Illinois LP elects five new office holders

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Five members of the Illinois Libertarian Party were elected to office on April 4, and three more were reelected.

“With how divided our country was left after this last election, people are looking for integrity and principles. The LP is the Party of Principles and people are flocking to be a part of that”, said Jasen Howard, the Candidate Recruitment Director for the Illinois LP, and who is one of the newly-elected officials.

The Illinois LP newly-elected officials:

  • Aaron Wright – Collinsville Recreation Board
  • Tami Wessel – Brookport Mayor
  • Kelly Liebmann – Greenwood Township Trustee
  • Jonathan Russell – Harrisburg CUSD #3 School Board
  • Jasen Howard – New Lenox Trustee

The three Illinois LP officeholders were reelected on April 4:

  • Brian Inzerello – District 62 Board of Education
  • Chris Jenner – McHenry County College Board
  • John Prentice – Paw Paw Trustee

The Illinois LP also has four members who are still in office.

Click here to view the list of Libertarian Party elected officials.


2 thoughts on “Illinois LP elects five new office holders

  1. Just Some Random Guy

    Good for them. I believe that’s a small gain in total Libertarians elected in Illinois.

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