Libertarian Party Platform Committee Electronic Meeting June 4, 2018

National Platform Committee Meeting
June 4 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm EDT

Draft Agenda:

  1. Roll Call (2 minutes)
  2.  Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of any outstanding minutes (10 minutes)
  4. Opportunity for Public Comment (10 minutes)
  5. Any remaining issues over appointment of rationales committee (10 minutes)
  6. Platform Amendments to Taxation and Spending (including the possible issue of student debt) in 2.4 or other appropriate places (90 Minutes)
  7. Platform Amendments adding Licensing (45 Minutes)
  8. Platform Amendments regarding abortion and reproductive rights (45 Minutes)
  9. General discussion if any time permitting (no voting – cushion of 10 minutes built in – this will be omitted if time extended on any prior items)
  10. Closing remarks by Chair and Adjournment (3 minutes)

How to view the meeting …

Platform committee meetings may be viewed using Adobe Connect. You’ll need a browser plug-in (an easy way of getting it is to us this connection test link, which should prompt you to install the plug-in if you don’t already have it). The join link is:

Meeting visitors are responsible for complying with the following policies adopted by the LNC:

Policy Manual Section 1.02.4 says: “LNC meetings are open to Party members, except while in Executive Session. However, participation is not permitted except by majority vote of the committee.”

Policy Manual Section 1.02.7 pertaining to Electronic Meetings contains the following provisions that are particularly relevant to visitors:

1) Each participant must accurately identify himself by name when joining the meeting. Videoconference participants other than members or alternates of the committee must precede their sign-in name with “zz” so as to group them at the end of the alphabetical participant list.

2) Electronic meeting participants must try to eliminate, as much as possible, background noise, echoes, and call waiting interruptions. Participants shall not place their telephone connection on hold if the system has music or messages playing while in that mode.

3) All participants legally consent to having the meetings recorded, should the committee opt to do so.

4) If the committee permits, participants other than members or alternates of the committee may observe videoconferences using Adobe Connect (and not by a toll-free number) with their web cameras off and their microphones muted.

[Note: The above instructions are a digest/summary of relevant parts of a helpful document written by, if I am not mistaken, Alicia Mattson. Any omissions in the digest/summary are my error – TLK]

3 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Platform Committee Electronic Meeting June 4, 2018

  1. Thomas L. Knapp Post author

    Passed two proposals tonight, one on taxes/spending and one on occupational licensing. I don’t have the text at the moment, but I or someone else will get it here at some point.

    The occupational licensing proposal passed unanimously with about two minutes of speaking on it, all supportive. The tax/spending proposal went through lengthy substitution, amendment, etc. and the final product was not, in my opinion, bad (although not quite as good as I would have liked it to be).

    Consideration of a proposal on the abortion plank was on the agenda, but removed from it.

  2. Starchild

    I’m sorry this Platform Committee meeting came right before the California primary election, and that it wasn’t more widely publicized.

    In the Libertarian Party I’d like to see, communications like direct mail, email blasts, and LP News would focus less on fundraising (save that for crowdfunding efforts and in-person events) and more on making sure everybody is informed about opportunities to participate in the party’s governance.

    Why? So that we can maintain a party that is sustainably libertarian because it is run from the bottom up and not by a clique of insiders who are statistically likely over time to fall victim to Lord Acton’s famous observation about the nature of power. If we can’t maintain a party that is sustainably libertarian, our investments in building the party will have been for naught.

  3. forrest

    I am an interested (independent) voter in the platform of libertarian positions on gerrymandering and “Citizen United”. I would like to be more engaging but business ownership doesn’t allow the time. I am offering a position that would protest the warped system that allows candidates to choose their voters. A gerrymandered system could be discarded and replaced with a zip code lottery system so that elected officials would be required to regard the concerns of all citizens.

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