Democratic Socialists of America Growing in Membership

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In recent years, the Democratic Socialists of America has been experiencing a significant growth in membership. Following the 2016 political campaign season, the party’s membership had gone from a relatively steady membership of roughly 6,000 to a membership of over 32,000. As such, it is believed to be the current largest socialist political party in the country. The Detroit Metro Times reports that the Democratic Socialists of America has benefited from the increased attention to democratic socialism brought about by Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign. It has seen increased meeting sizes, driven by the influx of largely millennial new comers (shifting the median age of members from 68 to 33). The number of DSA chapters has increased from 30 to over 100. Following the latest elections, the number of DSA members holing office increased from 20 to 35. The group has also gained recent increased attention, due to comments about the group made by NRA leader Wayne LaPeirre at last month’s CPAC conference. DSA officials reported to the daily beast that they say a boost of triple their average daily sign ups in the days following the comments. It remains to be seen whether this has produced any long-term increase in their growth. Though overall it can be seen, that the DSA has experienced a significant increase in membership and political prominence.
Metro Times article

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3 thoughts on “Democratic Socialists of America Growing in Membership

  1. paulie

    My understanding is that DSA is a socialist caucus of the Democratic Party, not a party itself. Am I wrong? Does it ever run its own separate candidates with a different party label? Endorse candidates who are running as anything other than Democrats outside of fusion candidates who are also running as Democrats?

  2. Jonathan Makeley

    The Democratic Socialists of America is its own political organization, which was created in the 1970’s from the fusion of two smaller socialist political parties. Sometimes the party endorses Democratic candidates. Other times it runs its own candidates or endorses candidates from other groups. For instance, in 2017, a DSA candidate who was on ballot as an independent defeated a Democrat incumbent for a judicial post in Pittsburg.

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