LNC EC pledges $10,000 for LPCT petition drive in increments based on LPCT fundraising

On the ballot access call earlier tonight Bill Redpath proposed allocating $10,000 from LNC funds to help pay for the LP Connecticut petition drive. Sam Goldstein amended this so it would only be available in $2,000 increments matching money raised by LPCT. Redpath, Goldstein, Jim Lark, Alex Merced, and Caryn Ann Harlos all voted yes both on the amendment and the motion as amended. Nick Sarwark as chair abstained from the vote, and Tim Hagan was absent due to work commitments. A number of people from LPCT and the national LP observed the call.

Rod Hanscomb, candidate for Governor, has already personally collected 3,000 volunteer signatures with another 1,000 collected by other volunteers so far, and Connecticut volunteers plus Bill Redpath have so far committed to gathering 1,250 additional volunteer signatures. There’s also a $4,000 pledge from Michael Chastain contingent on the other fundraising sources doing their part, and ballot access manager Christopher Thrasher reports that LPCT has contracted with fundraiser(s) who worked for the Johnson-Weld campaign to raise additional money on their behalf. Additional pledges for volunteer signatures and money are being actively sought.

The petition drive to place a statewide slate of LP candidates on this fall’s ballot must submit at least 7,500 valid signatures no later than August 8 to succeed. Current estimates are that about 10,000 to 11,000 raw signatures combined from both volunteers and professional petitioners will be needed to ensure success. Volunteer signatures validated so far by Chris Thrasher and Ballot Access Management are coming in at 78% valid based on a statistical sample.

2 thoughts on “LNC EC pledges $10,000 for LPCT petition drive in increments based on LPCT fundraising

  1. Richard Winger

    The Connecticut Libertarian Party is already safely on the ballot in November 2018 for U.S. Senate, but it also wants to be on for the statewide state offices. Connecticut is the only state in which a party is ballot-qualified only for particular offices, and not others. If a party gets 1% of the vote for a particular office, then in the next election it is already on the ballot for that same office. The Connecticut LP is also on automatically for president in 2020 because it got over 1% for president in 2016.

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