LP.org: 2018 Libertarian Party Platform Committee Survey

From LP.org:

Prior to each Libertarian National Convention, a Platform Committee is established to consider and recommend proposed amendments to the Party Platform. This survey contains our draft proposals to gain your feedback both positive and negative. The Platform Committee reports not to the Libertarian National Committee but directly to all of you, and we’ve kept that in mind as we’ve deliberated and voted. Your comments and concerns are welcomed, and the platform proposals you see at the convention may differ from the ones in this survey as we incorporate your suggestions and feedback.

Take the 2018 Libertarian Party Platform Committee survey.

6 thoughts on “LP.org: 2018 Libertarian Party Platform Committee Survey

  1. Caryn Ann Harlos

    I am commenting, hopefully, to subscribe though that hasn’t worked for me for ages.

    I would appreciate feedback here on the survey itself,i.e. should the instructions be different? Different options? anything you may think would improve. Those who have been around a bit will notice I added several things to this one (some of these may have been done in the past but is different from experience).

    1. Contact information for chair and committee clearly available
    2. Asked upfront rather than at the end if they will be a voting delegate
    3. Encouraged comments (I am not sure how this used to be worded, so this may not be new)
    4. Asked permission to share comments with public
    5. Including email ballots. If I am ever honored to be involved again in the National Platform (or to chair) I would suggest more frequent surveys for email ballots to be more interactive with membership
    6. Included colour cues for answers as people have told me that accidentally voted wrong in the past, so I used the visual cues of green for approve and red for disapprove.

    Please help me improve.

  2. Shawn Levasseur

    Overall comments on the survey that didn’t fit in the survey question comments themselves:

    Huh, no real heavy “Oh, crap. This is going to get ugly.” issues this time around.

    Then again I may be understating our ability to argue over minutiae.

  3. Shawn Levasseur

    Trivial question about the proposed new “Implementation” section:

    This seems to echo, in a wordier way, the World’s Smallest Political Platform, that Tom Knapp wrote.

    Am I imagining this, or is there actually some connection? I know Tom’s on the committee, and tossed it out as a proposal to replace the whole platform (mostly just to fulfill a promise to offer it up when given the opportunity, if I remember correctly), so it is possible.

    If so, I’m surprised something actually came of it being brought up.

    I’m a fan of the WSPP, mostly as I don’t enjoy the process of building platforms, but they are a necessary part of being a political party. When Maine went years without having a platform, and no one was proposing anything, I tossed out the WSPP in as a proposal for our state convention to adopt, and has been the Libertarian Party of Maine platform for two biennial conventions now.

  4. Thomas L. Knapp Post author


    So far as I know, the World’s Smallest Political Platform was not the specific inspiration for that proposal, but I’m glad they’re similar 😀

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