Is Larry Sharpe Beating Marc Molinaro?

As the NY Governor’s general election race begins to heat up, the news media has started covering Republican candidate Marc Molinaro. The big question is why.

Molinaro has raised a tiny amount of money for a GOP candidate, barely over $1 million. He has zero chance of winning the election.

What’s most interesting is that Molinaro is losing on a variety of measures to Libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe. Sharpe has more followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Google Trends shows that more people are searching for information about Sharpe than Molinaro.

So what do our readers think? Do these stats matter or will the news media’s favoritism for the major parties help Molinaro and hurt Sharpe?

14 thoughts on “Is Larry Sharpe Beating Marc Molinaro?

  1. William t. Forrest

    Tho well funded for l.p. I am guessing Sharpe has not raised anything near a million. Most of Sharpe likes and searches are probably out of state, most of molinaro I would guess in state. Molinaro’s party elects politicians at that level including past N.Y. Guvs ; Sharpe not so much. Then there’s the ballot design problem..

  2. Scott Lieberman

    Larry Sharpe needs 50,000 votes (circa 1.2%) to retain ballot access for LPNY. No Libertarian Gubernatorial nominee in NY has ever been able to do that.

    If Larry gets 50,000 votes, that will be a huge win for the Libertarian Party.

    Anything over that amount is just icing on the cake.

  3. Paul

    I think when the votes are counted, he’s going to set LP records for dollars spent per vote, and not in the good way.

  4. Chris Fraser

    If you got to Google Analytics, you can get stats by state, metro area, etc. That’s where this is coming from, data from inside NYS.

  5. Jason Hoffman

    Those numbers have changed in the past 30 days. Larry Sharpe is now pushing 69K. The biggest thing now is that Molinaro is blocking and deleting comments from his page of people who are asking him to have a debate with Larry Sharpe. He is pushing Registered Republicans away.

  6. Jim

    Paul “I think when the votes are counted, he’s going to set LP records for dollars spent per vote, and not in the good way.”

    It’s pretty well guaranteed that Sharpe won’t even set the high water mark for 2018.

    If I’m looking at this right, Sharpe has, as of the 32 day report, brought in $377,000. Suppose Sharpe eventually brings in $500,000 and gets 50,000 votes. That’s $10/vote.

    Back in February Allison Foxall had a special election for Florida House District 72. She raised $30,300 and got 1,339 votes, which is $22.63 per vote.

    If Sharpe brings in $500,000, he’d have to get fewer than 22,000 votes to hit Foxall’s number. Or, if he gets 50,000 votes, he would need to raise $1.13 million.

  7. Angela

    I think Larry Sharpe might just surprise everyone. He has ppl out voting that never voted before, his supporters span R,D and I. He’s got the crossover appeal, just not the big bucks. He gets his butt out there and meets ppl, answers their questions for them. You can’t BUY that kind of campaigning. He’s the best choice up there and he has my vote.

  8. Tony From Long Island

    If by “beating, you mean he will receive more votes, then someone is highly delusional.

  9. William T. Forrest

    Sorry, but he is not going to beat Cuomo, Molinaro or Hawkins, who will come in that order. I wish he would beat all of them but I am not optimistic on that score. He *may* get 50k but given the ballot design that will be difficult. If he does that I will be very, very happy and anything above that is icing on the cake. I would give heavy odds against 6 figures but will be ecstatic if that happens.

    He may or may not beat Stephanie Miner/SAM. I bet a lot of the votes she gets will be people who actually intended to vote for Sharpe, thanks to the (I think intentionally) screwed up ballot design, although there will be no way to prove it.

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