Montana Green Party to defend their right to run candidates

The Montana Green Party will be in court tomorrow (April 24, 2018) to defend the ballot status they recently achieved. The challenger? The state Democratic Party. Which apparently believes in democracy only when it benefits it’s candidates.

Adrien Owen Wagner, MTGP candidate from HD15 (covering areas of Heart Butte, Pablo, St. Ignatius, and Browning) is also looking forward to being on the ballot in November. The soon to be teacher stated his concerns: “How can a ‘democracy’ be expected to be inclusive if ‘the People’ are being excluded from real choices in candidates? My constituents, including the residents of the Blackfeet and Flathead reservations, deserve to have a choice of ‘community over corporation’ instead of only ‘profit at the expense of the people’. All Montanans deserve to have representation that matches their values not simply be placed in a limiting ‘either/or’ box.”

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