Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts announces statewide candidates

Thanks to all the volunteers and supporters that helped put the Green-Rainbow Party state candidates on the 2018 ballot! With over 5900 certified signatures from across the state, Massachusetts citizens are excited about “Greening the Vote” in the next election!

Now we need your financial support as we hit the campaign trail and fight for social, economic and educational equality for those under represented on Beacon Hill. Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, no GRP candidate accepts dark money from corporations and lobbyists – it’s individuals like you that fund our activities.

Are you ready to stand up and make a difference? Here’s how to help:

Juan Sanchez for Secretary of the Commonwealth

  • Donate via Crowdpac or send checks to:
    • The Committee to Elect Juan Sanchez
      • 71 Holly Street #3
      • Indian Orchard, MA 01151

Edward “Jed” Stamas for State Auditor

  • Donate via Crowdpac or send checks to:
    • Stamas Campaign Committee
      • PO Box 9514
      • North Amherst, MA 01059

Jamie Guerin for State Treasurer

  • Donate via Crowdpac or send checks to:
    • Friends of Jamie Guerin
      • 60 Upper Pomeroy Road
      • Montgomery, MA 01085


All voters registered as Green-Rainbow Party of MA (“J”) are eligible to vote in the September 4th primary of the Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian parties. Because the GRP lost party status in Massachusetts in 2016, for the time being we fall under the category of “political designation.”

Please help us regain party status this fall by volunteering for, donating to, and spreading the word about our statewide candidates, and voting for them on November 6th! Until we regain official party status, we have the right to go to the polls on September 4th and request any one of the party ballots.

Note that the Green-Rainbow Party has not endorsed any candidates in the primary. It is possible to vote for any candidate or no candidates (handing in a blank ballot); blank ballots are counted and reported, and can be interpreted as “none of the above.”

Thanks again for all your support – we hope you’ll join the Green-Rainbow Uprising in every and any way you can!

Jamie, Jed and Juan
Green-Rainbow Party

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