4 thoughts on “Andy Jacobs interviews Nickolas Wildstar, Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of California, 4/29/18

  1. Starchild

    Thanks for recording and posting this, Andy.

    Nickolas Wildstar is a terrific candidate who has the potential to do great things for the freedom movement. Not only does he get radical libertarianism, he is a naturally likeable and engaging “people person” with a steel backbone who is unafraid to champion it, and to stand up for freedom even at great personal risk such as when confronting the police.

    I see in him the makings of the kind of inspirational leader who could make a huge difference in bringing the libertarian message to many people who might not otherwise hear or understand what we’re saying. He deserves all the exposure he can get, and I’m committed to doing what I can here in California to help make that happen.

    While his being elected California governor this year is obviously a very long shot to put it mildly, I have no hesitation in saying I believe helping Nickolas Wildstar achieve greater visibility, exposure, and vote totals in this race by sending a contribution his way will be money very well spent in terms of advancing the cause.

    For more information on Nickolas’s campaign and how to donate, visit Wildstar2018.com.

  2. Andy

    I like Nickolas Wildstar as well, and I give him my official endorsement for Governor of California.

    I just think it is a shame that due to California’s awful Top Two Primary law, Wildstar is pretty much certain to not be on the November election ballot for Governor.

    He did say in the interview that his backup plan is to run for Mayor of Anaheim. I assume he will still be able to get on the ballot for that this year. Anaheim has over 300,000 people, so given the cost of getting elected in a city of that size, I doubt he has much chance of winning that. I do admire his spirit though, and even though he has a low budget, he is doing a lot of the right things, plus he is a hard worker who is willing to do what it takes to step up his game.

  3. Carol Moore/Secession.net

    Dumb question. Is Andy Jacobs the same Andy who regularly posts here, including post directly above??

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