Totals by Party, 2016:

All state election returns (except for write-ins in a few cases) are now official. Below are the national totals for each party for U.S. House for the November 8, 2016 election:

Republican 62,589,781
Democratic 61,584,781
Libertarian 1,712,061
Green 515,598
Conservative of New York 336,572
Working Families 278,171
Independence of New York 92,107
Constitution 127,376
Independent Party of Oregon 78,154
Legal Marijuana Now 57,911
Reform 56,232
Women’s Equality 45,960
Liberty Union 29,410
Independence of Minnesota 28,869
Progressive of Oregon 27,978
American of South Carolina 19,606
Working Class of Michigan 18,018
Independent Green 12,866
Independent Party of Connecticut 9,972
Veterans 8,696
Conservative of New Jersey 4,254
Natural Law 4,088

Independent candidates received 845,512 votes.

If anyone sees any error, please contact me at, or leave a comment. If anyone is aware of any other individual or group that has also compiled this data, please inform me. The author of America Votes, Rhodes Cook, will be compiling this data but not for some time yet. Eventually two federal agencies, the Federal Election Commission and the Clerk of the U.S. House, will compile it, but not for many months yet. I will furnish the state-by-state totals to anyone who asks. UPDATE: figures have been revised to correct a Delaware error. Thanks to Greg Koza for that.

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