Connecticut Still Hasn’t Determined if Socialist Action Party is on for U.S. Senate

Ballot Access News:

There is no decision yet as to whether Fred Linck, the Socialist Action Party nominee for U.S. Senate, will be on the Connecticut ballot. The volunteers for the party have found numerous substantial errors in the validation process of many towns. Some town clerks invalidated signatures of voters who are registered independents, as though the town clerks thought they were checking a primary petition. Some town clerks invalidated many signatures of people who supposedly aren’t registered, yet they were registered. The Secretary of State is letting the Socialist Action volunteers do all the work of re-validating signatures, instead of helping with the process. Another 600 valid signatures need to be found.

If Linck does get on the ballot, he will be the only statewide candidate in any state in November 2018 with the word “socialist” in his ballot label.

One thought on “Connecticut Still Hasn’t Determined if Socialist Action Party is on for U.S. Senate

  1. Tylor Reinhardt

    I read on Wikipedia that the Socialist Action Party was affiliated with the Fourth International, so I left a message with the WSWS as a heads up in case they weren’t aware. I have no idea if they read my message to them because they never respond to me. It’s probably stupid to think they aren’t aware if they are in fact affiliated but you never know. I’m not a socialist or libertarian, or anything really. Just a friendly independent that is against the duopoly.

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