Andy Jacobs interviews Adam Kokesh and Cynthia McKinney at Anarchapulco, 2/14/18 Parts 1 and 2


6 thoughts on “Andy Jacobs interviews Adam Kokesh and Cynthia McKinney at Anarchapulco, 2/14/18 Parts 1 and 2

  1. paulie

    I’ll watch this one when I get a chance, and try to post some notes. Working on a different liveblog project now.

  2. Andy

    So a black women who hangs out with Adam Kokesh, who was born of a Jewish mother, is a Nazi. LOL!!!

  3. kevin

    I didn’t say that McKinney is a neo-nazi. I said she “consorts with neo-Nazis” and provided documentation. There are self-hating Jews who consort with weirdos. Their weirdness is a bit different but they share a hatred of Jewishness. In fact there are several cases of Jews who have joined Nazi groups in the US, and even the Nazi party of Germany (Hitler probably had a Jewish grand-parent and there are other examples). If you have read the SPLC article on McKinney (which I doubt) please refute or I will assume you agree.

  4. Andy

    So is a person discusses crimes committed by the Italian Maffia, does this mean they hate all Italians? I have never heard anyone make this accusation, yet when somebody discusses crimes committed by the Zionist Jews, they are labeled as Jew hating Nazis.

    It would not surprise me if “Kevin” is using a fake name and an IP anonymizer.

  5. Kevin

    If someone were to say, Rome is not the capital of Italy, and Italy should be reduced in size and completely open to immigrants, to the point where it would be undefendable, I would say that person has a problem with Italians. Particularly if that person frequently consorted with Italia-phobes.

    This article documents her many associations with holocaust deniers, Judeophobes, and assorted kooks. I don’t think you have read the article, nor have you addressed what it says:

    Here is more documentation (from the NYT):
    “Ms. McKinney’s voted in 1994 against a Congressional resolution condemning a 1993 speech by Khalid Abdul Muhammad, a top aide to Mr. Farrakhan.

    In his speech, Mr. Muhammad waged a vitriolic attack against whites, Roman Catholics and Jews. …
    Ms. McKinney [appeared] on a panel last year at Howard University with Mr. Farrakhan, who has been accused of anti-Semitism and hate speech.”

    Here’s more documentation, from Forward:
    ” A former Georgia congresswoman claimed in a tweet that Israel is responsible for recent terror attacks in France and Germany.

    Former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney tweeted Saturday night: “Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies. How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?…” The tweet includes a link to a video about the photographer’s coincidence on the “Veterans’ Today” site.

    Dancing Israelis refers to a conspiracy theory that five Israeli men were detained by police in New Jersey on Sept. 11, 2001 after being caught celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center.”

    Read more:

    Here is a video with her comments and those made by her “New Blank Panther” security “guards”:

    She was also on board some ships bound for Gaza that refused Israeli security inspections (in other words, she wants Hamas to import weapons and war supplies without Israeli interference). She was briefly detained in an Israeli jail.

    “Kevin” is my real first name and I am not using an IP anonymizer. This kind of personal attack is inappropriate and without any kind of foundation or reason.

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