IPR: 18,000 Posts Served; New Writers? Banner Ads/Donors?

IPR now has over 18,000 published posts (articles), posted over the course of about 9.5 years. The pace has slowed down in recent months. If some of our readers would like to be signed up to help post articles please let us know. It is not a paid gig. You can’t post your own editorials, but can post editorials by others, including fellow IPR writers. In practice, we are pretty much always able to get other IPR writers to publish our editorials when we ask. Your chances of joining our team may not be as good if we don’t know you as a commenter here, writer elsewhere, or real life person that some of us know in “meatspace.” All articles must have some connection to alternative (“third”) parties or independent candidates; if that connection is not immediately clear it can be explained in an article blurb.

Please express your interest in the comments or via the contact info at About IPR. We would also welcome renewed effort by some of the people who are already signed up or have posted articles here in the past.

Another matter that came to my renewed attention in the last couple of days is IPR advertising. Currently IPR uses an automated ad service which is commonly used on many websites, but some of our readers may mistakenly believe that the ads they see express IPR’s political opinions, and some have at times expressed concerns about the ads covering text and other issues that may not always be reproducible when we discuss them with ownership.

I’ve asked IPR owner Warren Redlich about this in the past. My recollection of that conversation is not perfect, but what I think he said is that the server/traffic costs run around $100 per month and that if we can replace that with banner ads placed by our actual readers or donations we could get rid of the current ads. I need to confirm that with Warren again, and he is busy at this time with his lawsuit against Roger Stone and several other people, but if there are readers who are interested in becoming recurring donors to offset IPR’s operating costs and/or placing ads to replace the ones we have now please let us now through the comments here and/or the emails at About IPR linked above how much you would be willing to contribute or spend. Again, this would still have to be approved by Warren Redlich but it would be useful to have an idea if our readership is willing to support us in this way.

2 thoughts on “IPR: 18,000 Posts Served; New Writers? Banner Ads/Donors?

  1. paulie Post author

    Comments on this post on FB:

    Andre Gabriel Esparza: Will it ever become a paid gig? If not I respect how they referred back to Dontcomply.com to get my credit.

    Paulie Cannoli: It’s hard to predict the future but it’s been around for [almost] a decade with three owners so far and I came on board about 2 months after it started. During that time it has never been a paid gig except when the original owner sold it I did get $500 as my share for helping make it valuable. At times I have put in more hours than a full time job into it and at other times we had other writers who were posting a lot of articles but neither is the case right now. The current owner isn’t really making money at it either, just covering his server/traffic costs with the ads.

  2. paulie Post author

    FB comments on a previous post:

    T.E. Finnegan: I guess IPR has no say in what ads appear on their site? LOL

    Paulie Cannoli: Warren Redlich likes AdSense, which allows him to cover the hosting costs without any effort to sign and keep individual advertisers on his part. I would love to get rid of their annoying ads myself and go to banner ads by our actual readers. I think Warren told me it would take about $100 a month in banner ads or donations to get rid of the AdSense ads, iirc.

    Bruce Smith: I just ignore the ads.

    Independent Political Report: I don’t pay attention to the ads. But if someone finds a particular ad offensive I can block that advertiser. Please let me know. Email me at wredlich@gmail.com
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    Independent Political Report This is Warren by the way. And please note that blocking is not very effective. They usually find a way around it.

    T.E. Finnegan @warren … What about what Paulie Cannoli mentioned… Banner Ads?
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